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The surprise that was Avenging Spider-Man #1!

Okay check out the review and then I’m going to fire a way a few extra reactions here on the title. Really this book is a lot of fun. Every single page of this series has so much going on and yet it turns out to be an absolute winner. To expand further on my thoughts in why I wasn’t even going to grab this, I just didn’t really see the point of another Spidey book.  In a weird way though I think this is the Spider-Man book I’ve been looking for. I’m a bit of a Marvel Team-Up fan as I have a near complete collection of the series. So far this issue shows that we’re all the way to a true rebirth of that Marvel Team-Up concept in this series just from what Zeb Wells is doing with having Spider-Man teaming up with different members of the Avengers though I hope it expands further as the series goes on.

Joe Madureira is one part of this comic I’m happy about and nervous about all at the same time. He’s doing an excellent job with this first issue, he’s cutting loose and doing some great work. Yet his deadline is what I hope he can keep up with. As long as that happens we’re in for a great time. You have Joe Mad on your title so Zeb Wells does the logical idea and lets him cut loose with double page spreads and just goes nuts with the action pieces. Makes this series so nice just to even look at.

What’s weird for me though and I wanted to get more into this in the review but you see the Subterraneans in the Incredible Hulk and now they’re in here with the Mole Man being held captive. It’s a little weird but it’s not that bad honestly considering just how much fun Avenging Spider-Man is. Though the people that have Mole Man held captive look like they came straight out of World of Warcraft. One of those weird moments where I thought Marvel was taking the Orcs of WoW and letting them loose in the Marvel Universe. Overall though that’s not such a big deal considering I just want to see what’s going to happen next issue.

I do want to mention the twist I liked that the Subterraneans were grabbing J.Jonah Jameson from above ground just because he’s considered the King. King of New York helping them save the Mole Man. Nice play and I can’t wait to see J. Jonah’s reactions to everything going on around him. Red Hulk and Spider-Man just from the previews are going to be in for one fun journey. The book for goodness sake ended with a nice giant monster and at the beginning had Spidey and the Avengers fighting a giant robot. So much fun to be had!  All of these things together make me have to grab this issue next month.






Here’s the Wesley Pull List and plans for the week for 11/9/11

I’ve decided to make this my new weekly idea to let you all what I’m up to and also just to tell you all what I’m planning to get for the week!

Okay first off, my first major online project will be happening soon, hopefully over the weekend. I’ll keep you posted when it’s ready for prime time. Some of my followers gave me some good feedback on what subjects could be interesting for this column. I’m extremely excited about it you have no idea.

Also on the Anvil end we’re going to be doing two podcasts over the weekend! Yes Anvilites count em, two podcasts! One is going to be…interesting and the other is one I cannot wait! The first creator interview on the Anvil! Yes guys this is a cool one, I am so happy about both episodes!

Now for the pull list:

This is a very light week for me on this one,

I’m grabbing Avenging Spider-Man #1 mainly because of the fact that I like Joe Madureira’s artwork and honestly that’s the big appeal for me. Zeb Wells is a solid writer and I’ve seen preview pages and that does make me interested in seeing how this will come together. I’m more than likely going to do a review on this one. Going to be interesting either way to see how this one fares for me. Yes I’m still bitter that Joe Mad hasn’t finished Battle Chasers and never will. That’s okay though I’ve accepted that one.

Batwoman #3 is a must buy for anyone but I just love this series. Written by J.H Williams and W. Haden Blackman and drawn by J.H Williams, this is one of the most beautifully drawn books in the new 52. Since Batwoman: Elegy is a favorite of mine I had to say this book had high expectations and it met them swimmingly so this is one of my long haul books of the new 52.

Demon Knights #3 continues a series that while I couldn’t get into Paul Cornell’s Stormwatch this one just fit like a glove. The series is fun, pure unadulterated fun. Massive action, great story, and the art by Diogenes Neves is amazing. On all levels this book is highly recommended and cannot be missed.

Grifter #3 is on my list and initially Grifter was a series I had no expectations for and then it turned into a book I can’t miss. This takes the concepts of Daemonites and twists that entirely on it’s head. Such a cool title and if you’re not already grabbing it I’d highly recommend that one.

Pigs #3 is a nice series, you should give this one a look. It’s a unique take on Cold War madness and I love every minute of it.

Resurrection Man #3 or the series I had extremely high hopes for as well and didn’t let me down at all. You all should definitely be checking this one out as well. If you read the original series then you’re well on your way to needing it in your life. If you haven’t read the original series you don’t have to and you can read knowing that it’s just a cool series.

The maybe book of the week is Marvel’s Point One. I am interested in seeing how they plan to set up all their big events for the year in some strange way, and in another way that price tag is the price tag from hell. So we’ll see. I’ll take a flip through and decide how I feel about that one at the store tomorrow.

That’s really about it for now people! Till the next post!

A look at the new Venom #1! It’s not a “Flash” in the pan.

(spoilers ahead)

Okay so today at the store a little comic called Venom #1 and I’d been curious about it for quite awhile. I mean quite awhile between the early preview pages and then the last couple issues of Amazing introducing him I was pretty excited actually over it. I’m glad that my excitement over this book wasn’t knocked out of me. For it didn’t disappoint me at all. Rick Remender is doing one heck of a job with this book from the get go. He’s great at showing the general struggle between the Venom Symbiote Weapon and Flash Thompson going back and forth with each other. I loved the nice tension building to the equivalent of say a TV show when a character is about to fly off the handle only if not then the symbiote takes over and all hell will break loose. For if that Symbiote breaks loose then kill switch active and well yeah it’s going to suck. You really don’t get the full showing of the cast in this issue but that’s okay you pretty much got the full setup either from Amazing Spider-Man 654 and 654.1 but even if you hadn’t read those you can still get the feel for the severity of the situation and what the Venom and Flash connection is all about. It’s great action in the book while explaining the plot and how it’ll work. I loved that balance and got a major kick out of seeing Jack O’Lantern in the book. That was awesome. I’m curious to see how that will be followed up for sure.

Tony Moore being the artist on this is just mind blowing. Holy lord between the initial Stark Armor slaughter fest in the beginning to the ending of the book he handles it all. This is probably one of my favorite art jobs of his to be honest with you. In just how the action flows together and how everything just clicks absolutely impressed me. The sequences in the book when well things go into s-word hitting the fan mode are absolutely amazing in the shock factor and how it works out. If the general written descriptions aren’t getting you going the art gives that extra punch that is absolutely energizing. This is probably one book that where the action hits big oh it hits big. The best way to put this is action done terrifically well. There’s so many sequences I just can’t pick one as my general favorite. Then at the end of the book when Flash goes back to his normal life and well to say the least it’s pretty ugly. I felt so sad for him. Between the written and artistic parts it works beautifully.

This book initially by all intents people weren’t really sure on and I was one of them for awhile. Now this Venom book is a welcome addition and it will be on my pull list immediately. If you’re not sure about it give it a shot. Take a quick look at it in the store and see what you think. Honestly it’s just one of those books I’d grab and be done with it. It’s that danged good. You won’t be disappointed.

It’s okay to like Spider-Man! Seriously it’s fine! Awesome if you ask me.

In my adventures in re-embracing Spider-Man back into my comic reading life as I mentioned in the last post ( I’ve been on this spree of Spidey. I couldn’t get the last issue due to the fact my stores copies got damaged so I have to wait till this Wednesday to grab my own copy. It is funny that if you asked me a year ago if I’d be reading Spidey on a regular basis again I’d be laughing. Now I just can’t get enough. I buy everything I’ve missed over the past few years or so just to catch up. For in my own full admission I read two volumes of Brand New Day and loved it but couldn’t fully click with it then. I call it the Dan Slott factor in him being the regular writer and just the passion he showed in interviews that made me go, “You know what let’s do this let’s get back into Spider-Man.” Read the first issue liked it and then kept reading. In my own store I got some cranky from some of my crew but that was okay I liked it. I did ask my comic guy about how it’s doing and sales have actually sparked back up due to the new direction which makes me smile. It deserves every bit of it. That and I love this story arc. It kills me the latest issue got damaged since I was dying to read that latest part! Want to read next part so bad. I can be patient till Wednesday though.

One of my favorite Spidey stories is actually the Spider-Man and Fantastic Four Silver Rage. Okay full admission it’s because of the fact that Impossible Man is in there and I love that character. For goodness sakes I can say I own a fair share of some books just because of Impossible Man alone. Impossible Man = Awesome but I digress. I think I was always kind of wanting to get back into Spider-Man it just took me a bit. Now I have returned in full force. Being the lone big fan of my talking circle at the store and knowing I’ll have a rough time convincing them but hey I’m cool with that. I’ve learned I’m the man willing to dive into books at any given time.  I do own the old trade too that has the Cosmic Spider-Man period which was absolutely awesome in just how fun it was. All powerful Spider-Man is absolutely fascinating and how it all worked was pretty slick. I do believe that’s also part of Acts of Vengeance. Which I pre-ordered the Omnibus and also the Crossovers of. Just throwing that one out there.

My next thing will be to go through my Spider-man reading and give reviews. It’ll be that and all my mass amount of X-Men and anything else I have. If you all only knew my reading pile. You’d all be fascinated and horrified all at the same time.