Chill Bloggity Thing for 10/17/15 or Wow Doctor Who was Fun!

Today was draggy and I mean seriously draggy. When there is a weather change it usually makes me feel pretty dragged out. So my mood for doing too much was pretty light. Now that I’m adjusted to it I’m good but man for a lot of the day outside of my walk I was pretty much just as the blog says here, chilling. It’s been that kind of day but that’s alright as I can always play catch up tomorrow now that I’ve gotten adapted to the official chill of the fall. After napping off and on today though I get the feeling I’m going to be up for awhile. That’s fine but now you all know why instead of anything else you’re getting a chill bloggity thing. You all know when you get this, I’ve been kind of out of it most of the day and have only been on computer here and there. Curse you wacky weather, I swear weather changes are lame, totally freaking lame.

I did watch Doctor Who tonight and well if you’ve been following Doctor Who for awhile this episode really went there. It was a lot of fun and I’m really happy about the next episode. Maisie Williams is now part of the Doctor Who Universe and that’s awesome. She was having a ball and I get the feeling that with the next episode she’s really going to cut loose. I never realize how many people were having issues with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and good lord never ever get people started on Clara. That’s about five shades of a battleground that I have learned I want nothing of. I really like Clara this season and I’m loving how she’s developing this year. Considering that this is Clara’s final year as a companion I get the feeling she’s going to go out on a high note, I’m pretty excited about that. Wow I love Doctor Who this year, let it continue to be a great time.

Not much else to report for today, outside of weather wacky and I am going to relax and read for awhile. Hope everyone is well out there and I’ll catch up to you all later. Bye for now!


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