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Fall TV 2015: Let the Adventure Begin! Week One of my TV Journey: September 13-19th

I cannot believe it is September, blows my mind really how fast September has come upon us. The leaves are turning, the bugs are going dormant, Pumpkin Spice is everywhere, and hey new TV shows for the Fall! When I was a kid I loved the Fall TV Season, especially for Saturday morning shows. When TV Guide released their Fall TV Preview issue, I was all over that. My Parents could tell you how excited I’d get when the issue was delivered in the mail. I would start right then and there plotting out my Saturday morning. In turn I’d see if there was anything in prime time that could catch my eye as I got older. Week by Week I’m going to chronicle what shows I am watching and what shows I plan on watching during the week. As much as I adore comics, I also love some good TV in the process too. This is going to be fun so let’s get started!

I’m currently watching Longmire so as I’ve been watching that an episode a night I’ll probably have that done this week. I still have Bojack Horseman to watch too so I may have to make a point to sneak that in this week. Of course Fear the Walking Dead comes on at 9:00 pm on AMC so I’ll end up catching that this evening. Monday is pretty much WWE Monday Night Raw and that’s about it, that’s Monday right now. Though starting next week Monday Night Raw will start getting pushed to the side as soon my Monday will have other shows to watch again. Yes Gotham takes priority over WWE.

Now for Tuesday this week it’ll probably be both Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris on NBC and The Bastard Executioner on FX that I end up watching. Neil Patrick Harris is usually solid and he’s making a stab at reviving the variety show so I’m willing to give him a chance. The Bastard Executioner could be interesting and I’m game to give it a shot. Man my DVR is going to be on a fun adventure this week that’s for sure. Wednesday is South Park and Moonbeam City on Comedy Central. South Park is a show that I always watch year after year and usually I enjoy it. Even when it isn’t perfect, South Park is usually pretty fun for the most part. Now ¬†Moonbeam City I hadn’t heard much about until recently and I like what I’ve seen of the art style. It could be cool so Moonbeam City is worth checking out for me.

Thursday and Friday are big nothing weeks for me. Zero, zitcharoonie on Thursday and Friday this week. Those will end up being Longmire and Bojack days it looks like so I’m cool with that. Then with Saturday Doctor Who returns! Yes, Doctor Who is back and I am looking forward to this season! A lot actually. The trailer got me pumped so here’s to a good season of Doctor Who ahead!

Now let me know either in the comments or twitter, or whatever else what you all are looking forward to. I’d love to know. Here is week one of my TV journey for this fall season. Thanks for reading!