Chill Bloggity Thing for 10/6/15 or The Flash is Back!

Today I’ve actually been pretty ridiculously productive on this end. I’ve started work on not one but two reviews, dear lord I am a crazy man but I’m pretty excited to start getting back into things. Updating this blog the way I have has actually helped my voice for talking comics to come back in a way. It’s not perfect but it is getting there and I’m having more fun than I’ve had in a long while, this is a good thing. I’ve been also doing general cleaning and so forth, mostly boring house stuff too outside of writing. So I’ve been productive on the fun and the boring stuff, score one for me! Tomorrow is new comic day and that’s insane and I’m not sure how much of the craziness I am going to invest in. Only so much I can get into without destroying my wallet and sending the poor sucker into tears. Wallet in tears or deciding to burn itself up and somehow disappear into another dimension so I can’t use it, one or the other.

Tonight outside of writing about comics I also got The Flash back into my life. I am so happy that The Flash is back on the air and wow what a start to the season! America meet the Multiverse, boy I can’t wait to talk about that more in the future. Edge/Adam Copeland as Atom Smasher was good, I liked how he handled the character for a fun introduction to how the season is going to go. I’m excited for the second season of this show and now let the start of Arrow Season 4 be just as much fun as The Flash. I also have Agents of SHIELD on Tuesday night and I really liked that too. I like what they’re doing with that show too so two awesome shows on one night is a win win for me. If I decide to dive into iZombie again once Netflix puts it up, man alive my Tuesday could get hectic as all get out but that’s cool. Add in the Muppets being on Tuesday night with a solid sitcom in the making with The Grinder and man this is a packed night of TV! That’s unreal.

I’m pretty excited right now and with new comic day, good TV tomorrow night, and more, I’m pretty jazzed. I’m going to try and get the reviews done tomorrow into Thursday and make that magic happen as soon as possible. Here’s to a lovely day tomorrow, catch up to you all later. Bye for now!


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