Chill Bloggity Thing 12/5/15: The Weather is Frightful but Yay Holiday Season!

The onset of Winter is here, the fog is in play and did I mention I hate cold weather? Oh well, time to get sparked back up as now that I’ve started to adjust to the cold I can get back into things again. Yes cold weather and me do not get along which slows down everything else in my life, I swear every year this happens but oh well I’ll get through it. I need to catch up on writing, reading, and many things. The Thanksgiving Holiday and whatnot threw me off too, so colder weather and Thanksgiving totally threw me off. I’ve been in the midst of researching a few things though too, so my brain has totally been all over the place. This is life with Wesley. You all should prepare yourselves now for a scatterbrained to hell Chill Bloggity Thing.

I’ve been tweaking with my habitica for one thing mostly because of the fact that cold weather and me equals slow down time. It really makes me feel so sluggish and that sucks but I’m still keeping up with my habitica tasks for the most part. I even saw the pain fuel that is the TMNT Christmas special though, maybe I’ll write about that at some point soon. Or not, really I don’t think I should put anyone through that outside of it was really bad, so many levels of bad. Not even sure if it is good bad, it is just boring bad with no budget. At least the Star Wars Holiday Special is oddly entertaining and there’s some kind of budget involved. If you decide to watch the TMNT Christmas well it’ll make the Star Wars Holiday Special look like a four star masterpiece.

Now as for tonight, I’m thinking Batman: Endgame is in order as I got that to read. My library decided to have all of the hold titles come at me right at once. So yeah, time to play reading catch up tonight. It’ll spark my writing mind a bit anyway as seriously, Winter weather sucks and it is still technically Fall. Oh well, I make it through as I do every wacky zany Winter. So I shall end it here as I don’t have that much to say at the moment. Though my twitter has definitely been a good focus for me at points. Still can’t believe I’m almost at 2,500 followers there. That is crazy.

Take care everyone and I shall be back tomorrow as I’m making a point to get my writing groove back in action!

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