The Chill Bloggity Thing for 10/27/15 or My Mind is Idea Filled, Yeah!

I’ve never been this inspired in a long time. It’s really fun to be in my mind right now as I am rapid firing more ideas out into the world than ever before. I haven’t been this filled with ideas in a long time. Right now I’m in the state of mind that I need to get my ideas out there and not wait, just do it and see what happens. Don’t try and think too hard about a game plan, just make it happen and go for it. Insert every single “JUST DO IT!” meme on the planet here as that is my state of mind at the moment. I’m dare I say starting to have a lot more fun lately and really it is thanks to people taking an interest as to what I’m up to. As I started to revive this blog again I thought it would be temporary like my other attempts but this as been the attempt that has stuck. It’s come at the right point where I’m ready to try more and do more than ever before. Sometimes things can only be in planning for so long before you need to unleash them out into the world and see what happens you know?

Right now on Comixology there’s this crazy Supergirl Comic sale, so tempting you all have no idea how tempting it is. There is also that Humble Bundle too with all the Top Cow comics too, I’ll see what they add tomorrow to it before I decide either way. Oh lord too many comics, Comixology is quickly becoming Steam for me yet I know I’ll read all the comics from these sales, someday. That just means more reading which I can’t argue with at all. Always reading, always writing, always creating, like comic book magic my friends, comic book magic! I must satisfy my Habitica too as I catch up with all this, so as I create and get stuff done, I get more awesome gear in Habitica so that’s groovy with me.

Anyway, I’ll have TV to watch in a bit tonight, Flash and Agents of SHIELD for me. I shall be enjoying this amazing Tuesday night more as I have reading to do. Laters!


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