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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Premiere: The Dark Swan Rises

Welcome to Once Upon a Time Season 5! The Dark Swan rises and wow this is going to be a season by golly. I’ve been curious about this season as turning one of your main characters dark in a show is always a little weird. Turning a character good can have the same effect in a show. Emma Swan as The Dark One was going to be a touchy proposition for the show to deal with. How dark can you let one of your characters go, especially one such as Emma Swan? Apparently if the season premiere is any indication, they’re prepared to take this farther than I expected. I’m interested though it is still going to take a lot to match up to my favorite season of Once Upon a Time, The Peter Pan season which was one of the strongest stories of Once Upon a Time in my opinion. Though there are a few things that are concerning to me in the coming season of Once Upon a Time and I really hope in the coming weeks that the issues I have don’t become major ones.

First issue being that the show is doing another memory wipe story line. Come on Once Upon a Time, another memory wipe really? You can only go to that well so often and Once Upon a Time is going back to that well. I did like how they did Emma Swan as Dark Emma but I know they’re going to be pushing how far she can do and still be a likable lead character. I did notice that Zelena is going to be a main character this year and oh I don’t envy the show on this front. Now they’re going to have to get you to like her more, this is going to be tough as nails to do. Regina had a portrayal that paved her way to redemption pretty well, Zelena hasn’t had any of those kind of moments. This is going to be a tough season on many fronts this year.

I will say that I really enjoyed seeing Merida in the show and how Camelot is going to play into the series. I really like these things. Merida was especially a joy as it is straight up the Pixar Brave Merida and it fits well into the universe. Yes I know she’s not a fairy tale character but heck with it Once Upon a Time has Victor Frankenstein in the universe so all bets are off. It’s not a terrible beginning for Once Upon a Time by any means but definitely going to be one to keep a cautious eye on. There’s good elements here but some annoying old tropes came back for Once Upon a Time this time around. We’ll know more next week. If next week is a strange ride, man this is going to be one odd season for Once Upon a Time.