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The ANAD Marvel Adventures: Doctor Strange is back in his own Ongoing with Doctor Strange #1!

The simple version of me with Doctor Strange #1, there’s magic and he’s carrying a giant battle ax. You all should know sometimes it takes that simple a hook to get me wanting to read a comic. Not even kidding, that’s about all it took. Okay and the fact that Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo are the creative team is a good selling point too. It has been a long time since Doctor Strange has had his own ongoing series and thanks to the upcoming movie we finally get one again. With the simple hook of what caught my eye out of the way, now I wanted to know if this comic would be any good. I am but a simple man at times with how a comic can catch my attention but if the material doesn’t match up with the awesome I am witnessing, I can be disappointed. Yet Doctor Strange turned out to be a comic living up to the image of the classic Sorcerer Supreme unleashing magic and occasionally using a cool looking giant battle ax. With a lot of wonderful heart in between.

I fully admit Doctor Strange is a character I’ve liked but only recently gotten more into. I liked Doctor Strange in The Oath story with Brian K. Vaughan writing him and now with Jason Aaron handling the character this is my second extended look with the character. I’ve read him in Defenders and so forth but as an ongoing character on his own, it’s a little more touch and go for me. With this series it is my first time in a long time really delving into the world of Stephen Strange: Sorcerer Supreme. Jason Aaron has a winner on his hand if he keeps this up because this is the best way to get anyone hooked into Doctor Strange.

Aaron really does a great job in bringing Doctor Strange to life and really delves into all the facets of his character. He’s even working towards giving him a supporting cast and showing how he sees the world. Bachalo’s art style is adept in capturing the world that Stephen Strange exists in. You see how he sees the normal world and then through a clever sequence with his third eye how he sees everything else surrounding him. It is so cool and his interactions going between the realms of magic and reality is clever and engaging. You can’t help but want more by the time this is said and done. With even Kevin Nowlan coming back for an extra story at the end hinting at things to come, Doctor Strange is the best example of ANAD Marvel keeping things great for the old fans and getting new ones to hop aboard for the ride.

It’s been awhile since anyone has really gotten to spend any time with Doctor Strange and this comic does it right. His character shines off the page and it has great art to it and really that’s what you want. You got a great character getting a chance to shine. Doctor Strange has been a missed character and this ongoing series is long overdue. Well worth buying and I’m excited for what is to come in this series.