Chill Bloggity Thing for 10/12/15: The Adventure to Up! Up! and Away

Call this Chill Bloggity Thing, I make new friends. I decided to make a wander over to Up! Up! and Away in Blue Ash as it was a new location of the store and in seeing the pictures I could tell it looked really nice. The pictures don’t do it justice as this store was the nicest comic store I’ve ever been in. You go in and the store looks like the fanciest hotel you’ve ever been in. There’s a reason why it looks so good, it was once a Drees Home Store and put it simply, it was a fancy store that is now the nicest looking comic store in the area. It’s located in a town called Blue Ash here and it is a pretty nice place too. This was seriously unlike any comic store experience I’ve had, it felt like part comic store and part museum. It’s the five star hotel of comic stores. It has a solid comic selection that they’re building up but it is going to be a huge store once everything is in there. They’re building up a back issue area, gaming tables, and more as they get more into the store. They just wanted to get the initial storefront open and ready for business and get everything else ready as it goes on.

I’ll give them credit they did good with the store stock and it is awe inspiring. You can’t help but get lost in the store seeing all the cool displays and special setups for each of the characters and franchises. It is well organized and easy to shop in as much as stare at all the cool statues and so forth which are for sale as well. It’s truly the nicest looking comic store I’ve ever been in. I’m looking forward to seeing how this store does in the future. I will pop in from time to time to see how it is going over there. I see bright things in the future for that store and one day I might just have to visit their Cheviot location as I once went there when it was Comic Book World way back when. Nice to know that there’s another cool comic store in the area.

Outside of that, now I shall be signing off for now as I shall use tonight as a recharge night. I shall get back into things tomorrow, until then I shall catch up to you all later. Bye for now!


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