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How Does Ant-Man Get His Own Film Before Wonder Woman?

Today I just got a link sent to me via my pal Jess a.k.a @MadamComicBook on twitter from the dorkly website. It was a comic strip involving Wonder Woman and the lack of her own movie at DC Comics, linked here for your immediate reading. Wonder Woman being added into Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2/Justice League prequel was a good thing, then we learn that a Wonder Woman movie may not be happening for awhile. I like how the comic strip breaks it down, quickly making you realize that a Wonder Woman movie shouldn’t be this hard. When there’s a Metal Men movie, Shazam! movie, Justice League Dark movie, and at least six other films hanging out in development outside of Justice League, why doesn’t Wonder Woman have her own movie? Oh sure she’ll get an introduction of sorts in Man of Batman Justice League of  Steel prequel, but isn’t she deserving of her own share of screen time? She’s one of the originals in the DC Universe and instead she’s just a small part in the DC Movie Universe, what sense does that make?

It’s been used before but when there’s a talking Raccoon, giant talking tree, and Ant-Man getting a movie before Wonder Woman, this is getting downright goofy. Now make no mistake I’m happy that Wonder Woman is popping up on screen and I have no issue at all with Gal Godot playing her because that’s fine by me. I would rather her get a full movie on her own to explore Wonder Woman as a character and give her a genuine introduction rather than part of an already bloated movie. It’s why I do get a little annoyed that Wonder Woman is just part of the machine of this movie that if it is not a complete mess I will be amazed. I’m already not enthused by the upcoming Justice League film and the handling of this entire franchise frustrates me, I don’t want to repeat myself so if you missed it, here you go and onwards with the rest of my thoughts on Wonder Woman.

If DC Comics and Warner Bros. would have thought this through, they could have done their Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2, given the Wonder Woman cameo and then Wonder Woman gets her own film. Wonder Woman gets her own film and you can introduce another member of the Justice League there if you like and there you go. When Ant-Man alone gets his own film before one of the Trinity of the DCU, this doesn’t seem right to me. Now before we get into another deal here, I am looking forward to Ant-Man but still it has to be said. Even in DC’s development slate and a Metal Men movie is in development over Wonder Woman, we live in a weird movie world. Somehow no one at DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. can make heads or tails out of making a Wonder Woman film but can make sense out of Metal Men?

Wonder Woman’s movie situation has been on my mind for awhile, just finally found the way to express it thanks to a comic strip. I will be curious to hear what you all have to say on this yourselves. This is an issue that resonates throughout all of comics internet and beyond. Looking forward to some lively discussion.

(Special Note: Jess/MadamComicBook mentioned the Metal Men thing to me and I had to put that in here, Thanks Jess!)



Dealing With My Lack of Excitement About the Justice League Movie

Over Sunday the Comics Internet exploded with news of The Justice League Movie happening after Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2. Zack Snyder is confirmed to direct the film and all we know is that the film is happening. You know, in all honesty I should be more excited about this. A few years back, heck even a few months ago, if you had told me Justice League was on the way I’d be dancing on the ceiling. Now I’m a bit subdued. My enthusiasm isn’t there for this Justice League film. I have no hate for Zack Snyder or anyone else involved in this movie, I’m just not feeling anything for this movie. Justice League should not leave me feeling nothing, I should be excited about this. Oh sure it’s happening, so yay for that but that’s all I got right now. In seeing reactions people have been showing excitement but I know there has to be more like me out there. There has to be more of us that think, “Took them long enough to make this happen.” and that’s all we can muster. In my case I know there’s more to my own lack of excitement, which I should dive into a bit.

DC Comics has done a number on me in the past few years. I was one of the biggest DC fans imaginable at one point. Most of my comic spending was DC Comics related. If I was reading a superheroes, it was DC Comics for me. I bought Image, a little Marvel, but that pile was DC fueled. Nowadays if I buy a DC Comic it’s few and far between. Even after seeing Man of Steel I felt a boost of energy coming out from that film but over time I don’t have that excitement anymore. DC Comics as a brand has done a number on my excitement for their movies. Now that being said, I like Arrow, I enjoy that TV show and will likely dig The Flash series, but that’s about most of what I dig in DC Comics land.

Right now the DC Movies have little excitement to them. I’m open minded about what they’ll do next. I’m waiting for that first bit of footage with Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2 to appear to judge that film. No my lack of excitement doesn’t have to do with Ben Affleck, knock that whole thing out of your minds now. I really could care less about Ben Affleck as Batman, that is far from a big deal to me. Any of the casting for this film for that matter, doesn’t bother me in the slightest. It’s in the whole way this is being handled, the entire concept of a Justice League came out of, “Boy look at all that money Marvel/Disney is making off The Avengers, let’s do that!” and that’s all this entire thing screams to me. The same with the X-Men, the same with Spider-Man, and everything else, all of this springs out of a hollow copy to get that little slice of pie out of the Marvel Movies.

I want to be proven wrong, I want to be excited, and I want these movies that are coming out to be good. I will see them when they hit theaters without any doubt. I just want to see these movies prove to me that they are strong films without just trying to be The Avengers 2.0. Yes I know this has dived into subjects outside of The Justice League but it all comes together in the end. All of the studios want to be Marvel with their own particular franchise which is why this dovetailed a tiny bit.

Back to the subject at hand, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment/Comics don’t screw up with the Justice League. Have a strong game plan, have a strong script, and make this the best film you all can. If you’re just aiming to be the next big movie like The Avengers, you’ve already failed. Be unique, be your own thing, and prove why The Justice League is great. Get us excited for your film, heck get me excited, and you’ll be well on your way.