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Thought Process on Frank Miller Doing Dark Knight IV

The excitement over Dark Knight III: The Master Race has been mixed at best. Brian Azzarello is supposed to be working with Frank Miller on this story. Until Newsarama confirmed in an interview that Frank Miller is working on The Dark Knight IV. Miller says that he’s seen what Azzarello is up to with Dark Knight III but the story is all Azzarello’s. When Miller saw what Azzarello was up to it spurred him to make Dark Knight IV. Miller is waiting to read Azzarello’s Dark Knight III before he starts work on his own story. Now Dark Knight III is a four part story and then at some point we’ll get Frank Miller’s Dark Knight IV. Wow, comic book life is sure getting weird huh?

Dark Knight III is DC’s big event story with Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello, the hype machine is in full swing. Now we have Dark Knight IV being the official return of Frank Miller to Batman. I can imagine some are more curious that Azzarello is doing Dark Knight III on his own now. Yet I can already see people not wanting to get Dark Knight IV when Miller releases the series. Yet with both series, there is curiosity no matter what the creative team or teams are.

The reason why I’m making this a Thought Process is because well, it is Frank Miller. I loved the Dark Knight Returns back in the day. Heck when I was getting back into comics it was another of the early books I bought way back when. The Dark Knight Strikes Back was well…strange but I plan on re-reading it soon and that’ll be an adventure in its own right. People are going to check out Dark Knight III and in a weird way they may want to read it more without Miller’s involvement, yes that’s weird but comics are weird. The Dark Knight series without Miller for one part of the journey will be strange but it is going to go over huge. Most people are going to see Dark Knight and grab it because now Miller is coming back for his own bit in Dark Knight once more.

We’ll see what happens when The Dark Knight III comes out in a couple weeks. I can see this whole situation increasing interest in the long haul. I may be wrong but this is a Thought Process and totally opinion anyway. So if I’m wrong then I’m wrong, no harm no foul from me. I may end up checking out Dark Knight III anyway because it should be a good read. I can’t even lie, I’m curious about Frank Miller’s Dark Knight IV and want to see how it’ll turn out.

Let me know your thoughts on the story in the comments below. Time to talk and have a good chat about this for awhile. When Frank Miller is involved in anything, life gets that much more fascinating in the process.


Hi, I’m a Comic Book Optimist and You’re All Cool With Me

Hi I'm Ambush Bug

Hi, my name is Wesley and how are you doing?

I’m a guy who writes about comics on the internet, I’ve written for a few sites, and still love talking about it on social media all the same. I’m usually optimistic and I have my cranky moments but overall I’m a positive person. Lately, I’ve felt that we need more love in the comics internet scene. I’ve interacted with writers from many different sites over the years comics wise. I’ve interacted with many writers, artists, and so forth over the years comic book wise. When I first started I really had no idea what I was doing, all I knew was I liked comics and liked talking about them. Then writing about them happened and then it ballooned from there into a decent sized writing adventure. The one thing is even at points where I’ve not been exactly positive about certain aspects of a comic or what’s going on with them, I’ve still always really enjoyed comics. It was all about to me the conversations and the energy behind them. Nowadays at points it seems that there’s a level of cynicism that appears within the comics community like no other and it makes me sad. Yet at my core I am a generally positive person which makes me the rare breed of a Comic Book Optimist.

I’ve had my moments of negativity over the years like anyone else yet I like keeping things on a positive level, an active energy of love in everything I write about. It’s why I’ve been writing the way I have and how I look at books now. Sometimes I think I may started to mellow as I’ve gotten older but it is more along the lines of if I dislike a book now, I really have to find something major that sparks my ire so to speak. Say with ANAD Marvel right now, there’s been a lot of solid books and only a couple that left me kind of lukewarm but that’s really it. DC Comics wise, I’ve found a lot of cool books but still part of the line is kind of okay and that’s about it. Yet I know that there’s a lot of things that need to be fixed but I feel that in time they will be. It’ll take awhile but we’re getting there slowly but surely. Every time I see something that could potentially turn out to be awful, it somehow ends up being better in the end. Hence why I never quite lose my internal optimism for comics.

Hence why the Ambush Bug, as Ambush Bug is one of my ultimate in fun characters that I always find myself relating to. Fourth wall breaking madness but filled with everlasting comic book goodness, Ambush Bug in a nutshell. I remember I used to use a fourth wall breaking end line for my columns at Comics Crux at one point. Some goofy thing but really I am a guy who looks at fun in comics and tries to find it in everything. It’s tough to be a comic book optimist and find the good in anything and yet somehow I usually can find something. It was lost to me for a short time but I’ve got it back now and I don’t plan on losing it. It’s also why I put in that you’re all cool with me because you’re all cool with me. My chats on twitter about how I am is pretty much this post, you are all awesome and you’re all why I am such a comic book optimist, the fan base of comics encourages me more than discourages me at this point.

Seeing all the awesome creator owned projects out there and what people are doing on the independent scene of comics, that’s exciting and amazing to behold. I still haven’t discovered all of it yet but what I have seen blows my mind and makes me look forward to seeing what will be happening next in comics. Heck when Marvel and DC are trying out a lot of things lately even with stumbling blocks, that’s interesting to me and that has my eyes curious as to what will be coming. It’s pretty awesome on the comic scene right now, not even going to kid you, it’s a pretty wild and fun period of time. I see the comic book TV scene and I’m blown away from what I’ve seen on it, then the comics do that much more and it makes me an even more engaged writer than ever before, I look forward to talking comics more and more lately.

Welcome to the most unique period of time to ever be a comic book fan. Ridiculous amounts of new material like nothing we’ve ever seen before, new ideas, new worlds, and more new things being tried than ever before. The fanbase is more engaged, the conversations overall more productive, and we are starting to get somewhere. Hence why I have fully embraced being a Comic Book Optimist. It’d be hard to break me of it at this point. Like I said things aren’t perfect right now on the comic book scene but my goodness it is ten times better than it used to be that’s for darned sure.

Yeah we live in amazing times and I’m pretty curious to see where we end up in comics in the coming years. New genre explorations from new and old creators, the bigger companies trying out stuff and seeing what happens, and so many other interesting things happening. It is why I still love wandering about on twitter, facebook, and more and seeing what else is out there and what will be created next. Even the digital platforms have opened up new and exciting possibilities for creators to get their name out there. This is one amazing and unique time to be a comic fan.

I want to know how you feel about comic books nowadays, optimistic, pessimistic, bring it on as I want to know what you all think out there about comics and more lately. Whatever the case may be, your opinion either optimistic or not, isn’t wrong by any means. This is definitely one of my favorite periods to be a comic fan that’s for sure. I still can’t believe what I’ve seen so far in the industry that is more good than bad. Oh yes there is still bad but there is so much more good out there.

That my friends is the life of a Comic Book Optimist, I know everything bad and good that is happening. I just know it’ll be better and with time everything will be better than ever before.

Hello for Reading Cool Stuff and What Not in the Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/29/15

Today has been a cleaning day, whee for cleaning day. Even more special I got my flu shot so yay for flu shots! Yay for stuff and things and what not. That’s about been my day and so forth. I did finally read the Dark Knight Over Metropolis trade from DC Comics, that was a fun little story I have to say. I’d been wanting to read that for ages and I didn’t know that it started off with a neat little Art Adams drawn story, I liked that a lot. A lot of classic work was in there too, Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, and so forth were all in there and it was a lot of fun. It even held up pretty well for the most part as it explains everything that is happening and happened before it really well. That was back in the day when they made a point to make every issue one that you could pick up at any point in time. Even the three part Dark Knight story in there was made to make sure you knew what was going on even with part two and three, I was impressed. I’m always impressed when even in part three of a story you can still figure out what the heck is happening, I applaud that.

It shows how comics have played with the formula more and more. I remember when I was getting into comics again how people were talking about a graphic novel format similar to a European publishing model. The European model being a giant album comic every few months or so or even once a year. Then again the American market is a place wired more towards single issues and then a trade. There are many books now that read better in a trade than they do in a single issue nowadays though. I have seen a rise in companies doing graphic novels and stories specifically meant to be serialized as a series of graphic novels. I like single issue comics, trades, and heck any format that involves comics in one way or another. Yep here’s another idea for a larger blog and article in its own right. Add this to the file.

Now that I got my TV in for the night which was Grandfathered, The Grinder, and Agents of SHIELD, I’m pretty set. Grandfathered was cute, better than I was expecting it would be. The cast is overall likable but the premise is not half bad really. John Stamos suddenly becoming a grandfather with a son and the son having a kid and then life gets weird for him. It’s a cool idea and I like how he’s a restaurant owner who’s also trying desperately to stay cool but really, he’s 50 and he’s now in the stage where he’s considered old. The other hand The Grinder with Rob Lowe and Fred Savage, I really like this show. The idea of a guy who played an attorney going back home and deciding that maybe he could actually be a real attorney himself. It’s a clever concept and had many genuinely funny moments. Rob Lowe is great playing the actor coming back home and being this attorney working with his brother played by Fred Savage. Lowe and Savage work well off each other and I definitely see myself following this show on a long term basis.

Now Agents of SHIELD, oh man..that’s a post on its own. We’ll talk later on that one. This blog could go on all night at this point. I’ll catch up with you all later. Bye for now!

Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/17/15: The Late Night Nerdout

Let’s leave this link here a moment,

I know it is a rumor but if a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle movie happens I will be doing a happy dance. The nice comic relief fun movie will make me so happy. I adore the Justice League International, I own a Showcase Collection of Booster Gold, I have the entire first series of Ted Kord Blue Beetle, so Blue and Gold being a movie makes me so happy. I’m having a mega nerd out over it right now. Pretty much I was bouncing off the walls in excitement. After doing my first podcast in awhile and hearing this story at the end of it, I am so giddy right now. You all have no idea how giddy I am right now.

Though on a side note I did finally read all of The Autumnlands Vol. 1: Tooth and Claw tonight and I really dig it and I can’t wait to read more in the future of that series. I’m a huge Kurt Busiek fan anyway so that was awesome. Benjamin Dewey is amazing and Jordie Bellaire’s colors are phenomenal. Seriously if you haven’t read The Autumnlands yet, read it now it’s cool. You’ll dig it as it is one great read and compelling as all get out, I dig it a lot.

Yes this is the ultimate late night chill bloggity thing as I’m a little tired as I write this so bear with me. I’ve got my amazon shipment on the way so that’ll be awesome. So many great books to read and talk about. I’m excited! I’ve got a movie I’ve been looking forward to for awhile hopefully in the works and a lot of good comics to read. I am one happy kind of guy as this night winds down. Sorry for the late post and it reading like I am a little tired that’s because I am. I wanted to get that last little bit of fun writing here on the blog before the night was out.

Thanks for reading and thanks for putting up with a half asleep blog. Laters!

The Battle to Save Your Favorite Comic Books Continued

So I posted my thoughts on the books DC cancelled last night and now people are a little concerned. Now it was DC focused because of what was happening. After all DC took a lot of chances on books and things are looking a little up in the air on many of their titles that’s not a main Bat book or one of the major heroes in the DCU. Soon Marvel is about to start a major new book push during the latter bit of Secret Wars and beyond so it’s way too soon to tell how that’ll play out. Image is always trying out new series and some are meant to be mini series and others are cut short way before their time. Many people wonder the ways that they can help save their books and a lot of what I said in the DC column can be applied to any comic series. I also have some added ideas that I want to put into the universe from my DC post too.

I still want to say that word of mouth is a good one. Talk up any titles you’re into and see who may be curious. If they’re not into the book then at least you tried but you’d be surprised how often just recommending a book hooks a person. The art of “Hey this book is cool!” and speaking passionately about why you dig the book is always a plus. People can miss things and when you talk about a book it may be by their favorite writer or a subject they’re curious about and blown away they somehow missed it. I’ve had it happen to me a couple times and I’ve found many a cool series that way thanks to someone talking it up to me. Even more when someone talked about a series and I’d never heard anything about it or was reminded it existed then immediately buying it.

Now pre-order and pull lists to me go hand in hand. Pre-ordering is still the ultimate tool for a comic store to use for sales. Go to your Diamond Previews and fill out the order form or ask your store owner to specifically grab that book or books for you. That’s why I mentioned pull lists as well as once they know those are the books you want, they will grab those books for you. Now here’s one thing, I’d love to know how digital sales are applied to the overall sales totals of books now. I’d also like to know more as to how trade sales effect these books too. That’s something to think about down the road as to how books survive long term as there are readers who are digital and trade only readers.

I’m thinking out loud and also restating stuff that I’ve already said in my DC post. Yet I think discussing how to help all of the books out there is important too. Thanks for reading my continued thoughts on this.

DC Cancellation Report: Five Books Ending in 2015 and Ideas on How to Save the Rest

As those of us reading the reports of what’s been going on at DC lately feared, yes five books are ending in December 2015. Those books are Justice League United, Lobo, Doomed, Gotham by Midnight, and The Omega Men. I’ve personally been reading Justice League United and Gotham by Midnight and it is such a shame. I was actually planning on getting into The Omega Men but sadly it is now ending. Oh man, it’s sad to lose your favorite titles. Yet I would say I have the biggest connection to Gotham by Midnight as I had been reading that from the start and really liked it. I did dig the first trade of Jeff Lemire’s run with Mike McKone on Justice League United and made a point to check out Jeff Parker’s run on JLU this week. Now I wonder with these cancellations, what is going to happen next for the rest of the series in DC You?

I imagine right now many people are getting a little nervous about the future of their favorite DC You books. I’m curious in reading the next sales chart for August off of The Beat to hear more as to how things are faring. I know from looking at the July numbers for a lot of DC You titles it wasn’t pretty to see. It’s why I’ve been on my twitter today saying that if you got a book you dig, now would be the time to support it and tell your friends. Another piece of advice if you’re into a book and haven’t done it already, put it on your pull list. That way the store knows you want it and you’ll be getting it month to month. If you’re a digital comics reader, subscribe to the book on Comixology. Not sure how that impacts month to month sales but every little bit helps at this point. I say though, spread the word on your books and show your support to them.

I feel like I’m repeating myself from the DC Rumors but now that the DC Rumors look like they’re coming to pass, it’s not a bad thing to restate. It’s a shame that five books are ending but hopefully with a little push we can stop more from getting cancelled. So if you have a book you like, don’t be shy and let people know. DC You has been a cool movement and I’d love to see it keep going. I don’t claim to have all the answers here I’m just doing my part from what I know. The time for action is now rather than later.

DC Comics: Please Get a Marvel Unlimited Style Service, That Would Rock

In going through Marvel Unlimited and seeing what all they have I realize that DC Comics needs this kind of service in a big way. For a decent period of time I was a huge DC fan, I was buying about 90 percent DC Comics at one point. Now my buying is much more spread out but for awhile I was mostly a big DC fan. There’s a lot of Marvel I didn’t get to read and Marvel Unlimited has been huge in catching me up with periods of comics I missed. Heck there are books from the few years I didn’t read comics that I hadn’t gotten to read. Now with people digging Marvel Unlimited, why hasn’t DC Comics figured out a way to do this too? It would be amazing! DC has such a ridiculous library of books that people would be getting a DC Comics Unlimited style service day one. So many years of comics in the DC Library and it begs for DC Comics to get on the Marvel Unlimited style train.

DC Comics has so many periods of comics to play with between the Multiverse, Vertigo Comics, and the main DC line, people could spend days in that. With Marvel Unlimited already people are spending time getting to know all the Marvel stories and people would do the same for DC Comics, it would generate so much interest. Considering DC has Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad, and more on the way, this would be perfect! People getting to learn more about the different characters involved in these movies. Easy way to get people hooked into Suicide Squad too. You have Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl on TV and even more opportunities to get people hooked into a DC Unlimited style service, so much comic history!

I hope one day that DC Comics does do an unlimited service. DC Comics Unlimited does have a nice ring to it, though I know they could come up with better. It would be so cool to see. The day DC does this unlimited style service I will be so excited because a DC Comics Netflix would rock on so many levels.

Wow Jeff Parker’s Justice League United Run is a Blast!

Justice League United #11 Cover

I’m having one of my comic book reading moments where somehow I missed a thing. I missed a cool thing. I’ve only read the first trade of Jeff Lemire’s run on Justice League United and dug the heck out of it. I’d been hearing about Jeff Parker’s run on the book and I read the preview talking about how it is using everyone and everything in the DC Universe. That intrigued me but didn’t totally sell me on it yet. I was reading other books too and this week with a few clearances in my pull list it was time to take the Justice League United plunge. Man alive was I rewarded with such a cool reading experience. It’s got that nice mix of unpredictability with anyone in the DC Universe able to be part of the team mixed in with endless weird. That is my cup of tea. Lots of weird, lots of fun, and a whole lot of unpredictability. It’s a nice amount of weird DC comics that you don’t see that often anymore. A superhero book that isn’t afraid to go into the realms of the strange and wonderful, heck yes Jeff Parker!

The overall concept of Adam Strange being stuck inside a Zeta Beam and floating around with Alanna Strange running point for the team is cool. It’s how the concept of all these DC Universe characters come into play. Adam Strange can see the threats and uses Alanna to communicate those threats to the team. It’s how we learn of the Breakers and why they have to be dealt with. They’re able to break things in time and space and cause a lot of havoc. So many cool ideas and why the teams that come together are seemingly random but fit any given situation they get summoned for.

When your first team is The Demon Etrigan, Mera, Poison Ivy, new hero Equinox, and Swamp Thing, it’s oddball but it works. They’re dealing with this new threat of the Breakers. Hence why the strange team I mention works. You see where the unique abilities of each member fits into the overall puzzle and ultimate solution to the battle at hand. It’s so cool and beautifully rendered, thanks to the amazing art team of Travel Foreman and Jeromy Cox. Drooling over gorgeous art, a new villain idea and inventive stories, I’m a happy reader right now. In #11 and #12 so many things happen and that’s what I love about this so far.

Of course what got me curious about this was #13. DC and World War II stories are usually pretty strong. Adding in the Breaker concept into the mix and you get a good time. The team for this one is Vandal Savage, Stargirl, Steel, Robot Man, and Batgirl. Really random but already in this issue you see where they start to fit. By the way, I am a sucker for Vandal Savage in anything so him on a team for a short while makes me happy. So far so good and Paul Pelletier is a cool artist for this World War II adventure along with Rob Hunter’s inks and Jeromy Cox’s great coloring. Pelletier has always been an artist I’ve dug anyway so him on a WWII adventure already has me sold.

I cannot believe I nearly missed out on Justice League United this time around but I’m in for the long haul. Sign me up for the rest of the journey immediately! Oh DC Comics, you are winning me over once more slowly but surely.

The Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/8/14 or Wesley vs. The Missed Blogging Day

Curses! I missed a day of blogging yesterday. So annoyed about that but then again it was Labor Day so I guess I can excuse myself to a point. Still a little irritated about that. I shall make up for it though really not that much happened yesterday. Of course today on the other hand has been a little more interesting on this end. I got a good bit done this morning, cleaning and what not. Sadly not a lot of writing done yet until well, now. I’ve been mostly going through my comics as I’ve been on a major league culling of the herd so to speak of my collection. I’m still buying books but finding other books that I can bear to part with in my ridiculously large collection. That’s what I’ve been up to today and after this I plan on catching up on some reading. I need some Wesley reading time. Then I’ll play more writing adventure fun times after the reading time.

As I get the feeling there will be a refocusing in my pull list quickly. Suffering Secret Wars burnout, DC has been putting out cooler books lately, Image has been doing some cool work, and heck the indies in general have had awesome stuff coming out. Marvel has had some cool books in the midst of Secret Wars but now the event is feeling dragged out. Squeezing every single bit out of Secret Wars they can at this point and as I say, I just want to see the relaunch done and get to all the #1’s and see what happens. I may not be buying a ton of the #1’s though at this point as only so much of the new Marvel stuff caught my eye.

I am finding that between my library books and so forth, I’m pretty good. I still love going to the comic store week after week. I always still manage to find new stuff in the process and keep tabs on things too. The interaction, the conversations, and so forth are always a lot of fun when you hang out at a comic store too. It’s all about that energy for me. So that’s my rumination on comics right now. Looking for cool new experiences in my comic reading adventures right now. Onward to the rest of the day!

The Chill Bloggity Thing of 9/6/15 or Finally Saw Big Hero 6 and Rio!

Even more comic book catch up was to be had today. It’s been a DC Comics heavy kind of day. Starfire 1,2, and 3 were on the agenda along with All Star Section Eight, Secret Six, and Justice League 3001. Yes so much DC Comic reading was done it was unreal. Of course I have to balance it out with something Marvel being Big Hero 6. While the animated movie is only loosely based off of the Big Hero 6 comic, it was so much fun to watch. Big Hero 6 is so sweet and action packed that it whammies you with more than a few surprises. Big Hero 6 has a lot of gut punch moments that will serve to break your heart and then you’ll be smiling by the end of the film. It’s such a genuinely lovely film, I could find myself watching it again at some point.  Excellent animation with a fun story make Big Hero 6 my perfect compliment to my heavy comic reading day.

Bonus movie time was me watching Rio 2 finally as I enjoyed the first movie but just now got to see the sequel. I found myself overall enjoying that film. It was a nice way to follow up the joy that Big Hero 6 gave me. Two wonderful animated films and also now I’m hyped for Peanuts coming up in November. Bring it on Peanuts, please be a good movie, pretty please! I’m finally watching trailers for The Martian now too since I got done reading the book and man am I excited for that movie. It comes out over my birthday weekend so The Martian would be a perfect film to watch over that weekend. It seems like it’ll be a film perfect for the big screen.

Two movies I’ve been meaning to watch, a good bit of comic book catch up, and this is what I call a good Sunday. I even got some extra writing done today. A win for me indeed! Time to settle in and see what the rest of the night has in store for me. Take care and hope everyone is doing well out there!