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The Spoiler Theater of Sunday Night: The Walking Dead

In dealing with this age of social media one of the shows I make a point to watch live is The Walking Dead. Usually I’m not doing anything Sunday night anyway but if I wasn’t able to watch it live, I’d be avoiding any and all social media until I could watch it. Now why do I say that? The Walking Dead as many people have learned is one of the most spoiled shows on television. Now Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, and The Flash are up there along with other serialized shows but The Walking Dead is a frequent series that ends up spoiled on social media. Now what inspired this piece is after watching The Walking Dead someone I know posted that he got spoiled on the show right after it aired. Poor guy was waiting till later and well, he got spoiled. The Walking Dead is heavily live tweeted, heavily discussed on Facebook, and even has The Talking Dead which people on Twitter post tweets that are heavy with spoilers as they chat along with the show. See at least with Arrow, Agents of SHIELD, and The Flash, it is avoidable to a degree. I know people who get spoiled but not to the level that happens with The Walking Dead.

See I’ve talked about Live Tweeting in the past but this is a case where I do sympathize with those who get spoiled. I always have as I’ve had delays in viewing certain shows and was lucky to avoid spoilers. I imagine if Twitter was around when Buffy and more was at their heights, oh man it would have been off the charts brutal with spoilers. The Walking Dead has that sort of rabid fanbase that wants to discuss their show during and after the fact so the spoilers fly. Now yes the common thing to say to them is avoid social media or mute the tag, which is fine. Yet I think there should be some kind of decorum in talking about TV. Just talk but don’t spoil the entire event, just DM a friend that is watching the show that night if you really need to go spoiler theater. Even with muting the tag, not everyone uses hashtags and spoilers can leak through that way too.

I know it is the Internet, I know people are going to discuss their shows and have their chats either way. I like chatting about them too and as I’ve said, I know the live tweeting genie is out of the bottle. Just people, you can talk about a show without going spoiler crazy. The Walking Dead is that example of people getting out of hand with spoiling entire episodes in five seconds after the darned episode airs. At least use the hashtag so people can just mute you during and after the show if you’re going to discuss it. Heck, you get a neat emoji out of it every week so that’s bonus points too. I know it is hard for the Internet to find some kind of decorum in live tweeting because well, it is the Internet. The Internet where in between serious conversations, the silly chat about who’s better Marvel or DC becomes a full blown blood feud in five seconds.

So within every Sunday Night you usually have a lot of shows. Heck the other show that could have spoiler potential is Once Upon a Time but somehow that show ends up not getting heavily spoiled. Outside of the Frozen reveal with Elsa but that was such a rare thing and a major surprise that I’m not entirely shocked that it got spoiled the way it did. That was a shocker and The Walking Dead has that kind of effect. Usually when a big event happens on The Walking Dead, it hits big so people go on twitter and everything else and without any thought start on the spoiler spree. It is very much a spur of the moment blast of social media madness when people turbo load spoilers left and right talking about whatever is happening on The Walking Dead.

This is why people get grouchy about spoilers and The Walking Dead. This is the ground zero show that people will spoil without any thought. This is that show that people will without fail go on spoiler blasts about and ticking people off in the process. I sympathize with those who hit the Sunday night Spoiler Theater that is The Walking Dead. I feel for them and I can imagine they would love the enjoy the show along with everyone else. I remember one time I was over at someones house and saw some of an episode of The Walking Dead there. Since I watch the show with my Dad, when I got to watch it with him I made a point not to spoil his enjoyment by saying anything about that first bit of the episode. Just like in person, you just have to know that going on spoiler blasts on social media isn’t cool, just like you’d be frustrated if someone spoiled something in person for you.

I fear for when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits, my word people are going to spoil that to tears within one day. If you think The Walking Dead is bad, that’ll be a week long event of spoiler theater like no other. I feel there should be a rule book already in place for those who will be wanting to spoil every little detail of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Anyway, I am digressing but it does fit The Walking Dead conversation, just be cool and don’t spoil the freaking show for people. Let them share the same love of the show you have. It may be a little delayed but it is their viewing cycle for a show and that should be respected.

I know that The Internet does what it does and that’s fine, I’ve accepted that long ago. Live Tweeting is one phenomenon that isn’t going away anytime soon. Yet I think with The Walking Dead we could all learn to just be cool and don’t ruin the enjoyment of the show for others.

Huzzah! Longmire is back on Netflix and so far, Amazing!

A series I’ve always enjoyed since it started on A&E was Longmire. It was a good series on there and sometimes the pacing could be hit or miss but overall a solid show. There were parts of the series that suffered from we need to do something to pad out the season but still I liked it. It got solid ratings, people seemed to dig it, yet A&E cancels it because of demographics and it didn’t own the show. It’s a weird thing in TV nowadays that your show could get good ratings but if the Network doesn’t own the show or get the right demographics, you will be canceled. Longmire had that sort of thing happen but boy did it ever rebound thanks to Netflix. It started on September 10th and you know from the first episode, I am so excited to see what the rest of the series holds.

No spoilers by the way as if you’re a Longmire fan you need to experience this and if not, well Netflix does make it easy to catch up. So far what I love about Season 4 is the fact that it is pushing the characters in powerful directions. After the amazing and dark ending of Season 3, Season 4 uses that to push everyone into interesting and daring new territory. We even have an overarching big bad for goodness sake in Longmire, that’s awesome! I’m so enthralled and this is after one episode. One episode of the new season of Longmire and I’m already hooked, ah I love having a new Netflix addiction in the making.

Yet I’m not planning on binge watching the show. Nope, no binge watching. I can watch Longmire at my own pace and I know that I won’t get spoiled on anything major. Daredevil I couldn’t stop watching because it was just so good and because the spoilers were out there. Longmire is a show that has a great fanbase and also doesn’t spoil everything the instant it happens. I can take my time with Longmire and Daredevil I had to make a point to avoid the spoiler theater that was twitter, tumblr, and the like. Thank you courteous fanbase!

The plan for Longmire for me is probably every other day or so, depending on what is going on. It’s great to know that when I do get to watch more, it’ll be an amazing experience. Welcome back Longmire, you have been missed.