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Time to do the Lucha Underground Season Two Happy Dance!

That’s right Lucha Underground, my favorite wrestling show and one of my favorite shows on TV period is coming back for Season Two. El Rey Network finally confirmed Season Two of Lucha Underground and we are all the better for it. Lucha Underground has been the favorite of many fans out there since it started last year. At first it was a quiet but cool little show and then it exploded into this amazing piece of wonder and glory that united a fanbase. Seriously Lucha Underground a show with the best mix of wrestlers across the land with AAA superstars and a great mix of indie wrestlers giving us cool in-ring action. That wasn’t all though, we had great in-ring action and some of the best backstage vignettes ever. The show was filmed like a movie and it never ceased to blow our minds. It is the most positive, happy, and engaged fanbase I have ever witnessed in wrestling history. No cynicism, no crankiness, and it is all genuine happiness in the product and I’m so happy that we’re going to be seeing more in 2016. So what is going to happen next? Sky is the limit I say.

Lucha Underground is one show that I feel can continue growing year after year. The first season was the mad adventure into seeing if this would even work and the answer is a resounding yes, yes it did. Whenever I told wrestling fans I know to check out Lucha Underground they always came back an excited fan. Lucha Underground gets people excited about wrestling again. It can even get some non fans curious about the product as Lucha Underground is everything right about wrestling. Great stories, amazing moments, amazing action, and above all a lot of great wrestlers and characters to work with. A roster that gives us so much in the ring has created a fanbase that is excited as they are to be there. When you see producers on the show, announcers, and everyone involved in Lucha Underground tweeting along with the fans, you know Lucha Underground is something special.

If Lucha Underground pops up on streaming Netflix wise, go watch. Netflix, Hulu, however it ends up finding a legal streaming home, support Lucha Underground Season One. It is some of the best wrestling and television out there. One that re-energized me as a wrestling fan and heck it even got me live tweeting it a couple times so you know I love this. Find Lucha Underground and join in the fun as we all await season two.