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Chill Bloggity Thing 12/5/15: The Weather is Frightful but Yay Holiday Season!

The onset of Winter is here, the fog is in play and did I mention I hate cold weather? Oh well, time to get sparked back up as now that I’ve started to adjust to the cold I can get back into things again. Yes cold weather and me do not get along which slows down everything else in my life, I swear every year this happens but oh well I’ll get through it. I need to catch up on writing, reading, and many things. The Thanksgiving Holiday and whatnot threw me off too, so colder weather and Thanksgiving totally threw me off. I’ve been in the midst of researching a few things though too, so my brain has totally been all over the place. This is life with Wesley. You all should prepare yourselves now for a scatterbrained to hell Chill Bloggity Thing.

I’ve been tweaking with my habitica for one thing mostly because of the fact that cold weather and me equals slow down time. It really makes me feel so sluggish and that sucks but I’m still keeping up with my habitica tasks for the most part. I even saw the pain fuel that is the TMNT Christmas special though, maybe I’ll write about that at some point soon. Or not, really I don’t think I should put anyone through that outside of it was really bad, so many levels of bad. Not even sure if it is good bad, it is just boring bad with no budget. At least the Star Wars Holiday Special is oddly entertaining and there’s some kind of budget involved. If you decide to watch the TMNT Christmas well it’ll make the Star Wars Holiday Special look like a four star masterpiece.

Now as for tonight, I’m thinking Batman: Endgame is in order as I got that to read. My library decided to have all of the hold titles come at me right at once. So yeah, time to play reading catch up tonight. It’ll spark my writing mind a bit anyway as seriously, Winter weather sucks and it is still technically Fall. Oh well, I make it through as I do every wacky zany Winter. So I shall end it here as I don’t have that much to say at the moment. Though my twitter has definitely been a good focus for me at points. Still can’t believe I’m almost at 2,500 followers there. That is crazy.

Take care everyone and I shall be back tomorrow as I’m making a point to get my writing groove back in action!

Hoopla: The Amazing Digital App for Libraries


Hoopla Digital

As I use my local library more and more, I start exploring all it has to offer. I decided to take a look at Hoopla, a digital service that many libraries across the US use. It’s a way for members to use their library card to read books, listen to music, watch movies and TV shows, and it is entirely free. Now not all libraries are part of Hoopla but there is a pretty good chance that your local library is part of the program. While this isn’t perfect, wow it is a slick program that I adore and even better, it is totally free to use as long as you have a library card. I’ll explain more as we go on but I definitely say this, despite the minor glitches here and there, I love this program to pieces so far.

Best part of Hoopla is you can either use your computer or even your mobile device of choice to access the app. All the features are there either on the computer or on the app. In full admission I’ve only been checking out comics on it so I’ll be looking at that for now. On the PC it pretty much works like Comixology for the most part for reading comics. Now for the phone, it’s dead on Comixology for reading on the phone. Though one quirk on reading comics on Hoopla on your smart phone, double page spreads don’t work so well. On Comixology for a spread you can tilt it to the side with no interruptions in reading. On Hoopla, it can cause a glitch at times when you tilt the phone to the side to read a double page spread. Solution to this is to zoom in the spread as you read it rather than tilt it to the tide. A little quirky but it works in a pinch and doesn’t distract from the read at all, at least for me anyway.

The only drawback to Hoopla is the fact that you can only check out ten things at a time per month. That goes for movies, TV, and everything on there. That’s not too bad. So you don’t get an unlimited amount of streaming and whatnot but for free, that’s not too shabby at all. I’ll have to try out the streaming and so forth next month but so far I like what I see out of Hoopla and I’m not complaining too much about free anything.

If your local library carries Hoopla, try it out. You can download the app off of the Google Play and iOS stores and you can go to Hoopla’s website to register too. Enjoy the adventure and free digital reading, watching, and listening thanks to your local library.

The GWL Wrestling Chat: The Aftermath of Survivor Series for the WWE

I don’t currently subscribe to the WWE Network as I’ve decided to wait until Wrestlemania season to get back into it. I was tempted for Survivor Series thanks to the tournament but when I saw Roman Reigns in the mix, I took it to the inevitable conclusion. As the WWE main event scene is depleted between John Cena on a break, Rusev injured, Randy Orton is out, Seth Rollins is out, and it’s not a fun time in WWE land right now. Yet with Roman Reigns being set to win the championship, a certain Money in the Bank winner was waiting in the wings. Sheamus was still in the picture somewhere and while Roman won the championship, Sheamus cashed in and is now our WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Wow was my only reaction in reading the tweets I saw on twitter. We live in strange times in WWE Land to say the least.

The next few months at least for the WWE are setting up Roman Reigns going after Sheamus for the belt. Unless the WWE comes up with something compelling to keep people interested, WWE ratings are going to be brutal in the coming months. Now of course Wrestlemania season is going to get people back, it always perks up interest in the WWE product in one way or another. Yet this could be tough as while people have been reacting better to Roman Reigns, he’s still not exactly universally accepted. At least he is getting reactions and Sheamus might be a good foil for him. I really wouldn’t be surprised though if the ratings take a massive hurting if John Cena takes the belt once more. Rules of the WWE if the ratings take a hit, do the ultimate Final Fantasy Summon and have John Cena to win the championship. Really wouldn’t surprise me to see John Cena as champ but with the WWE nothing shocks me.

The ratings still aren’t brilliant and I’m not exactly sure what a Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns feud is going to do for them. Unless they step up their game with the people they have to surround Sheamus and Roman Reigns, the next few months are going to hurt. As the people who aren’t watching or aren’t watching regularly are going to have to hear positive things before they give the WWE another go. With Twitter and so forth, it doesn’t take long to hear people talking about something awesome that’ll get them to check it out. It is why lately while I’ve been keeping tabs on WWE, I’ve been watching infrequently. I watch Gotham, Supergirl, and other shows on Monday Nights and check out WWE Raw later on. It’s not as high on my priority list at the moment. It is starting to happen with more and more viewers too as noted by the ratings.

Now we’ll see how WWE Raw does tonight in the aftermath of Survivor Series and what comes of it. If it creates new interest in watching WWE Raw then I say well done WWE and it won’t bother me to be wrong at all. We’ll see how this plays out for WWE and I will be keeping an eye on the ratings for sure. Thanks for checking out my occasional forays into Wrestling conversation. I just had some stuff pop into my head and wanted to write it down. Take care everyone.

Chill Bloggity Thing for 11/21/15: Processing Doctor Who and Yay Batman!

Well I did get to see Doctor Who tonight, and dang that was a powerful episode. I won’t say much but looking forward to talking about it more in a few days once things dial down and more people have had a change to see it. I don’t want anyone else to get as mega spoiled as I did on the episode. It was good and now I can’t wait for the second part, this is going to be one brutal wait. Yet I think it’ll be worth all the wait as Peter Capaldi has been amazing this season and I can’t wait to see where he takes the Doctor next with his performance. I’m strangely excited now.

If you’re wondering why the Yay Batman, well there’s a good reason for it. My local library just got in Batman: Endgame! I’m so excited to finally read that entire story. I read Batman in trade so I wait forever but I get the full story so it works for me to wait awhile. I wish DC was a little quicker with trades but I can deal with the wait as my library gets inundated with requests for the books anyway. Either way I’m finally getting to read Endgame and I also have the Joker one on hold so I’ll read that soon enough too.

I will have to write a thing on Green Lantern: New Guardians at some point, at least the Tony Bedard run I just read. That was a weird read and suffered from crossover hades at points but came together in the end. I just got to read all of that thanks to my local library actually. I’m finally starting to make headway in my reading lately and that makes me happy. I’m still backlogged but I’m used to being backlogged at this point, totally groovy with it. Onwards to the 2016 reading challenge at this point because boy howdy am I going to be ready for it. Heck I’ll probably be able to do 150 books easily at this stage of the game, my goodness me the backlog, yes indeed.

I am going to wrap this up for the night as I don’t have that much more to say and I just want to chill for the rest of the evening. It’s been a good day on this end though and I’m happy I got to catch up on reading and saw a powerful Doctor Who episode. Still haven’t started on Jessica Jones yet but that’ll be for over next weekend as more and more of my shows go on break for the season. Meaning I have to have something to watch and Jessica Jones will be my something to watch. Gotham is wrapping up soon, along with Agents of SHIELD and The Flash and Arrow are on a break this week. Perfect time for Jessica Jones will be in the next week or so for sure.

Now I head off, thanks for reading and I hope you all are doing well out there. Bye for now!

The Entire Internet is One Massive Spoiler Theater

Oh my lord, so I accept live tweeting and talking about shows as a way of life. I’ve written about it and talked about it frequently.  Here’s a thing  with Doctor Who airing here in the states the same day as it airs in England, it should usually prevent major spoilers. Not this round as I’ve seen some stuff. Not that bad but enough to be a little annoying and when I hear about people saying they’ve had the entire show spoiled, that’s not cool. See there’s a good reason why people reference the worst audience for live tweeting is The Walking Dead audience, they spoil the heck out of the show. They spoil with reckless abandon and it ticks people off. The Doctor Who fans have usually been good until recently, now they’re having a moment of let us spoil everything before the rest of the world can watch it. As I say, bad audience bad, don’t be The Walking Dead audience.

Now live tweeting and talking about your favorite shows is fine, but for the love of everything don’t spoil the entire show on social media five seconds after it airs. Tumblr is not your spoiler country, put spoiler tags or cut the image if you really want to talk about it but geez, warn people because you know, we want to enjoy the show too. Now I’m trying not to sound like I’m yelling at you, we’re all cool for the most part but wow social media you are failing at not spoiling things for people. At least in comics people usually put spoiler tags in news articles and in anything else talking about a story. Not saying it is perfect but people are usually good. On websites people are good about spoilers but then on Social Media, all heck breaks loose and people spoil all of the things.

I swear the Internet really needs to adopt some kind of etiquette but I know I’ve talked about that too and boy does that go away quickly. I understand excitement about movies, tv, and so forth but you don’t have to spoil a show to talk about what you love. If you want to talk about a spoiler, tag it or wait for a bit before you go spoiler crazy. I may have to actually come up with a formal etiquette on spoilers here but I know someone has written the darn thing somewhere. Heck there’s even been videos done about it alas people do what they do.

Anyway, I had to get that out of my system. The Internet is one big Spoiler Theater and maybe one day it won’t be as much. One can dream right? Yep, one can dream.

Thought Process on Frank Miller Doing Dark Knight IV

The excitement over Dark Knight III: The Master Race has been mixed at best. Brian Azzarello is supposed to be working with Frank Miller on this story. Until Newsarama confirmed in an interview that Frank Miller is working on The Dark Knight IV. Miller says that he’s seen what Azzarello is up to with Dark Knight III but the story is all Azzarello’s. When Miller saw what Azzarello was up to it spurred him to make Dark Knight IV. Miller is waiting to read Azzarello’s Dark Knight III before he starts work on his own story. Now Dark Knight III is a four part story and then at some point we’ll get Frank Miller’s Dark Knight IV. Wow, comic book life is sure getting weird huh?

Dark Knight III is DC’s big event story with Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello, the hype machine is in full swing. Now we have Dark Knight IV being the official return of Frank Miller to Batman. I can imagine some are more curious that Azzarello is doing Dark Knight III on his own now. Yet I can already see people not wanting to get Dark Knight IV when Miller releases the series. Yet with both series, there is curiosity no matter what the creative team or teams are.

The reason why I’m making this a Thought Process is because well, it is Frank Miller. I loved the Dark Knight Returns back in the day. Heck when I was getting back into comics it was another of the early books I bought way back when. The Dark Knight Strikes Back was well…strange but I plan on re-reading it soon and that’ll be an adventure in its own right. People are going to check out Dark Knight III and in a weird way they may want to read it more without Miller’s involvement, yes that’s weird but comics are weird. The Dark Knight series without Miller for one part of the journey will be strange but it is going to go over huge. Most people are going to see Dark Knight and grab it because now Miller is coming back for his own bit in Dark Knight once more.

We’ll see what happens when The Dark Knight III comes out in a couple weeks. I can see this whole situation increasing interest in the long haul. I may be wrong but this is a Thought Process and totally opinion anyway. So if I’m wrong then I’m wrong, no harm no foul from me. I may end up checking out Dark Knight III anyway because it should be a good read. I can’t even lie, I’m curious about Frank Miller’s Dark Knight IV and want to see how it’ll turn out.

Let me know your thoughts on the story in the comments below. Time to talk and have a good chat about this for awhile. When Frank Miller is involved in anything, life gets that much more fascinating in the process.


Chill Bloggity Thing 11/16 to 17/15 Edition: Recharge Was Needed

Ever have those points where you’re writing and you’re not feeling anything? That was me the past few days. I couldn’t hardly feel anything I was writing and I just didn’t really want to focus much at all. So I took a couple recharge days and I think I needed it more than I realized. I got a lot of cleaning done and found a few things I’d even somehow forgotten I had. I finally found a missing issue of The Intimates series I thought I’d somehow lost but turns out it was in a random box in my closet. That was so cool to find today, thank you massive cleaning session for that! I even found a good chunk of the Steven Grant and Warren Ellis X-Man run from Counter X that I’d thought I’d lost but again, it was just hidden within boxes, so freaking happy!

I just happened to notice that WordPress made some upgrades to their system today. Whoa, this is weird to get used to. I didn’t know that wordpress had done any upgrades recently, that’s pretty cool though. I don’t mind the new system as the quick update here is similar to the more plain but detailed WordPress backend. I can work either way though and it is weird not to have the word count below but I can deal.  If anything I can just make a point to go to the backend version to update the blog here if anything else. Though I kind of like using the quick version here as it is pretty fun. Reminds me of my old school blogging days and I like it. It makes things that much more immediate.

Anyway, yeah I needed some recharge time. Now I’m back in action and ready to get some stuff done again! I’ve been plotting out even more things and looking forward to a lot of even better things along the way for 2016. I’m pretty excited right now and I’m even going to make a point to see if I’ll start talking more TV here. Some people are enjoying my little James Bond post so I’m pretty game to do more TV talk and so forth here again. Maybe not recap things but definitely little chats about shows and so forth in between the comic talk. Definitely can make that happen as I do have some stuff to say about certain shows lately. Especially since all of the shows are going bonkers, at least the ones that I watch and that is too much fun!

So yes welcome to the Chill Bloggity Thing as I really don’t have too much to dive into but I’m getting the ideas back. Bless me for coming up with this as it is the ultimate way to let me write without any major restrictions and just to write. I should remember that even in recharge mode to just write away with these Chill Bloggity Things. I swear I have to make reminders of that all the time. Relaxing is a good thing my friends, totally a good thing.

I’ll end this here as it is mega rambling and it’ll become more of a ramble as it goes on. Take care everyone and back in full action now. Bye for now!


My Adventures within the 2015 Goodreads Reading Challenge

You know there’s something fun and exciting about trying any kind of new challenge. When I was a kid I always enjoyed reading challenges and some sort of goal to beat or match. When I saw that Goodreads was doing a reading challenge for 2015 I decided, “Hey, this could be fun!” and I saw a few of my friends doing it so I figured I’d give it a go. I decided to add novels, graphic novels, and tpb’s to the list to discover new books and so forth. It’s been a blast as between my own buying and my local library I’m almost done with the challenge. I’ve discovered series I hadn’t read yet like Birthright, Ody-C, C.O.W.L. and so forth, mixed in with great graphic novels like The Sculptor. I’ve read some books that have been pretty blah and sometimes challenged myself with strange and fascinating reads. It’s been a cool ride and it’s almost over. I’ll do this again every year now as I really have enjoyed this challenge as it has kept me enjoying all sorts of great reading.  If you ever want to try out new books or challenge yourself I highly recommend doing the Goodreads challenge yourself.

Reading is fun and in turn a good challenge is a blast to keep the literature train rolling.

My Thoughts on Matt Fraction’s Marvel NOW! Fantastic Four and FF: Family, Extended

Now we get the official confirmation from USA Today that Matt Fraction is on Fantastic Four and FF. I really wasn’t sure about this one, Fantastic Four, FF and myself have been at odds overall. I’m overall a fan of what Jonathan Hickman has done with both series, though I don’t buy them regularly because of budget really, though I do plan on checking out the eventual omnibus editions that Marvel will do for his run. Now Matt Fraction has the unenviable task of following up Hickman’s tenure heading up the Fantastic Franchise. With Mark Bagley on Fantastic Four and Mike Allred on FF, I like both artists, yet like I said I wasn’t sure on either one and then I read the USA Today interview and now I have to say I’m interested.

With Fantastic Four, Matt Fraction is setting up the greatest road trip in the universe. With Fraction having the Fantastic Four take Valeria and Franklin on a historical trip throughout time and space. I love this concept, this should be really a lot of fun to see. Let’s face it Mark Bagley now gets the chance to cut loose on a truly inspired direction for this series. I can even tell that he’s excited about the prospect of this series. It keeps the family and fantastic aspects of the concept alive. Two factors absolutely necessary for the Fantastic Four series. I think this will be a fun comic, though while this would be cool to start out with, the idea behind FF is a cool concept in its own right.

While I am a fan of what Fraction is doing with Fantastic Four, FF is one that catches my attention a bit more. The idea being that the FF are the new guard lining up, chosen by the Fantastic Four personally, carrying on the legacies of each member of the team. While the Four are way on their road trip, they need someone to keep Earth protected and that’s where the FF comes in. Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) chooses Scott Lang as Ant-Man, Sue Richards (Invisible Woman) chooses Medusa, Ben Grimm (The Thing) chooses She-Hulk, and Johnny Storm (Human Torch) chooses a girl he was with the nice before he leaves and gives her a Thing costume. It’s that classic moment of, this is all awesome and then here’s this girl wondering what Johnny Storm got her into. Now it is this legacy team with one girl woefully unprepared for what she’s in for. I like this, a new team dealing with the villains of the old. This should be perfectly suited to Mike Allred.

Two new takes on the Fantastic Franchise set in one giant interview, now finding myself interested in both of them. With these I have faith that Matt Fraction can make them work. Though as a trade off in November, The Defenders are getting canceled with #12. I never could quite find myself into that series but I know it has its fans. Though hopefully Fraction’s two new comics should fill the gap of that series. Marvel NOW! has a couple other concepts that have caught my attention more than I expected. I can easily find myself checking the first issues of both of these series. There’s an immense amount of potential here and I’m willing to see where this all goes.

Re-embracing a company or how I learned to like Marvel again.

For a very long period of time I wouldn’t hardly read a lot of Marvel. Mainly it was DC, Image, and whatever else but not really anything Marvel. Mostly trades I would get every good bit or so but no real single collecting of any of the Marvel titles. I would say it started right around the time of when I was big into DC’s Infinite Crisis and not much of Marvel really fascinated me. So I fell further into Infinite Crisis and then the whole Spider-Man marriage thing happened and that killed me on Marvel for awhile. The past year or so I’ve started re-discovering Marvel in a bigger way.  As DC hasn’t been as big for me I’ve started to try out different Marvel titles or at least give them a better chance. Lo and behold I’ve got a good chunk of my list with Marvel and DC both neck and neck. My funniest Marvel love again has been with Spider-Man. I’ve gotten to seriously love this new run with Dan Slott writing. It’s been so much fun to read and seeing how it’s going together really impresses me. In turn I’ve now started to hunt through single issues and anything Spider-Man I might not have gotten to read. Even the ones after the great marriage purge. I won’t read the ones that well were the beginning of it. For those things kind of irk me a bit but I’m of the point of it happened so let’s see what they can do. Good stories are good stories. I now also have been buying a good bit of Spider-Man from all eras too. Between that and my X-Men hauls. I’ve been on a roll as of late.

Though Marvel I’m still not big on the X-Men direction but I make up for it with my love of  Avengers Academy and Secret Avengers. That and the fact that I just ordered the Astonishing X-Men Omnibus. So heck yes.

The thing is I’m now finally re-opened to Marvel in full.  Lord I do get some crap for it. I call it the I can live with it since I like it and that’s really all that matters. My next wander is going to be the Black Panther: Man without Fear book. I’ll be getting that one and seeing what I think. I love the artwork and I’ll see what I think of the writing once I get one good solid read of it.

Since a good chunk of the DC Line has burned me out it’s why I’m sort of re-discovering my Marvel love since I’m fried on Green Lantern and the Flash. I know that’s horrible but lateness with the Flash and the whole Blackest Night into Brightest Day kind of fried me on the titles. It’s why I started exploring further and seeing what else might catch my eye. Which isn’t a bad thing in itself.