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The GWL Comic Book Pull List: 9/2/15

Right now I am in the midst of massive reevaluation of my pull list at this point. I’m getting fried on Secret Wars as #5 of the comic left me pretty cold. I still like some of the tie-ins but the main story is leaving me pretty worn out. As the series keeps expanding and going onward I’m finding myself less and less into it. A shame really as I adored the first two issues of it but I’ll give it another issue and see as we are nearing the end so let us see how it plays out you know? I am getting Squadron Sinister and Thors this round for tie-ins. Then for the rest of the Marvel end, Silk is still on my list I’m still behind on it but still I’ll catch up and it’ll be awesome. I’m getting the S.H.I.E.L.D. book this week and you know I’m torn on getting Miracleman this week. I want to trade wait Miracleman but the Gaiman and Buckingham run on Miracleman has me wanting to get it immediately rather than wait awhile. Call it the impatient side of me but I really enjoy Miracleman and I’ve never read any of Gaiman’s Miracleman so I’m excited for it. Then of course I’m getting Groot because I am Groot. Groot is fun.

Now with DC Comics, it has been fun to have DC Comics back in my life again reading wise. Yes I have written about the DC You rumors but I want to see how this plays out. If it keeps going I will be pleased but if it ends then DC Comics at least tried. This week though is pretty light DC wise as it is Midnighter and that’s it. I would get Bombshells but I subscribe to it digitally. I’ll end up getting the trade to Bombshells down the road though as that comic is too cool. I might try out a DC You book I haven’t been reading yet though, I think this might be my Omega Men week. I can see this easily being my week to do that. My light DC Comics haul on this end though Detective Comics has that cool looking Mecha-Joker and man alive is that neat looking.

For the rest of the comics this week, it is pretty light. I did do a review of Adam.3 #1 and #2 hits this week. I will end up getting We Stand on Guard #3 but man there isn’t a ton for me this week. Aliens vs. Vampirella looks strange as all get out though and I am curious in seeing how that plays out. I realize I need to play some heavy catch up on some titles though right now. Between Dark Horse and Veil, Nailbiter, The Autumnlands, and so forth, I got a good bit of catch up on the indie front either way. Heck I have catch up to do on the comic book reading front anyway so I’m behind on comics on many fronts. I shall catch up though by golly!

Anyway that’s my comic book pull or at least possible pulls for this week. My list is always subject to change at any given time. Enjoy your reading this Wednesday or whenever you get your books. Take care everyone!