Hoopla: The Amazing Digital App for Libraries


Hoopla Digital

As I use my local library more and more, I start exploring all it has to offer. I decided to take a look at Hoopla, a digital service that many libraries across the US use. It’s a way for members to use their library card to read books, listen to music, watch movies and TV shows, and it is entirely free. Now not all libraries are part of Hoopla but there is a pretty good chance that your local library is part of the program. While this isn’t perfect, wow it is a slick program that I adore and even better, it is totally free to use as long as you have a library card. I’ll explain more as we go on but I definitely say this, despite the minor glitches here and there, I love this program to pieces so far.

Best part of Hoopla is you can either use your computer or even your mobile device of choice to access the app. All the features are there either on the computer or on the app. In full admission I’ve only been checking out comics on it so I’ll be looking at that for now. On the PC it pretty much works like Comixology for the most part for reading comics. Now for the phone, it’s dead on Comixology for reading on the phone. Though one quirk on reading comics on Hoopla on your smart phone, double page spreads don’t work so well. On Comixology for a spread you can tilt it to the side with no interruptions in reading. On Hoopla, it can cause a glitch at times when you tilt the phone to the side to read a double page spread. Solution to this is to zoom in the spread as you read it rather than tilt it to the tide. A little quirky but it works in a pinch and doesn’t distract from the read at all, at least for me anyway.

The only drawback to Hoopla is the fact that you can only check out ten things at a time per month. That goes for movies, TV, and everything on there. That’s not too bad. So you don’t get an unlimited amount of streaming and whatnot but for free, that’s not too shabby at all. I’ll have to try out the streaming and so forth next month but so far I like what I see out of Hoopla and I’m not complaining too much about free anything.

If your local library carries Hoopla, try it out. You can download the app off of the Google Play and iOS stores and you can go to Hoopla’s website to register too. Enjoy the adventure and free digital reading, watching, and listening thanks to your local library.

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