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Yes Wrestling is Fun!: The New Day Rocks

If you follow me on twitter or have any interaction with me, eventually wrestling will come up in a conversation. If you’re not a fan, not so much but I’ll reference it but if you are a fan, oh man I can talk wrestling. I’ve been a fan of it since I was a kid. A few lapses here and there but overall I’ve always been watching some sort of wrestling. WCW, NWA, GWF, ECW, AWA, USWA, WWF/E, and more, I’ve seen a lot of wrestling in my day. Lucha Underground was my heart and soul recently as for a good few months I had some of the most fun I’ve had in forever as a wrestling fan. Nowadays it is hit or miss, but as always when you find something in wrestling that is awesome, you can’t help but rave about it. WWE is the name of the game still and it’s been a little all over the place, yet there is one major shining diamond, The New Day. Comprised of Xavier Woods, Big E, and Kofi Kingston, The New Day turned a bad gimmick into something amazing. They are for me one of the best things in the WWE right now.

First off today, The New Day and Sasha Banks did a full dancing skit to Kiss from a Rose. It’s for the “Just Keep Dancing” campaign that 6 year old Braylon Beam inspired as he likes to dance as it makes him happy while dealing with cancer treatments. It’s a cool thing to do for a kid and also this video is amazing, check it out via this link.

Now that they got the WWE Tag Championships back they are now upping their game even further. On WWE Raw this past week, Xavier Woods used his mighty trombone in the most hilarious way. Just watch the video and enjoy the wonderful madness.

Yes Xavier Woods played the Final Fantasy victory theme on his trombone. Adding that to The New Day just made the team that much more awesome. In any Raw right now that you watch they will be one of the best things of the episode. No matter what they do; you will be compelled to watch. They are just that cool.

This is a smattering of what makes the New Day so much fun. I’m going to do more wrestling talk on here from time to time. As I’ve been utilizing my blog more it deepens what all I talk or well write about on here. Thanks for reading and remember, *clap clap* New Day Rocks, New Day Rocks!

P.S. I’m now starting to become a big fan of Sasha Banks, even more than before thanks to this video she was in with The New Day.