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The Spoiler Theater of Sunday Night: The Walking Dead

In dealing with this age of social media one of the shows I make a point to watch live is The Walking Dead. Usually I’m not doing anything Sunday night anyway but if I wasn’t able to watch it live, I’d be avoiding any and all social media until I could watch it. Now why do I say that? The Walking Dead as many people have learned is one of the most spoiled shows on television. Now Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, and The Flash are up there along with other serialized shows but The Walking Dead is a frequent series that ends up spoiled on social media. Now what inspired this piece is after watching The Walking Dead someone I know posted that he got spoiled on the show right after it aired. Poor guy was waiting till later and well, he got spoiled. The Walking Dead is heavily live tweeted, heavily discussed on Facebook, and even has The Talking Dead which people on Twitter post tweets that are heavy with spoilers as they chat along with the show. See at least with Arrow, Agents of SHIELD, and The Flash, it is avoidable to a degree. I know people who get spoiled but not to the level that happens with The Walking Dead.

See I’ve talked about Live Tweeting in the past but this is a case where I do sympathize with those who get spoiled. I always have as I’ve had delays in viewing certain shows and was lucky to avoid spoilers. I imagine if Twitter was around when Buffy and more was at their heights, oh man it would have been off the charts brutal with spoilers. The Walking Dead has that sort of rabid fanbase that wants to discuss their show during and after the fact so the spoilers fly. Now yes the common thing to say to them is avoid social media or mute the tag, which is fine. Yet I think there should be some kind of decorum in talking about TV. Just talk but don’t spoil the entire event, just DM a friend that is watching the show that night if you really need to go spoiler theater. Even with muting the tag, not everyone uses hashtags and spoilers can leak through that way too.

I know it is the Internet, I know people are going to discuss their shows and have their chats either way. I like chatting about them too and as I’ve said, I know the live tweeting genie is out of the bottle. Just people, you can talk about a show without going spoiler crazy. The Walking Dead is that example of people getting out of hand with spoiling entire episodes in five seconds after the darned episode airs. At least use the hashtag so people can just mute you during and after the show if you’re going to discuss it. Heck, you get a neat emoji out of it every week so that’s bonus points too. I know it is hard for the Internet to find some kind of decorum in live tweeting because well, it is the Internet. The Internet where in between serious conversations, the silly chat about who’s better Marvel or DC becomes a full blown blood feud in five seconds.

So within every Sunday Night you usually have a lot of shows. Heck the other show that could have spoiler potential is Once Upon a Time but somehow that show ends up not getting heavily spoiled. Outside of the Frozen reveal with Elsa but that was such a rare thing and a major surprise that I’m not entirely shocked that it got spoiled the way it did. That was a shocker and The Walking Dead has that kind of effect. Usually when a big event happens on The Walking Dead, it hits big so people go on twitter and everything else and without any thought start on the spoiler spree. It is very much a spur of the moment blast of social media madness when people turbo load spoilers left and right talking about whatever is happening on The Walking Dead.

This is why people get grouchy about spoilers and The Walking Dead. This is the ground zero show that people will spoil without any thought. This is that show that people will without fail go on spoiler blasts about and ticking people off in the process. I sympathize with those who hit the Sunday night Spoiler Theater that is The Walking Dead. I feel for them and I can imagine they would love the enjoy the show along with everyone else. I remember one time I was over at someones house and saw some of an episode of The Walking Dead there. Since I watch the show with my Dad, when I got to watch it with him I made a point not to spoil his enjoyment by saying anything about that first bit of the episode. Just like in person, you just have to know that going on spoiler blasts on social media isn’t cool, just like you’d be frustrated if someone spoiled something in person for you.

I fear for when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits, my word people are going to spoil that to tears within one day. If you think The Walking Dead is bad, that’ll be a week long event of spoiler theater like no other. I feel there should be a rule book already in place for those who will be wanting to spoil every little detail of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Anyway, I am digressing but it does fit The Walking Dead conversation, just be cool and don’t spoil the freaking show for people. Let them share the same love of the show you have. It may be a little delayed but it is their viewing cycle for a show and that should be respected.

I know that The Internet does what it does and that’s fine, I’ve accepted that long ago. Live Tweeting is one phenomenon that isn’t going away anytime soon. Yet I think with The Walking Dead we could all learn to just be cool and don’t ruin the enjoyment of the show for others.

Chill Bloggity Thing 11/7/15: A Day At Home or When in Doubt Organize Comics and Make With the Cleaning

Sometimes a day can be quiet, and I mean mega quiet. Nothing is going on, nothing is happening. No plans at all. So what do you do in that situation? You make the day up as you go along and see what the heck happens. This my friends was my day as I pretty much used it to get stuff done that I hadn’t gotten the chance to do for awhile. Mostly I did cleaning in the morning, specifically some organization of some DVD’s and comics and whatnot. Seriously, it was dreadfully unorganized and it looks like I’ve started another project in the process thanks to my organization today. Right now my comics for example are not the most organized so I’ve been in the midst of trying to figure out how to get them back in order. Kind of a tall order but getting there. In my basement they’re mostly organized in small boxes and some longboxes and so forth under the pool table and on a shelf. At least graphic novels and TPB’s are easy to organize, just finding the bookshelf space and there we go on the magical land of organization. It is funny that this entire blog is going to be me just rambling about organization and so forth.

Yes this is officially a Chill Bloggity Thing as I got nothing for tonight. This is straight up a desire for me to write and keep the blog active after a couple rough days so I am writing a Chill Bloggity Thing. The things I do to keep my Habitica happy with me. I lost a level because I slacked off a little so making a point to not do that again. Hey when dealing with Habitica and the quest for cool gear in getting stuff done, you do not want to dare make the Habitica angry. Hence why I’m keeping up with my goals and making sure I keep getting things done. Hence, cleaning today and doing some laundry, which I actually need to do tomorrow. At least tomorrow I have plans, yay for plans! Wow this is going to be a rambling kind of a blog but hey it is the Chill Bloggity Thing, you pretty much know what you’re getting into when you see that title.

I did finally catch up on a little comic reading, Angela: Queen of Hel #1, Sam Wilson: Captain America #2, and The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil. All totally awesome in their own way. I really dug Angela and may give that another issue to see where it goes from there, great ending. Sam Wilson: Captain America gives me a lot of hope for that series and that’ll end up on my pull list as that was really good. Iron Man, Captain America, and Doctor Strange have all been consistently good reads thus far so I’m loving that I’m now going to have three more books on my pull, oh well hey embrace the great reading right?

I swear it is why on my Habitica I have a thing on catch up on comic books and it has been helping overall considering that I am starting to make a small dent on the backlog. Only small as I keep finding new stuff to read. I swear welcome to my world, I will never ever lack for anything to read. If I ever say the words I’m bored someone smack me. Not that it’ll happen considering that boredom isn’t something I feel very often at all anymore considering my Habitica and the task list I have set up on there. It is good to keep active and keep busy so in reading and in life Habitica keeps me from never ever being bored, ever. That’s why I say if I ever say the words I’m bored then wow I am totally slacking or doing something totally wrong in my life with Habitica my friends.

At least I did catch up on some TV, The Blacklist has been solid so far this season and I really have been enjoying that show. I probably won’t get to see Spectre this weekend but I will see it eventually though. I’m probably not going to see The Peanuts movie until it hits streaming/DVD/Blu-Ray but that’s what I expected anyway. I hope Spectre is a movie I get to see in theaters but if I somehow don’t get to see it in theaters then I’m okay either way at this point. This is how my adventures with seeing movies in theaters goes, at least with Star Wars in December I am going to make a big effort to see that in theaters. It is freaking Star Wars and there is no chance I am going to miss out on seeing that in theaters.

I am going to bed here soon but I am glad I got the chance to write down my last little bit of the day. It’s been a good day today and while it was quiet, it definitely was a nice one. I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow holds. I’ll end up having to resist half price books and the final day of the sale but it is 50% off coupon day so we’ll see how that goes. Likely I’ll succumb if one of the two things I saw the other day are still there. That could seriously go either way at this point if one of those two hardcovers are somehow hanging out. Punisher Max and Fury hanging there had my eye.

Anyway I shall bid you all a good night for now. Till tomorrow I shall catch up to you all later. I am starting to get sleepy and wanted to get these last little words done before sleep. Till tomorrow take care and hope you all have a great day ahead. So much more amazing things to come and I am excited to see what the next day will hold. Catch up to you all later and may you all have a great day or sleep ahead. Bye for now!

A Thought Process on Citizen Jack #1 – A Presidential Candidate of Snow Blowers and Alcoholic Fury

Citizen Jack #1 Cover

Oh my goodness Citizen Jack is one comic I’ve been looking forward to for awhile. Considering the so far loopy madness that this election cycle has brought us, Citizen Jack #1 is perfectly timed. Between Prez from DC Comics and this, politics in comics is definitely taking a small uptick lately. Seeing that initially all I knew about this was the title and the fact that Sam Humphries was writing it and Tommy Patterson is the artist, yeah I was pretty blind going into Citizen Jack. So what kind of crazy electoral madness am I in for? This time around your Presidential Candidate is a man named Jack Northworthy who’s working with a Demon named Marlinspike to make his way to the White House. When you realize Humphries is writing this comic and he made a comic like Our Love is Real work, you learn to trust that you’re in for a good time. Even more so that Tommy Patterson is a great artist most notably on his work with the Game of Thrones comic. Amazing artist, amazing writer, and a concept unlike anything else, time to venture through my Thought Process on Citizen Jack #1.

Here’s the craziest bit about Citizen Jack #1, this comic starts off like a twisted dark comedy. I almost wish Marlinspike the Demon wouldn’t have been setup till midway through the comic to see how much more broken Jack is. Yet it works as is since Jack Northworthy is an absolute mess. He just doesn’t know how much of a mess he is because he’s stuck in an alcoholic haze and is kind of a jerk, okay not kind of, he really is a jerk. Yet it’s fun to see how Humphries explores this strange individual and hovering in the background is a laughing demon known as Marlinspike. I almost like the demon more than Jack and that takes some talent. Even knowing Jack’s backstory in the comic, he is still so unlikable and yet compelling to see how his journey is going. There are hints that there is a decent person somewhere in that mildly terrible soul. Really if Humphries can figure out a way to get us to like him or dislike him even more, this could be something. As it is at this point, I really oddly enjoy the demon but find Jack absolutely fascinating at his horribleness.

Which in the story that Humphries is crafting here, Tommy Patterson helps bring this madness to life. Jack himself is pretty much designed as a mess spending most of his time in a pink bathrobe, with this sort of grinning to almost borderline nuts look on his face. Patterson has a way with these emotions in the story to bring to us the life of Citizen Jack. At all times Jack’s reactions are always exaggerated in one way or another fitting Humphries characterization of him. I think it also helps that there’s enough realism to his artwork to give it some kind of grounding force, even with a demon and a dolphin political commentator in the story.  In the developing supporting cast outside of Marlinspike the way Patterson draws their reactions to Jack is priceless. The cast has these great looks on their faces from slight grins to absolute disgust and anger, it’s really cool to see as you note these touches in the artwork itself.

Citizen Jack #1 President

There’s also something to be had here in the coloring. Jon Alderink captures the snowy wonderland of Minnesota in a wonderful way. When there is the light amount of snow blowing in the wind on the opening page sets such a mood for the story ahead. It’s cold to look at and then you see a man in a bright pink bathrobe with a shotgun riding a snowblower. It’s all in the coloring of the darkness, the snow, and everything colliding to set that perfect mood of what you’re in for within the pages of Citizen Jack. Until you of course get to Marlinspike colored in shadows throughout the story and bringing to life the craziness that demon brings into Jack’s life. There’s one scene near the end where reality goes haywire and Patterson’s visuals are one thing bringing the writing to life but Alderink’s colors make the scene explode from the page. It’s pure manic energy from one exciting splash page and I love it.

One thing I’m starting to appreciate more is the art of a good letterer and Rachel Deering did a rocking job lettering this. I especially noticed the lettering on Marlinspike, that lettering gives as much personality to the demon as the actual writing and art does. I liked also how the lettering in the opening pages with the snow blower battle and one character had the letters trailing off, very cool effect. In lettering the comic you can see the simplest touches add that much to a story and what brings certain characters to life. This is my first time really paying attention to that and in a story like this that has so many different elements in play, it’s good to appreciate the lettering adding so much life to a story.

I’m enjoying my time in the world of Citizen Jack so far. It’s endlessly engaging and has a lot going on that has my attention already. I liked that you pretty much got a good base feel for Jack right off the bat and you at least have a basic understanding of him. Now the reader has an opportunity to really appreciate learning more about Jack in the issues to come as he starts his journey to the White House. Even getting a feel for his connection with Marlinspike, this is going to take many a twist and I’m happy to see it. You can see that there is going to be a darker element brewing here but it is going to be delicious to see how brutal this thing will end up being.

I’m hoping that a lot of people will give Citizen Jack a shot, it’s got an amazing team and so much going for it. Don’t miss out on this comic, I beg of you do not miss out on this comic. Citizen Jack has so much happening already and this is going the beginning. Even better that this is an ongoing series that I want to see go as far as it can possibly go, read this comic.

Hi, I’m a Comic Book Optimist and You’re All Cool With Me

Hi I'm Ambush Bug

Hi, my name is Wesley and how are you doing?

I’m a guy who writes about comics on the internet, I’ve written for a few sites, and still love talking about it on social media all the same. I’m usually optimistic and I have my cranky moments but overall I’m a positive person. Lately, I’ve felt that we need more love in the comics internet scene. I’ve interacted with writers from many different sites over the years comics wise. I’ve interacted with many writers, artists, and so forth over the years comic book wise. When I first started I really had no idea what I was doing, all I knew was I liked comics and liked talking about them. Then writing about them happened and then it ballooned from there into a decent sized writing adventure. The one thing is even at points where I’ve not been exactly positive about certain aspects of a comic or what’s going on with them, I’ve still always really enjoyed comics. It was all about to me the conversations and the energy behind them. Nowadays at points it seems that there’s a level of cynicism that appears within the comics community like no other and it makes me sad. Yet at my core I am a generally positive person which makes me the rare breed of a Comic Book Optimist.

I’ve had my moments of negativity over the years like anyone else yet I like keeping things on a positive level, an active energy of love in everything I write about. It’s why I’ve been writing the way I have and how I look at books now. Sometimes I think I may started to mellow as I’ve gotten older but it is more along the lines of if I dislike a book now, I really have to find something major that sparks my ire so to speak. Say with ANAD Marvel right now, there’s been a lot of solid books and only a couple that left me kind of lukewarm but that’s really it. DC Comics wise, I’ve found a lot of cool books but still part of the line is kind of okay and that’s about it. Yet I know that there’s a lot of things that need to be fixed but I feel that in time they will be. It’ll take awhile but we’re getting there slowly but surely. Every time I see something that could potentially turn out to be awful, it somehow ends up being better in the end. Hence why I never quite lose my internal optimism for comics.

Hence why the Ambush Bug, as Ambush Bug is one of my ultimate in fun characters that I always find myself relating to. Fourth wall breaking madness but filled with everlasting comic book goodness, Ambush Bug in a nutshell. I remember I used to use a fourth wall breaking end line for my columns at Comics Crux at one point. Some goofy thing but really I am a guy who looks at fun in comics and tries to find it in everything. It’s tough to be a comic book optimist and find the good in anything and yet somehow I usually can find something. It was lost to me for a short time but I’ve got it back now and I don’t plan on losing it. It’s also why I put in that you’re all cool with me because you’re all cool with me. My chats on twitter about how I am is pretty much this post, you are all awesome and you’re all why I am such a comic book optimist, the fan base of comics encourages me more than discourages me at this point.

Seeing all the awesome creator owned projects out there and what people are doing on the independent scene of comics, that’s exciting and amazing to behold. I still haven’t discovered all of it yet but what I have seen blows my mind and makes me look forward to seeing what will be happening next in comics. Heck when Marvel and DC are trying out a lot of things lately even with stumbling blocks, that’s interesting to me and that has my eyes curious as to what will be coming. It’s pretty awesome on the comic scene right now, not even going to kid you, it’s a pretty wild and fun period of time. I see the comic book TV scene and I’m blown away from what I’ve seen on it, then the comics do that much more and it makes me an even more engaged writer than ever before, I look forward to talking comics more and more lately.

Welcome to the most unique period of time to ever be a comic book fan. Ridiculous amounts of new material like nothing we’ve ever seen before, new ideas, new worlds, and more new things being tried than ever before. The fanbase is more engaged, the conversations overall more productive, and we are starting to get somewhere. Hence why I have fully embraced being a Comic Book Optimist. It’d be hard to break me of it at this point. Like I said things aren’t perfect right now on the comic book scene but my goodness it is ten times better than it used to be that’s for darned sure.

Yeah we live in amazing times and I’m pretty curious to see where we end up in comics in the coming years. New genre explorations from new and old creators, the bigger companies trying out stuff and seeing what happens, and so many other interesting things happening. It is why I still love wandering about on twitter, facebook, and more and seeing what else is out there and what will be created next. Even the digital platforms have opened up new and exciting possibilities for creators to get their name out there. This is one amazing and unique time to be a comic fan.

I want to know how you feel about comic books nowadays, optimistic, pessimistic, bring it on as I want to know what you all think out there about comics and more lately. Whatever the case may be, your opinion either optimistic or not, isn’t wrong by any means. This is definitely one of my favorite periods to be a comic fan that’s for sure. I still can’t believe what I’ve seen so far in the industry that is more good than bad. Oh yes there is still bad but there is so much more good out there.

That my friends is the life of a Comic Book Optimist, I know everything bad and good that is happening. I just know it’ll be better and with time everything will be better than ever before.

My History of The Halloweens of Limited Costumes

So here’s a funny thing about me and Halloween, I’ve never really dressed up for it at all. I’ve done it a couple times and strangely enough, there is no photographic evidence of it. I’ve done one actual costume but it wasn’t for Halloween, it was dressing up as Superman for the release of Superman Returns. Outside of that it was the only time really in my adult life I’d ever done a costume. There was one year I was thinking about going as Doctor Who but could never really find everything I wanted so it didn’t happen. There was another year where I’d actually gotten a solid Joker impression down from the Dark Knight so I was going to do that. I actually did get most of the gear for it but plans fell through and I hadn’t worn the costume yet or anything so I returned it all. Most of my actual costumes were from around childhood and into my early teens. It’s funny to think about that actually, but true, I’ve never been huge on doing that much for Halloween for most of my life.

Yes shocking enough to admit but true, I never really did trick or treat as a child. In the two times I did any kind of costume, I did go out but I lost interest and if I did go outside it was to actually hand out candy. My parents are big on getting candy so I never really had a reason to go out and do the whole trick or treat thing. Seriously I always had candy around. If I wanted candy and it didn’t interfere with dinner or whatever, my parents never minded me having candy at all. It wasn’t treated as a mega event so I never made a big thing about going out to trick or treat. I remember one year when I did hand out candy and I dressed up in all black with a purple mask and in all black sweatshirt and sweatpants. I was around 13 or 14 years old and it was actually fun. Not really a costume but the mask was cool and I kept it around for awhile as it was a sweet mask. I actually do wish I had a picture of that mask still, alas it is somewhere in a box probably in the attic. A shame really but it was a cool costume-ish kind of thing.

I did wear a mask one year but not a full costume when I was in art school years ago. Not really a costume again but I had a cool black long sleeve shirt with Kanji on it and a Psicosis mask. I swear I go for costume-ish more than anything else. I actually did pop in for the class picture with my Psicosis mask and costume-ish look, to the dismay of one annoyed student but hey I had a mask. Psicosis mask was cool by golly. Besides in art school I remember Halloween was kind of an unofficial holiday so I had to do a tiny something, so I had a cool mask and a shirt to match, costume-ish magic. I never did a costume again though, I let everyone else do their thing costume wise from then on. I enjoyed more observing the costumes more than actually wearing the costumes.

I do love seeing costumes though, I love the designs and considering I know quite a few cosplayers I can’t help but enjoy cool costumes. Just in my case I know that me and costumes are just not going to happen. I don’t do makeup well, I don’t do costumes well, at least ones without some kind of pockets in them and so forth and I can move in, so pretty much I just let everyone else do the Halloween fun. I live vicariously through my friends that do costumes and do stuff on Halloween. As for me, I’ve been pretty much spending it inside like I do most years. I do sometimes enjoy going out and handing out candy but even this year was quiet on the Halloween front. Also I’ve never been to a Halloween party, maybe one when I was a kid at a Library but that was it. No Halloween parties for this guy and you know that’s okay. I never was much of a party person anyway.

After awhile I decided to enjoy Halloween from afar and it is fun to see all the cool things people get up to on Halloween. As I said, I love seeing cool costumes but not as much wearing them. Don’t get me wrong if there is a year where I get an invite to a party and I can go, I may be tempted to try out a costume or at least a costume-ish kind of thing. Until then, I’ll observe and enjoy seeing what people are up to for Halloween. Luckily my friends take lots of pictures so I can easily live vicariously through them and see all the cool things people are up to. It’s kind of fun talking about my own oddball way of looking at Halloween and my own little adventures with it over the years.

I thank you all for reading my little Halloween story and my adventure or lack of adventure with the holiday. I really do appreciate you all reading this. It’s been fun actually writing it down for the first time ever outside of talking about my weird history with Halloween. The humble observer of the holiday. I have been enjoying with my own mild bit of candy here and there and some hot apple cider so I’m pretty good on this end. I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween and hey if you want to leave a comment and tell me what you were up to, feel free. I post this on twitter and so forth too so feel free and let me know what your adventure was over Halloween. Take care everyone and bye for now!

Accepting and Embracing the World of Live Tweeting

Let’s start this off by saying that at one point I was an active live tweeter. I was heavily involved in live tweeting, The Walking Dead, Falling Skies, and South Park and those were my regular shows to live tweet. Mostly because I had other friends that I was watching with and made a couple friends that way too. After awhile though I kind of fell out of live tweeting because I found myself not as into it as I once was. I had nothing against live tweeting but after awhile it just wasn’t for me. Back then though it wasn’t as huge as it is nowadays. I know many people who despise live tweeting because a lot of people don’t do it right. People will spoil shows left and right in the midst of their live tweets and that’s where the hatred of live tweeting comes in for people. I can understand it and why there are certain nights I know if I’m not going to watch a show I just avoid social media for the night because it can be just as nutty on facebook now. For as many though that go spoiler crazy, there are others that are actively engaging and have genuine and fun chats about the shows. So this is why I’m writing this, talking about why sometimes you almost have to accept and embrace that live tweeting is here to stay, love it or hate it.

Now why do I say that live tweeting is here to stay, one is now every TV show uses live tweeting. The Walking Dead fans are notorious for spoilers but they’re also hyper passionate and talk about the show with a fervor like no other. They could be better about not spoiling but I also know live tweeters who are good about not spoiling the big events of the show. The Flash is heavy on live tweeting, Arrow is heavy on it, and heck I’ve even seen the Thursday night ABC shows become huge live tweeting events. Then the WWE with Raw and their live PPV’s especially rely heavily on social media. Social media is part of the ratings as much as the actual Live, DVR, and even streaming views. The landscape for TV is new beast and live tweeting isn’t going away at all. It’s not just about discussion anymore, it’s about part discussion and also that people are paying attention to your show at all.

As I am defending live tweeting I’m also going to give advice on how to do it responsibly. After all there is an art to everything and with live tweeting there are good and bad ways to do it. The bad ways are straight up spoiling major points in a show. The reason why there are so many people who despise live tweeting is because of spoilers. If you’re going to live tweet be careful how you say a plot point that blows your mind. Now with The Flash there was an easter egg of King Shark that appeared and that’s a grey area spoiler. It’s a your mileage will vary on this. For me when I saw King Shark I made a point to tread carefully with it until I saw everyone straight up hollering from the roof tops about King Shark. About a day or so later I decided to let my King Shark nerd out fly because every freaking website had talked about it by that point. Just for live tweeters, even something mild about King Shark be careful. Say #TheFlash #Spoiler so people could mute it or just ignore it and go on to something else. Seriously The Walking Dead could learn a thing or do about being careful about spoilers because once a major event happens on that show, all bets are off. Just #Spoilers people and it could help a lot.

That’s really the biggest one is the spoilers. Everything else about talking about a character you like, that’s fine and awesome, go nuts and talk about that character you love. Talk about the scenes that you’re digging and all that, there’s so many things you can talk about in a live tweet without outright spoiling things for people. Not everyone watches live so be mindful of that and be passionate but don’t be a spoiler junkie, don’t be that person in the theater talking about all the plot points before they can see the movie. The Live Tweeting Genie is out of the bottle but it is now up to us to know how to manage it and control how the conversation goes.

I haven’t done a live tweet in a long time but I do like talking TV shows on twitter frequently so I can see why people enjoy live tweeting. Usually I watch most of my stuff live, at least the stuff that I know will likely be spoiled before I can blink. If I didn’t watch The Walking Dead live, oh lord I would have it spoiled for me in five seconds and same goes for the Flash and Arrow. Others aren’t able or just don’t watch it live and have learned the fine art of avoiding all social media during certain nights of the week. Others forget and then the anger over the spoilers begin and it’s why I’ve gone on twitter actively to tell people to be careful, yet it seems to fall on deaf ears. Hence why I write this.

To sum this up for people, be kind to the DVR and Streamers of the world Live Tweeters. Not everyone can watch a show live and some people even wait for Netflix or even a box set to be released before they get into a show. Be kind is all I ask my Live Tweeting friends, be kind. The Live Tweet is out there, the Facebook blasts are out there, and it is up to all of us to be cool and learn not to spoil the living heck out of everything for the rest of the universe. Thanks for reading and take care.

Adventures in Writing about Comics and Me, Oh the Places I Want To Go

I’ve been writing about comics for what seems like ages now. It’s been a journey and a half and never ceases to amaze me the people who like what I write about. Lately I’ve been trying out new ideas and new things related to comics, usually old ads or even talking about TV shows related to comics. It has opened up my eyes to so many new worlds and really helping me find a focus for my writing direction in the coming year. I’ve been using Habitica too as a way to keep myself on task in all that I’ve been doing as well. I’ve been someone who’s written about a lot but you know I still feel I got a lot left in the tank. It’s why I’ve been enjoying doing the Comics and Coffee feed every Friday, it’s been a great way for me to learn things as well. Considering Phoenix has given me full reign with Comics Trivia, it’s even more fun to cut loose and again, I get to try a new thing and so far it has been fun, a lot of fun. Even more I’m starting to loosen up in my writing again as I’m playing around with new projects while doing casual blogging at the same time. I feel you need that balance for the sake of sanity and to remind yourself that hey this is comics, make it fun by golly.

The Saturday Morning Post I did from 1981 was an experiment for me and I liked it. I got to deep dive into youtube and do some research into some shows that I’d heard of but also never heard of. I’m going to do more of that and even more looks at old and new comics. I think I’m going to spend some time with the All-New All-Different Marvel stuff too, heck I didn’t know people were so curious about New Avengers so I’m going to keep rolling with that. I do understand why people got hooked into the Captain America thought process, I liked writing that one too. In my adventure in tweaking my writing style I’m enjoying where it is taking me. I even want to play catch up with my indie and DC books too, I got plenty of those to write about as well. As I say, I got thrown into comics internet in a big way so everything I’ve written has always been a case of learning on the fly. I really have been working and experimenting and seeing what works for me and what doesn’t.

In turn I’ve been also trying to make a point to read much more than I have been. Between comics and novels, I’m backlogged to heck and back so I’ve been working on that. Put it this way, when my habitica has read three comics a day and 50-100 pages of a novel, you know I’m backlogged. It’s all part of improving my own writing and giving me more cool stuff to write about so inspiration and catching up on reading all at the same time. Backlogged reading and me is not good but I can catch up and I’ve also been working on organizing my collection too which also helps in my writing. It’s how I find stuff and keep things from getting cluttered, trying to work more on that. It’s all part of the process.

In turn with all of these projects I want to do it’ll encourage me to also write more. As that’s a major goal is to keep writing, keep working, and keep improving my craft. That’s always my goal and it is why I am always trying to keep learning more. It’s a good process and always something to keep in mind. Never be content with one level and always strive to be better, that’s the name of the game for me. Heck I remember in my early reviews I barely talked about art and so forth, so I made a point to fix that, then coloring, and more. I read, I observe, and I keep learning to see what I can do to make my stuff better. That’s my continuing goal on top of everything else. On my habitica I actually do have a goal of writing 1,000 words a day. I put it on hard but it’s a daily goal I want to make sure I hit. I’ll make it happen come heck or high water.

Now you all know a little more as to what I’m up to with my own writing. This is kind of the opposite of my Chill Bloggity Things where I just write whatever pops into my head just to get something down. Now I’m trying for a more focused goal to get stuff done and written about. The Chill Bloggity Things will still pop up for sure as sometimes I just want to chill and write about whatever. No goal in mind, just write and see what happens. I have so many places I want to go with my writing and I’m far from finished. I’m only giving a hint as to what I want to do in the future. So many more adventures to go on.

For all of you who read all of this, thank you for reading and thank you for taking the time to get a look as to what I want to do. This is partially for me to keep me on point but to let you all know that I have many things that I want to do and appreciate you all taking an interest in my universe. I really do appreciate you all from those just discovering my writing to those who have been following me over the years in my adventures. You’re all awesome and great people, nothing but love here.

I am going to finish this up now and get some more reading done for the evening. Time to get lost in some worlds. Take care everyone and keep being amazing.

From the Comic Pages: The CBS Saturday Morning Fall 1981 Lineup

1981 CBS Saturday Morning Lineup

In reading an old Flash comic I happened to see an ad for the CBS Saturday Morning Lineup from Fall 1981. If you all wonder why this is so special to me is because I was a born a month later on October 3rd, 1981. I saw the ad and decided to share it and talk about some of the shows on it during that time. I’ve always wanted to do a Saturday Morning Cartoon look from the 1980’s anyway and this is a good beginning for that project. Saturday Morning in the 80’s and 90’s was huge and the 80’s were insane with the lineups. The interesting part for me is realizing how many of these shows are pretty much gone from the airwaves now and the ones that are still around to this day.  Get your cereal of choice and on with the flashback to CBS’s 1981 Saturday Morning Fall Lineup!

Starting in order from 8:00 am it is The Kwicky Koala Show!

Here’s the most interesting fact about The Kwicky Koala Show, it was one of the last things Tex Avery worked on. I had no idea about Avery’s involvement in this series. It also had The Bungle Brothers, Crazy Claws, and Dirty Dawg in short segments on the show too. I remember watching some of these episodes off of Cartoon Network in the early days of the channel. I can somewhat remember watching them on USA Cartoon Express too, but definitely Cartoon Network. It was produced by Hanna-Barbera Australia and only on for one season on CBS.

Now I can somewhat remember these airing faintly but CBS had a show called In the News that aired in commercial breaks between the cartoons. They were two minute or so segments talking about events happening that would appeal to kids. That’s a pretty neat idea and I actually found one of the segments from 1980 and going to post it below so you can see it for yourselves.

At 8:30 am on the CBS Saturday Morning Fall Lineup it was Trollkins.

Another Hanna-Barbera toon, in watching the intro you can see the influence of Dukes of Hazzard on this show. Even if I didn’t read it on the Wikipedia page I’d be able to tell the influence from the start. It doesn’t look too bad though and I may have seen it once but I can’t remember it seeing it on Cartoon Network, though I may have seen it on Boomerang at one point. It was split into two shorts per episode and someone uploaded the first episode on youtube in two parts so if you’re curious here they are, enjoy!

Trolltown Goes Hollywood

Trollchoppers Meet Frogzilla

Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show CBS

Now for 9 am it was the Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show!

There isn’t too much to say on this one though this is the same one you may remember being on ABC later on in their Saturday Morning line up as The Bugs Bunny and Tweety show. Yes at one point CBS aired the Bugs Bunny Show and paired it with The Road Runner show. I found the theme song from 1979 that had the two shows paired together so enjoy the theme song!

At 10:30 am it is The Popeye and Olive Oyl Show!

This is the show that had all new Popeye shows with new Olive Oyl shows as well. Originally it was the All-New Popeye Hour but then got trimmed down and became this show. I couldn’t find the theme song but I did find an episode of Private Olive Oyl on youtube so enjoy and see what you think. I wish the uploader could have had the original title card but I’ll take what I can get.

Blackstar CBS Saturday Morning 1981

At 11:00 am it is Blackstar!

Now Blackstar is one show I saw a little of eons ago as it isn’t shown in reruns very often. This is part of the Filmation empire of shows. You know why I link the wiki to a lot of these shows? I’m learning about some of these the same way you are right now. I actually need to watch more of this at some point because despite the animation that intro for the most part makes the series look fun. Sadly it only ran for 13 episodes but some of the animation is kind of rough. It lasted one year on CBS Saturday Morning. If you’re curious about the intro, check it out below and enjoy!

I did find the first episode of Blackstar on youtube so heck I may be watching the entire series sooner or later. Here’s the link if you’re curious about that as well.

Then at 11:30 am it is the Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure hour!

Now originally this was the Tarzan and Lone Ranger hour but then it was expanded in this season to add Zorro to the hour. This is another Filmation show paired well with Blackstar. Though this was the final year of the hour as it ended in 1982 but this looks much better than Blackstar at least from the intro, check it out below.

Now at 12:30 pm it is The Tom & Jerry Comedy Show!

I didn’t realize that this aired on CBS for a couple years as it aired from 1980-1982. It was another Filmation series and I do remember this well actually. This did air in syndication when I watched Tom and Jerry as a kid so this is one I’m much more familiar with. I found the intro so if you’re curious check it out.

Now for 1 pm it is The New Fat Albert Show and I’m mentioning it because of history and it was part of the lineup.

Then at 1:30 pm to finish out the CBS Saturday Morning for 1981 is 30 Minutes!

I loved learning this part of my 1981 Saturday Morning research, it was a kid to teen friendly show with news stories focused on them. I never knew this existed and that’s pretty amazing. I can’t find any video for it sadly but now you know a fun new thing today along with me.

That’s my first ever try at this, let me know what you think of this adventure I took. I’m also going to do more Saturday Morning Cartoon Lineups and even more From the Comic Pages stuff, I found another fun ad in The Flash comic I read that made me smile just as much. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the journey as much as I did.

My oddball collection journey/Chill Bloggity Thing Fun Adventure: Marvel and DC Novels

Over the past couple years or so I’ve been on a collecting spree of Marvel and DC Novels. If I stumble upon them in a used book store or anywhere, I’ll usually grab them. How did this start? Honestly out of pure curiosity of knowing they exist. I didn’t know so many of these were around until I started wandering bookstores and finding them. I have mostly the modern ones from the 90’s on up but I don’t have as much of the late60’s/70’s novels. I really didn’t know Marvel and DC had such a long history of novels. So that’s what I hunt down from time to time is those novels. Most of them you can find for scary cheap too, heck I got two Generation X ones for 2 bucks a piece so that was neat and the rest I’ve gotten for around 3 bucks a pop overall. Only a couple of the 70’s ones have run me about 5 to 7 bucks so I’m not arguing much about that at all. This is my weird collection that I like but it’s also fun because I do plan on reading them at some point as so many of them look like they’ll be a ton of fun to read.

I’ll have to list all the ones I got later as I need to write all the ones I have down and I’m writing this near midnight so, yeah it’ll have to wait for now. Promise I’ll get to it though. Yet I wanted to mention this fun adventure as it has been quite the journey for me. I’ve been to many different used book stores over the years and not even really hunting for those novels officially, they just seem to appear before my eyes. It’s been only recently I’ve seriously started to collect the novels and make a point to look for them. Of course you ask yourself as you read this why haven’t I just gone on ebay or amazon and so forth to get the ones I can’t find, it is because I enjoy the hunt for these. It’s not a big major hunt at this point, it’s my leisurely hunt for these novels. Stumbling upon them at random is still a lot of fun and I want to keep that up.

That’s my fun little story for the night I got an urge to talk about it and I’ll dive more into it later. Thanks for reading, take care and keep being awesome everyone.

The Chill Bloggity Thing for 10/27/15 or My Mind is Idea Filled, Yeah!

I’ve never been this inspired in a long time. It’s really fun to be in my mind right now as I am rapid firing more ideas out into the world than ever before. I haven’t been this filled with ideas in a long time. Right now I’m in the state of mind that I need to get my ideas out there and not wait, just do it and see what happens. Don’t try and think too hard about a game plan, just make it happen and go for it. Insert every single “JUST DO IT!” meme on the planet here as that is my state of mind at the moment. I’m dare I say starting to have a lot more fun lately and really it is thanks to people taking an interest as to what I’m up to. As I started to revive this blog again I thought it would be temporary like my other attempts but this as been the attempt that has stuck. It’s come at the right point where I’m ready to try more and do more than ever before. Sometimes things can only be in planning for so long before you need to unleash them out into the world and see what happens you know?

Right now on Comixology there’s this crazy Supergirl Comic sale, so tempting you all have no idea how tempting it is. There is also that Humble Bundle too with all the Top Cow comics too, I’ll see what they add tomorrow to it before I decide either way. Oh lord too many comics, Comixology is quickly becoming Steam for me yet I know I’ll read all the comics from these sales, someday. That just means more reading which I can’t argue with at all. Always reading, always writing, always creating, like comic book magic my friends, comic book magic! I must satisfy my Habitica too as I catch up with all this, so as I create and get stuff done, I get more awesome gear in Habitica so that’s groovy with me.

Anyway, I’ll have TV to watch in a bit tonight, Flash and Agents of SHIELD for me. I shall be enjoying this amazing Tuesday night more as I have reading to do. Laters!