Chill Bloggity Thing 11/7/15: A Day At Home or When in Doubt Organize Comics and Make With the Cleaning

Sometimes a day can be quiet, and I mean mega quiet. Nothing is going on, nothing is happening. No plans at all. So what do you do in that situation? You make the day up as you go along and see what the heck happens. This my friends was my day as I pretty much used it to get stuff done that I hadn’t gotten the chance to do for awhile. Mostly I did cleaning in the morning, specifically some organization of some DVD’s and comics and whatnot. Seriously, it was dreadfully unorganized and it looks like I’ve started another project in the process thanks to my organization today. Right now my comics for example are not the most organized so I’ve been in the midst of trying to figure out how to get them back in order. Kind of a tall order but getting there. In my basement they’re mostly organized in small boxes and some longboxes and so forth under the pool table and on a shelf. At least graphic novels and TPB’s are easy to organize, just finding the bookshelf space and there we go on the magical land of organization. It is funny that this entire blog is going to be me just rambling about organization and so forth.

Yes this is officially a Chill Bloggity Thing as I got nothing for tonight. This is straight up a desire for me to write and keep the blog active after a couple rough days so I am writing a Chill Bloggity Thing. The things I do to keep my Habitica happy with me. I lost a level because I slacked off a little so making a point to not do that again. Hey when dealing with Habitica and the quest for cool gear in getting stuff done, you do not want to dare make the Habitica angry. Hence why I’m keeping up with my goals and making sure I keep getting things done. Hence, cleaning today and doing some laundry, which I actually need to do tomorrow. At least tomorrow I have plans, yay for plans! Wow this is going to be a rambling kind of a blog but hey it is the Chill Bloggity Thing, you pretty much know what you’re getting into when you see that title.

I did finally catch up on a little comic reading, Angela: Queen of Hel #1, Sam Wilson: Captain America #2, and The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil. All totally awesome in their own way. I really dug Angela and may give that another issue to see where it goes from there, great ending. Sam Wilson: Captain America gives me a lot of hope for that series and that’ll end up on my pull list as that was really good. Iron Man, Captain America, and Doctor Strange have all been consistently good reads thus far so I’m loving that I’m now going to have three more books on my pull, oh well hey embrace the great reading right?

I swear it is why on my Habitica I have a thing on catch up on comic books and it has been helping overall considering that I am starting to make a small dent on the backlog. Only small as I keep finding new stuff to read. I swear welcome to my world, I will never ever lack for anything to read. If I ever say the words I’m bored someone smack me. Not that it’ll happen considering that boredom isn’t something I feel very often at all anymore considering my Habitica and the task list I have set up on there. It is good to keep active and keep busy so in reading and in life Habitica keeps me from never ever being bored, ever. That’s why I say if I ever say the words I’m bored then wow I am totally slacking or doing something totally wrong in my life with Habitica my friends.

At least I did catch up on some TV, The Blacklist has been solid so far this season and I really have been enjoying that show. I probably won’t get to see Spectre this weekend but I will see it eventually though. I’m probably not going to see The Peanuts movie until it hits streaming/DVD/Blu-Ray but that’s what I expected anyway. I hope Spectre is a movie I get to see in theaters but if I somehow don’t get to see it in theaters then I’m okay either way at this point. This is how my adventures with seeing movies in theaters goes, at least with Star Wars in December I am going to make a big effort to see that in theaters. It is freaking Star Wars and there is no chance I am going to miss out on seeing that in theaters.

I am going to bed here soon but I am glad I got the chance to write down my last little bit of the day. It’s been a good day today and while it was quiet, it definitely was a nice one. I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow holds. I’ll end up having to resist half price books and the final day of the sale but it is 50% off coupon day so we’ll see how that goes. Likely I’ll succumb if one of the two things I saw the other day are still there. That could seriously go either way at this point if one of those two hardcovers are somehow hanging out. Punisher Max and Fury hanging there had my eye.

Anyway I shall bid you all a good night for now. Till tomorrow I shall catch up to you all later. I am starting to get sleepy and wanted to get these last little words done before sleep. Till tomorrow take care and hope you all have a great day ahead. So much more amazing things to come and I am excited to see what the next day will hold. Catch up to you all later and may you all have a great day or sleep ahead. Bye for now!


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