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Traveling Through Old School Valiant for the First Time

I was a comic fan in the early 90’s but I never read anything of Valiant outside of the occasional Nintendo and WWF/E comic of the time. Valiant’s line of comics is pretty unknown to me. I actually had a few of their comics in my collection but never really read them. I’ve read the Acclaim/Valiant stuff, specifically Quantum and Woody, but outside of that most of that is pretty unknown to me too. I am now starting a small side project into looking over the old Valiant books starting with Eternal Warrior. Not sure how I’m going to do this one yet but I am having fun with reading the comics. It doesn’t have near the 90’s sheen of big guns and other stuff of the period but it has a definite style to it. Eternal Warrior is a pretty solid book overall though wow It is hard to believe that it started being two parts of a major crossover story with Unity. First two issues are part of Unity and I do say these books operate under Jim Shooter’s every issue of a comic could be their first rule so they’re all pretty easy to dive into. Heck even if you weren’t reading Unity at the time you could figure it out, that’s actually pretty amazing.

I’ve got a weird 90’s action comics road ahead of me and if I ever decide to dive through a full X-Force journey of the 90’s, boy howdy that’ll be a ride. Between all the other bits of reading I’m planning on doing, maybe I should focus on one thing at a time at this point or one or two things at a time. Considering my brain and how it can bounce about to ideas, better said than done. I will say though these Eternal Warrior books make me really want to do a full old school Valiant project. I’m having a pretty good time with reading these. I’ve heard that near the end of the original Valiant line before Acclaim/Valiant some of these books can get pretty ugly but we’ll see. Heck if anything it’ll be more entertaining to see if my brain melts upon itself in reading these darned things for the first time. I’m not jumping to any conclusions until later, I’m going to strap myself in and enjoy the reading.

Now I start my ride through Old School Valiant and hey I’m going to have some fun with this by golly. I’ll figure out how to work this later until then I’ll just enjoy the adventure.

The Comic Catch Up Adventures: Divinity

As I hit my reading goal of 125 books for 2015 I realize there’s still a lot of reading left to do. So starts a new series here called┬áThe Comic Catch Up Adventures. Recently I read Gotham Academy vol. 1 that helped to get me caught up with that series. Now I finally read Divinity written by Matt Kindt, pencils┬áby Trevor Hairsine, inks by Ryan Winn, and colored by David Baron, and released by Valiant Comics. I got this from my local library and it has been on my list of things to read for ages. Now that I have read Divinity, wow was it ever worth the wait. It’s one of the best examples of how to do a God-like character in a major universe. It dives into the history behind the character and why he is who he is. From point A to point B it all comes together and that’s pretty amazing to behold out of a comic. It also reads as a mini novel as the first two has it dives into the details of what makes our lead character tick and explains his powers. It’s all about the world building and Kindt knew he had a major concept to sell people on in the Valiant Universe and it was successful on every level.

Now why does the lead character work as well as he does? How is this different from all the other God-like mega powered characters done over the years? There’s humanity to the God. Abram Adams is such a fascinating study in character and how one who is so human becomes so powerful. From human to something entirely different, Kindt shows that evolution throughout the story. The best part being that throughout you have Trevor Hairsine unleashing art that shows how human he is and can show the power Adams unleashes once he hits full power. It’s extraordinary and compelling to see on the page. I fell for David Baron’s colors on this book too as I’ve always enjoyed Baron’s coloring but he outdid himself here.

Divinity is amazing and there’s a sequel coming out next year so look forward to that! As this is a spoiler free chat about it I have to say there is so much here that begs to be explored more. The trade is easy to get your hands on and likely even your local library probably has a copy ready to be checked out too. No matter what, go read Divinity and enjoy every last second of it.