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The Original Sailor Moon Anime Returns Thanks to Viz Media

After multiple years of the Original Sailor Moon anime being out of print and going for heavily inflated prices across the Internet, rejoice as Viz is bringing the series back to life! I cannot believe this myself as I read this announcement, it’s taken long enough for somebody to get the license for this anime. One of the most in demand anime on the planet that no one could get without paying an arm and a leg for is going to be seen again. Viz is doing the route of streaming it online via their own streaming service NeonAlley and Hulu starting on Monday, May 19, 2014. Now they are working a new dub and by the way it’ll be uncut, meaning all of the original Sailor Moon Anime will be seen the way it was meant to be. Yes all 200 episodes uncut, all three of the movies, and starting in the fall; the first time the series will be on Blu-Ray with a DVD release with half season sets.

Take a look at the trailer below to learn more on this as I get the feeling as I share this link with everyone else, the fanbase is going to be losing their minds.

Many of us out there that had been watching to watch Sailor Moon can finally see it again. The best part being if you want to watch it streaming you can do that to get yourselves pumped up for the fall release. Then the dub is being worked on for a release later in the year. If you want more info on just what Viz Media is doing with the Original Sailor Moon programming check out the interview Charlene Ingram and Josh Lopez did for Anime News Network here. The interview is well worth the read to learn the restoration efforts going into the series and their dedication to the material. Even further as to how they got the license to the original Sailor Moon in the first place.

I’m excited to finally see the series available in the states again. It’s been a long time coming for the Original Sailor Moon to return, now she’s back and better than ever. If you’re a new anime fan, I’d highly recommend watching the Original Sailor Moon to see what you think. For us old school anime fans can only say that Sailor Moon was a big part of our fandom, now it is time to show the new generation why it was a big part of our world.


The Finale of Tokyopop.

Yesterday was one hell of a big day in a horrible way being that the death of the US operations of Tokyopop is shutting down.

This is where I first read on it:

Then it just went from there.

On a personal note Tokyopop was actually my second big manga reading time. Between Viz and Dark Horse then once Tokyopop introduced the unflopped format being right to left reading experience my mind was blown. It was one fun period of time too. New manga in this unflopped format and it’s stuff I’d not heard much about till that point and it was absolutely exciting. When you went into the bookstores there was this sort of life about it that was absolutely cool. Here it was manga hitting huge and it was spreading everywhere else. Viz started to hit full steam with that and then everyone else started following suit. I swear I’d never had seen anything like it nor ever since. Then it spread into the graphic novels and it just exploded from there.  Walking into the bookstores with my comic interest in full steam with the manga push and I was in heaven.

It’s strange to think about the manga scene without Tokyopop. For there’s new people out there doing it now and Tokyopop is a shell of it’s former self but it’s sad to think about for me. For the manga industry in the states is still in a precarious situation. It’s doing okay but the boom is definitely in the rear view mirror and growing distant. I think in my heart of hearts that it could perk back up again but in what time period I couldn’t tell you. I think also the other hit of this is the fact that Tokyopop just started to have even the slightest potential to get into some sort of track again. I just don’t think it was soon enough. Just keep a thought for all those people that are losing their jobs and hopeful for you all that any manga you might have been following from them find new homes.

Here’s hoping next week brings brighter news and better thoughts for believe me it seems the past two weeks have had one wicked piece of news in it. Keep a thought out eh? Good luck Tokyopop employees and hopefully you all find new gigs soon. Here’s hoping for a brighter week to come.