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The Entire Internet is One Massive Spoiler Theater

Oh my lord, so I accept live tweeting and talking about shows as a way of life. I’ve written about it and talked about it frequently. ¬†Here’s a thing ¬†with Doctor Who airing here in the states the same day as it airs in England, it should usually prevent major spoilers. Not this round as I’ve seen some stuff. Not that bad but enough to be a little annoying and when I hear about people saying they’ve had the entire show spoiled, that’s not cool. See there’s a good reason why people reference the worst audience for live tweeting is The Walking Dead audience, they spoil the heck out of the show. They spoil with reckless abandon and it ticks people off. The Doctor Who fans have usually been good until recently, now they’re having a moment of let us spoil everything before the rest of the world can watch it. As I say, bad audience bad, don’t be The Walking Dead audience.

Now live tweeting and talking about your favorite shows is fine, but for the love of everything don’t spoil the entire show on social media five seconds after it airs. Tumblr is not your spoiler country, put spoiler tags or cut the image if you really want to talk about it but geez, warn people because you know, we want to enjoy the show too. Now I’m trying not to sound like I’m yelling at you, we’re all cool for the most part but wow social media you are failing at not spoiling things for people. At least in comics people usually put spoiler tags in news articles and in anything else talking about a story. Not saying it is perfect but people are usually good. On websites people are good about spoilers but then on Social Media, all heck breaks loose and people spoil all of the things.

I swear the Internet really needs to adopt some kind of etiquette but I know I’ve talked about that too and boy does that go away quickly. I understand excitement about movies, tv, and so forth but you don’t have to spoil a show to talk about what you love. If you want to talk about a spoiler, tag it or wait for a bit before you go spoiler crazy. I may have to actually come up with a formal etiquette on spoilers here but I know someone has written the darn thing somewhere. Heck there’s even been videos done about it alas people do what they do.

Anyway, I had to get that out of my system. The Internet is one big Spoiler Theater and maybe one day it won’t be as much. One can dream right? Yep, one can dream.

Oh Doctor Who, How I Missed You! The New Season has Begun! (Spoiler Free Geek Out)

The new season of Doctor Who has begun and it is off to an amazing start. Wow so much happened in one episode and now I am wishing it was next Saturday already. Last season was a little all over the map, some good episodes and some episodes that were a bit lacking. Now if this episode is a hint of what is to come this season, holy crap what in the world is the rest of the season going to be like? This is nuts and off the wall and delightfully unpredictable, the things I love about Doctor Who at any given time. Everyone involved in this episode deserves a fine round of applause for how they handled this episode. Michelle Gomez is nearing if not close to surpassing John Simm’s Master of the Earth for me at this point. She’s so good at that role and heck I really enjoyed Clara in this episode. Since this is Jenna Coleman’s final season of Doctor Who, looks like she’s going to go out on a high note. So far this is also the best episode for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who so far too, really I’m happy all around as this was a phenomenal episode!

We knew that Daleks were going to appear this season but I didn’t ever imagine what I saw tonight. This is Dalek on crazy fuel. Crazy fuel Dalek and many other insane surprises. You all better be glad I’m not going spoiler crazy because this is difficult not to go spoiler crazy. It was really good and I know this season is supposed to be focused on two part episodes and that’s not a bad idea. If they’re all like what this episode is giving us, oh man we’re in for one awesome season! I cannot imagine what will happen next week. Bear with me you all, this is pure geek out post. I’m not even hiding my geek out as I am so happy about this season premiere, so freaking excited!

I want to know how you all liked the episode, let me know what you thought about it. Tweet me or whatever you like. Let me know and hello to new Doctor Who and here’s to one mind blowing season ahead!