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The GWL Wrestling Chat: The Aftermath of Survivor Series for the WWE

I don’t currently subscribe to the WWE Network as I’ve decided to wait until Wrestlemania season to get back into it. I was tempted for Survivor Series thanks to the tournament but when I saw Roman Reigns in the mix, I took it to the inevitable conclusion. As the WWE main event scene is depleted between John Cena on a break, Rusev injured, Randy Orton is out, Seth Rollins is out, and it’s not a fun time in WWE land right now. Yet with Roman Reigns being set to win the championship, a certain Money in the Bank winner was waiting in the wings. Sheamus was still in the picture somewhere and while Roman won the championship, Sheamus cashed in and is now our WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Wow was my only reaction in reading the tweets I saw on twitter. We live in strange times in WWE Land to say the least.

The next few months at least for the WWE are setting up Roman Reigns going after Sheamus for the belt. Unless the WWE comes up with something compelling to keep people interested, WWE ratings are going to be brutal in the coming months. Now of course Wrestlemania season is going to get people back, it always perks up interest in the WWE product in one way or another. Yet this could be tough as while people have been reacting better to Roman Reigns, he’s still not exactly universally accepted. At least he is getting reactions and Sheamus might be a good foil for him. I really wouldn’t be surprised though if the ratings take a massive hurting if John Cena takes the belt once more. Rules of the WWE if the ratings take a hit, do the ultimate Final Fantasy Summon and have John Cena to win the championship. Really wouldn’t surprise me to see John Cena as champ but with the WWE nothing shocks me.

The ratings still aren’t brilliant and I’m not exactly sure what a Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns feud is going to do for them. Unless they step up their game with the people they have to surround Sheamus and Roman Reigns, the next few months are going to hurt. As the people who aren’t watching or aren’t watching regularly are going to have to hear positive things before they give the WWE another go. With Twitter and so forth, it doesn’t take long to hear people talking about something awesome that’ll get them to check it out. It is why lately while I’ve been keeping tabs on WWE, I’ve been watching infrequently. I watch Gotham, Supergirl, and other shows on Monday Nights and check out WWE Raw later on. It’s not as high on my priority list at the moment. It is starting to happen with more and more viewers too as noted by the ratings.

Now we’ll see how WWE Raw does tonight in the aftermath of Survivor Series and what comes of it. If it creates new interest in watching WWE Raw then I say well done WWE and it won’t bother me to be wrong at all. We’ll see how this plays out for WWE and I will be keeping an eye on the ratings for sure. Thanks for checking out my occasional forays into Wrestling conversation. I just had some stuff pop into my head and wanted to write it down. Take care everyone.

Comics I want to read: The Marvel WCW Comics

Back in the days of young me I was one of those kids on Saturday and Sunday consuming all things WCW. Watched it all, WCW Power Hour, WCW Main Event, and of course WCW Saturday Night.  I was a Sting fan, Steiner Brothers fan, Big Van Vader, and of course Jushin Liger fan. Needless to say that I somehow missed there was a WCW comic out there back then I was shocked. I remember the first time I ever saw an issue in some used book shop and was amazed at the discovery. It came out back in 1992 for goodness sake so how did I miss this? It was published by Marvel and seriously how in the world did I miss this? At that point I decided I must find the whole series and read it all. It was only 12 issues so I figured it would be relatively cheap to find. Boy was I wrong in that assumption.

In any eBay search you do somehow the WCW books in a full run will somehow run you find it run the gamut. Sometimes you’ll find a full run for if you’re lucky $30.00 and mostly it veers into the crazy $75.00 range. You can find single issues for reasonable rates but have fun with the last bit of the series. I’m almost thinking it was a situation of a low print run but come on the series can’t be that wildly sought after that it can demand that crazy of prices right? Then again I paid way more than I care to admit for a run of Automatic Kafka once so I can’t say too much. I’d love to read all of the WCW series one of these days if I can find it for a reasonable price.

I still hunt on eBay occasionally to see if I can find a reasonably priced run but to no avail. One day I shall own this run and it will be glorious I say, glorious. Early 90’s WCW is a fascinating thing to behold as it is and seeing it in comic book form will be absolutely priceless.