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The Friday Night Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/4/15

Today was comic book catch up day wonderland! Late last night was Midnighter catch up and today was Constantine: The Hellblazer catch up. Now what did I think of both series? My dear lord I loved both of them so much for different reasons. Midnighter is a series that captures why Midnighter is such a great character. Even setting up the most hilarious friendship with Grayson. Then you have Constantine: The Hellblazer which makes me wish that the TV series had more of what this comic has. It’s the best mesh of DC Constantine and Vertigo Constantine all in one. That’s a good way to put it and it works well. If you’re not reading Midnighter or Constantine right now, holy crap change that now. Change it, you’ll be a better person for it at the end of the day. Two awesome books that are well worth your time.

I also read One Punch Man vol. 1 today which I’ll have more to say later once I read vol. 2. I think that’ll be expanded into a bigger piece as I have much to say on the glory and wonder that is One Punch Man. I’ve been reading more into the DC One Million Omnibus which I do say is a lot of fun reading in one massive chunk. It’s pretty addicting reading and holds up pretty well. I do adore the Batman design of the Justice Legion A more and more as I read the story. It was cool to see Bryan Hitch be the artist on the Green Lantern 1,000,000 book too. It’s neat to take a look back at these stories. I never read all of the DC One Million stuff back then so I’m discovering a major chunk of a story in the process too. The Young Justice 1,000,000 story though holds up insanely well and if any of you are at all curious about it, read the stories. If you’re a big Superboy, Impulse, and Tim Drake Robin fan, you will adore the Young Justice 1,000,000 story.

After I finished a Midsomer Murders I saw that the Arrow Season 4 trailer was posted, I’m pretty hopeful for the season to come. It was cool to see that little snippet of Constantine in there. Season 3 of Arrow was a mess. It was all over the place tonally but enjoyable for the most part. Season 4 looks promising from the trailer though Diggle’s new outfit is a mixed bag, insert obvious Magneto joke here. Oh and here’s the trailer below and see what you think for yourselves.

With that I shall end my Chill Bloggity Thing for the night. I’ve been mostly working on side projects today and that’s been about it outside of general reading. Onwards to Saturday!


The GWL Comic Book Pull List: 9/2/15

Right now I am in the midst of massive reevaluation of my pull list at this point. I’m getting fried on Secret Wars as #5 of the comic left me pretty cold. I still like some of the tie-ins but the main story is leaving me pretty worn out. As the series keeps expanding and going onward I’m finding myself less and less into it. A shame really as I adored the first two issues of it but I’ll give it another issue and see as we are nearing the end so let us see how it plays out you know? I am getting Squadron Sinister and Thors this round for tie-ins. Then for the rest of the Marvel end, Silk is still on my list I’m still behind on it but still I’ll catch up and it’ll be awesome. I’m getting the S.H.I.E.L.D. book this week and you know I’m torn on getting Miracleman this week. I want to trade wait Miracleman but the Gaiman and Buckingham run on Miracleman has me wanting to get it immediately rather than wait awhile. Call it the impatient side of me but I really enjoy Miracleman and I’ve never read any of Gaiman’s Miracleman so I’m excited for it. Then of course I’m getting Groot because I am Groot. Groot is fun.

Now with DC Comics, it has been fun to have DC Comics back in my life again reading wise. Yes I have written about the DC You rumors but I want to see how this plays out. If it keeps going I will be pleased but if it ends then DC Comics at least tried. This week though is pretty light DC wise as it is Midnighter and that’s it. I would get Bombshells but I subscribe to it digitally. I’ll end up getting the trade to Bombshells down the road though as that comic is too cool. I might try out a DC You book I haven’t been reading yet though, I think this might be my Omega Men week. I can see this easily being my week to do that. My light DC Comics haul on this end though Detective Comics has that cool looking Mecha-Joker and man alive is that neat looking.

For the rest of the comics this week, it is pretty light. I did do a review of Adam.3 #1 and #2 hits this week. I will end up getting We Stand on Guard #3 but man there isn’t a ton for me this week. Aliens vs. Vampirella looks strange as all get out though and I am curious in seeing how that plays out. I realize I need to play some heavy catch up on some titles though right now. Between Dark Horse and Veil, Nailbiter, The Autumnlands, and so forth, I got a good bit of catch up on the indie front either way. Heck I have catch up to do on the comic book reading front anyway so I’m behind on comics on many fronts. I shall catch up though by golly!

Anyway that’s my comic book pull or at least possible pulls for this week. My list is always subject to change at any given time. Enjoy your reading this Wednesday or whenever you get your books. Take care everyone!

The DC Comics Rumors and You: Support Your Books!

You hear about DC Comics being on and in an instant it becomes time to get a little nervous on comics internet. When you start hearing the rumors about DC cancelling titles and going back to a quote “meat and potatoes” style of comics, I see why people get concerned. Comics are a weird beast and DC Comics lost money with Convergence as even in my own comic store they got stuck with a lot of books. Then DC revealed the DC You movement and it piqued interest initially. DC Comics has burned a lot of fans though as the DC 52 rolled on and Convergence did an even bigger number on fans. DC You though has created good buzz for most of the line and in reading them I find that they’re all solid to great books. Yet it is not translating to sales as I research into this further. You get a lot of interest in #1 then tumbling down brutally as #2 hits. Usually there’s always a slight drop with #2 with a book but this is brutal to behold, which makes me wonder, what the heck happened?

Well for a lot of people it is DC Comics burn out. In dealing with DC Comics you realize that many readers got battle scarred from what they’ve done. As they’re moving forward in an overall stronger direction I feel as though people are still gun shy about DC Comics. This is why I’m saying if you’re out there reading this, support your books now. If you got a series that you’re digging talk about it as much as humanly possible. Talk up those books that you’re digging and get people curious about them. If you’re wondering which books to check out and since it mirrors my list of books check out Comicosity’s list of DC You books. I would say most of the books I’m reading are on this list and they are books that I can easily tell you to support.

I’m linking the sales info below too as I want you all to see for yourselves why I’m posting this. The best way to understand a lot of these rumors and what’s going on further is to look at the sales. It’s a time at DC Comics where things could be on the verge of being pretty cool and I’d love it to stay that way. Check out the Comicosity list of books you might dig, see the sales, and talk up your favorite books. Thanks for reading and if you have any comments feel free to fire me a line below. Take care everyone and support your books!

Source for Sales info if you’re curious for July 2015:

The GWL Trade Reviews: Batman: The Dark Knight Vol. 2: Cycle Of Violence

Recently my local libraries had a massive upgrade as to what books they carry graphic novel/tpb wise. I found a diverse and downright impressive collection of books. Hence starting a new series for me here on the blog. As I got a massive pile of books the first one I decided to read was Batman: The Dark Knight Vol. 2: Cycle of Violence. I read the first volume of this ages ago and it was okay. Outside of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman I’ve not read a lot of Batman’s New 52 adventures. Hence why I decided to grab Vol. 2 with Vol. 3 to see more of what I missed from Gregg Hurwitz on this series. Hurwitz’s run has gotten a bit of acclaim so as it is the library, why not give it a go?  There is nothing wrong in life with taking a chance on reading more of a series; especially from your local library. Anyway enough of the intro, let’s start up this Bat-tacular and see where it takes me.

Now Batman: The Dark Knight Vol. 2: Cycle of Violence is mostly stand alone from everything else. If you aren’t up to date on the Bat-Universe, this would be a story up your alley. I can appreciate the way Hurwitz did this story as it does require little to no previous Batman knowledge. Take note before diving into this, this is almost borderline mature readers territory. If you have a kid who may be wanting to read Batman, I wouldn’t recommend this. I give Hurwitz credit here as he pulled no punches with this story so for a teenager and on up; this is a perfect story. Hurwitz manages to write one of the creepier Scarecrow stories out there. There’s even rare moments where you can actually understand the Scarecrow. Hurwitz dives into the backstory of Scarecrow and managed to terrify me a couple times. Not easy to do by the way to actually make my eyes widen in shock, Hurwitz did this.

The Bruce Wayne segments with Natalya, Bruce’s girlfriend in this story, slow down the story a touch but they’re not bad either. They lead off to strong moments later on but they’re mostly tension break moments to balance the story. I do like the payoff of those scenes as they all contribute further into the focus of the story, fear in multiple forms. It’s a pretty multifaceted story diving into the fears of Batman and everyone in his life. Now that being said the fear exploration worked and didn’t work depending on the phase of the story.It’s also a vivid way to explore the Scarecrow and his alter ego Jonathan Crane. By the end of this story you’re going to understand the fears of our characters in ways you wish you didn’t know. As I said some fall flat but when they work, they’re haunting and beautifully done.

Here’s where things get more hit or miss with me, David Finch’s artwork here. In any sections where there was action involved, he was spot on. He’s great at translating the mood of Hurwitz’s scripts too. I loved his art on the Scarecrow, that was terrifying and the imagery involved won’t leave my head anytime soon. Overall Finch’s storytelling for The Dark Knight was solid. Just I learned that I am not big on how Finch draws his faces. If it’s Bruce Wayne, Batman, Gordon, and Scarecrow, the faces and designs look amazing. A lot of other characters suffer from stiff face syndrome as it looks as though all the life was drained from them. That bugged me more than anything else. Everything else art wise from Richard Friend’s inking to Sonia Obach’s coloring looks good overall. The curse of David Finch’s artwork as it does suffer from uneven moments but when it’s on, it looks great.

The #0 issue in the Cycle Violence collection is a different take on the Joe Chill and Bruce Wayne’s parents death story. It was a good way to place this story as it expands upon concepts Hurwitz brings up in his story. I found myself liking this story way more than I thought I would. The death of Bruce Wayne’s parents is one that’s been retold by many creators, this one is good though. Heartbreaking on the levels of Bruce Wayne’s suffering and also why their deaths happened in the first place. Hurwitz did a nice job conveying the absolute pain Bruce Wayne went through. I almost call it a mini version of Batman Begins. It didn’t hurt that Mico Suayan and Juan Jose Ryp did a good job art wise on this story. I would say #0 was a perfect way to close out this collection.

Now if Batman: The Dark Knight Vol. 2 was in front of me to buy would I buy it? This would be one I could buy if it was at a discount somewhere. It was a good story but not so much that I’d go out of my way to own this collection. I will say if you’re huge into Batman, you may want to give this a shot. Especially if you’re curious about this take on the Scarecrow, it’s unlike anything else out there. If you’re at your local library and see this on your shelf, check it out. Uneven at times but I must say that this was a solid read.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice or Whatever Happened to The Man of Steel 2?

Oh where, oh where, did Man of Steel 2 go, oh where, oh where could it be?

Funny thing happened in the Internet, Man of Steel 2 is officially not Man of Steel 2. The film is now titled, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice because Batman rules over all in the land of Warner Brothers. The comedy of this is simple, Man of Steel didn’t bring Warner Bros. the billion dollar figure so Batman here to save the billion dollar day. As this has been announced, I am legit laughing. Yes this sets this as a prequel for Justice League, that’s fine and I see where they’re coming from. That’s respectable enough that they want to boost up that upcoming movie, now I wonder whatever happened to The Man of Steel 2? Superman it seems has been crowded out of his own movie as Batman has taken the lead away from The Man of Steel. While I understand title flow at least Superman should have had a more prominent place in what was originally his movie. To be honest at this point the evolution of this film from Man of Steel 2 to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice leaves me less than enthused.

As with my lack of enthusiasm for the Justice League piece, I want to be proven wrong. When I see the trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice I want to see myself wanting to be in that theater day one. As of right now though I’m just amused at this stage of the film. I will go further in stating that yes I like the Batman costume and Batmobile and I can’t wait to see those pictures of the film as they get released. Believe me until that trailer hits I will be keeping tabs on the progress of Batman V Superman. When the only thing I’m really enthusiastic about is the fact that the Batman costume looks cool, that’s not a good sign. There’s a lot to prove here too, this is Warner Brothers/DC Entertainment’s big set up to Justice League. Outside of Batman though, I’m not seeing much else to be Yay Batman V Superman yet.

Now if this turns out to be a cool movie come 2016, I’ll be happy to say I was wrong in my lack of enthusiasm. I will do the darned Dance of Joy if Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice turns out to be great. I joke that the surname here is as subtle as a hammer as to what they’re going for. While this will be our sequel to Man of Steel 2, I wouldn’t expect as much follow up as you realize. Man of Steel introduces Superman, Batman V Superman sets up Batman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and more, boy this movie is going to be crowded with characters. Every character introduced in Man of Steel probably won’t be in the movie much taking a back seat to whatever other things are happening in the film. Oh they’re all back but as bit players, at least from what I can gather.

Aye yi yi, I don’t know at this point. Maybe I am being a bit cynical about this movie, the name, and everything else Justice League surrounding this. If this movie turns out to be amazing, I will be as happy as anyone else. I’m not kidding about doing the dance of joy outside of the theater if this turns out to be wonderful. Until then, let the first trailer of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice be my guide to see how much enthusiasm I will end up having for this movie in the interim.


Now The Magic Begins With NBC’s Constantine Trailer

Now as the series commitments are getting confirmed, the trailers for these comic book show adaptations are hitting quick. Now the Constantine trailer has hit the scene giving us our first glimpse as to what the series will be like this fall on NBC. I’ll link the trailer below as I just got a youtube link to embed in here, sadly at this stage it is region locked but there is a solution! Thanks to Ari of Comics and Cookies I have a region free trailer that I can share with you good people across the rest of the world, check it out here. Either way, you can watch the trailer and we can all chat about it from there, so links in two places and after you’re done watching head on below and I’ll share more of my reactions. I’ll be here, just watch the trailer, enjoy and learn more about the Constantine show.

Now that hopefully everyone is caught up, time for Constantine trailer reaction time!  I’m not a die hard Hellblazer fan but I’ve read enough to see that at least they got the look right.  The people working on this show are wanting to connect the comic and television worlds to satisfy as many people as possible. Take note of this, Matt Ryan as John Constantine is an improvement over Keanu Reeves, a dramatic one. Captures the personality, wit, conversational tone, and he looks the part and that helps in believing he is Constantine. I was initially afraid that the show was going to try to be Constantine by way of The CW’s Supernatural and the trailer ends that speculation quick. Now in the full show I don’t know what we’ll be in for but at least in the trailer there’s an immense amount of promise in the full show.

Impressing me even further is the fact that NBC is scheduling Constantine after Grimm on Friday nights. I had a feeling they were going to do it as it just made sense and NBC did the the smart play. As I was thinking about all these comic shows, NBC’s best bet for Constantine to go over with the audience was to pair it with Grimm. The audiences will go together smoothly, at least let’s hope so for the sake of Constantine. I’m optimistic about Constantine as it looks like a good show if it lives up to the promise of the trailer. Response wise sounds positive so I’m happy to see where this goes from that rocking trailer.

Examining FCBD: DC’s New 52: Future’s End #0

As I’m reviewing Future’s End #1 for Rhymes With Geek, what better time to look over Future’s End #0. The Free Comic Book Day Future’s End #0 is the beginning of this new weekly series showing the New 52 DCU five years later. It is a weird book and starting out thirty five years later in the New 52 DCU  is a sight to behold. The story goes is that Brother Eye is in full command and the holy s-word has hit the fan. We get to see the DCU at the worst point possible and why Batman Beyond (Terry McGinnis) is going to play the role he’s going to play. Before we get to Terry McGinnis and Batman Beyond we get an immense amount of weird DCU mania just thrown at us. In this intro Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, and Keith Giffen embrace madness alley and we are along for the ride.

If I were to say much of anything right now as to the quality, it’s got me curious. Future’s End piqued my interest without any doubt. We have Batman Beyond five years in the future, again I don’t consider that a big spoiler because it was revealed in the preview pages for Future’s End #1. If I were to spoil Future’s End, it was spoiled by Bleeding Cool and many other venues but I won’t go to that point here. There’s really nothing to spoil though in Future’s End #0, lots of horrible stuff is happening and now Batman Beyond is five years into the future to prevent that. From what Future’s End is showing, nothing is that simple but this looks like it could be fun as to how dark the future is. In a weird way these weeklies DC is doing may be a great way to bring a bit of energy back to the DC Universe. Energy that DC Comics has been lacking for a long time.

Strange to say but true, DC Comics coming out of Forever Evil is showing some life. Now don’t take this as me being all flailing arms like Kermit the Frog, I’m cautiously optimistic if anything. Future’s End has ideas and they could be cool ones, Future’s End #1 coming out this Wednesday will give me a further idea as to how this will go. If you’re wondering another reason why I chose to do Future’s End as my review this week is simple; I like Batman Beyond and time travel stories. I’m a sucker for a good future shock story and time travel in general is a selling point for me, you got me for at least the first couple issues DC Comics.

Keep an eye out Thursday on Rhymes With Geek for my further thoughts on Future’s End #1, will I love it, will I hate it? At this point I’m at least interested and a free comic isn’t a bad way to get into the door. Let’s see if I want to visit Future’s End on a weekly basis after Thursday.

Dealing With My Lack of Excitement About the Justice League Movie

Over Sunday the Comics Internet exploded with news of The Justice League Movie happening after Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2. Zack Snyder is confirmed to direct the film and all we know is that the film is happening. You know, in all honesty I should be more excited about this. A few years back, heck even a few months ago, if you had told me Justice League was on the way I’d be dancing on the ceiling. Now I’m a bit subdued. My enthusiasm isn’t there for this Justice League film. I have no hate for Zack Snyder or anyone else involved in this movie, I’m just not feeling anything for this movie. Justice League should not leave me feeling nothing, I should be excited about this. Oh sure it’s happening, so yay for that but that’s all I got right now. In seeing reactions people have been showing excitement but I know there has to be more like me out there. There has to be more of us that think, “Took them long enough to make this happen.” and that’s all we can muster. In my case I know there’s more to my own lack of excitement, which I should dive into a bit.

DC Comics has done a number on me in the past few years. I was one of the biggest DC fans imaginable at one point. Most of my comic spending was DC Comics related. If I was reading a superheroes, it was DC Comics for me. I bought Image, a little Marvel, but that pile was DC fueled. Nowadays if I buy a DC Comic it’s few and far between. Even after seeing Man of Steel I felt a boost of energy coming out from that film but over time I don’t have that excitement anymore. DC Comics as a brand has done a number on my excitement for their movies. Now that being said, I like Arrow, I enjoy that TV show and will likely dig The Flash series, but that’s about most of what I dig in DC Comics land.

Right now the DC Movies have little excitement to them. I’m open minded about what they’ll do next. I’m waiting for that first bit of footage with Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2 to appear to judge that film. No my lack of excitement doesn’t have to do with Ben Affleck, knock that whole thing out of your minds now. I really could care less about Ben Affleck as Batman, that is far from a big deal to me. Any of the casting for this film for that matter, doesn’t bother me in the slightest. It’s in the whole way this is being handled, the entire concept of a Justice League came out of, “Boy look at all that money Marvel/Disney is making off The Avengers, let’s do that!” and that’s all this entire thing screams to me. The same with the X-Men, the same with Spider-Man, and everything else, all of this springs out of a hollow copy to get that little slice of pie out of the Marvel Movies.

I want to be proven wrong, I want to be excited, and I want these movies that are coming out to be good. I will see them when they hit theaters without any doubt. I just want to see these movies prove to me that they are strong films without just trying to be The Avengers 2.0. Yes I know this has dived into subjects outside of The Justice League but it all comes together in the end. All of the studios want to be Marvel with their own particular franchise which is why this dovetailed a tiny bit.

Back to the subject at hand, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment/Comics don’t screw up with the Justice League. Have a strong game plan, have a strong script, and make this the best film you all can. If you’re just aiming to be the next big movie like The Avengers, you’ve already failed. Be unique, be your own thing, and prove why The Justice League is great. Get us excited for your film, heck get me excited, and you’ll be well on your way.


The Comic Adventures This Week! 3/28/12

In an effort to keep my blog more regularly updated I’m going to let you all know what I plan to get for the week, in turn let you know what I’ll more than likely be reviewing. That way you’ll know what I plan on reading and you’ll all know what to expect on within the week.

All Star Western #7: One I’m sad I haven’t gotten the chance to review yet but I plan on doing this sooner rather than later since I do like this comic. I’ve always like Jonah Hex and putting him more in play in the DC Universe has worked for me overall. The first arc I’m not going to lie was a little hit or miss for me but I do like the series. I loved the last issue especially.

New Deadwardians #1:  Vertigo’s relaunch has been a mixed affair so far. I liked Saucer Country and there’s enough there to really keep me interested to give it a fair shake. Voodoo Child was there, just kind of there. I liked parts of it but I just couldn’t get into it as much as I would’ve liked. I loved Denys Cowan’s art though but everything else left me cold. New Deadwardians is by Dan Abnett who I generally like so I will be giving this a look. The mix of zombie and vampire cultures is a curious one and I want to see how Abnett pulls this together. I say this should be worth a shot, also you can guarantee I’m reviewing this one.

Bloodstrike #26: I can only imagine how Bloodstrike is going to go for me. I got nothing, this is the ultimate wildcard out of the Extreme Studios relaunch. Loved Prophet and Glory and if Bloodstrike turns out well we will be three for three. From the preview pages I’ve seen there’s a good chance this is going to go over fairly well. This is a definite review since I always find I have a lot to say on the Extreme Studios books thus far, especially the first issues.

Morning Glories #17: Ah not much to say outside of I look forward to seeing how this one comes together, especially since this has been some heck of a story arc thus far. Especially realizing that there’s been so many twists and turns. I’m excited.

The Walking Dead #95: The story arc: A Larger World thus far has been one that’s really been on the level of really the Prison in game changing The Walking Dead to this point. Now this will eventually turn I have no idea but dang, am I ever interested in every single issue to come, I can’t believe it’s about to hit the 100th issue soon. Time flies.

Avengers vs. X-Men #0: The beginning of Marvel’s oh my sweet Christmas crossover event of 2012. I’m actually interested, my mixed feelings on Avengers X-Sanction aside this could be a cool story. I’m sort of shocked I’m as into this as I am but hey in life you have to keep an open mind right? Yes you all know I am reviewing this sucker and looking over it with a fine tooth comb, considering I’ve been telling you all on twitter about this for ages.

Crossed: Badlands #2: I didn’t expect to enjoy the last issue as much as I did but wow I really got into this one. Crossed is twisted fun and appeals to my darker sense of humor at times. Not for everyone but if you’re into it you will have fun and I think it should be cool.

Avenging Spider-Man #5:  I am going to give Avenging Spider-Man another chance because I saw the preview for the latest issue and it cracked me up. I was laughing just from the first few pages so I’m more than happy to check this one out again. Just Spider-Man and Captain America and dealing with Cap’s history as an comic artist is going to be hilarious.

One final one is Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures #1: I cannot wait to read this and I’ve been looking forward to this one for awhile. My friend managed to get it before me because of Comixology somehow having it up a couple weeks early. Bah! Oh well though, I get to read it this week so all is well.

There you go, that’s about what I’m getting this week. I do plan on making this an every either Monday or Tuesday depending on what’s happening. I will be updating my blog much more now that I have an idea of what I want to do with it. Till next time!

Here’s the Wesley Pull List and plans for the week for 11/9/11

I’ve decided to make this my new weekly idea to let you all what I’m up to and also just to tell you all what I’m planning to get for the week!

Okay first off, my first major online project will be happening soon, hopefully over the weekend. I’ll keep you posted when it’s ready for prime time. Some of my followers gave me some good feedback on what subjects could be interesting for this column. I’m extremely excited about it you have no idea.

Also on the Anvil end we’re going to be doing two podcasts over the weekend! Yes Anvilites count em, two podcasts! One is going to be…interesting and the other is one I cannot wait! The first creator interview on the Anvil! Yes guys this is a cool one, I am so happy about both episodes!

Now for the pull list:

This is a very light week for me on this one,

I’m grabbing Avenging Spider-Man #1 mainly because of the fact that I like Joe Madureira’s artwork and honestly that’s the big appeal for me. Zeb Wells is a solid writer and I’ve seen preview pages and that does make me interested in seeing how this will come together. I’m more than likely going to do a review on this one. Going to be interesting either way to see how this one fares for me. Yes I’m still bitter that Joe Mad hasn’t finished Battle Chasers and never will. That’s okay though I’ve accepted that one.

Batwoman #3 is a must buy for anyone but I just love this series. Written by J.H Williams and W. Haden Blackman and drawn by J.H Williams, this is one of the most beautifully drawn books in the new 52. Since Batwoman: Elegy is a favorite of mine I had to say this book had high expectations and it met them swimmingly so this is one of my long haul books of the new 52.

Demon Knights #3 continues a series that while I couldn’t get into Paul Cornell’s Stormwatch this one just fit like a glove. The series is fun, pure unadulterated fun. Massive action, great story, and the art by Diogenes Neves is amazing. On all levels this book is highly recommended and cannot be missed.

Grifter #3 is on my list and initially Grifter was a series I had no expectations for and then it turned into a book I can’t miss. This takes the concepts of Daemonites and twists that entirely on it’s head. Such a cool title and if you’re not already grabbing it I’d highly recommend that one.

Pigs #3 is a nice series, you should give this one a look. It’s a unique take on Cold War madness and I love every minute of it.

Resurrection Man #3 or the series I had extremely high hopes for as well and didn’t let me down at all. You all should definitely be checking this one out as well. If you read the original series then you’re well on your way to needing it in your life. If you haven’t read the original series you don’t have to and you can read knowing that it’s just a cool series.

The maybe book of the week is Marvel’s Point One. I am interested in seeing how they plan to set up all their big events for the year in some strange way, and in another way that price tag is the price tag from hell. So we’ll see. I’ll take a flip through and decide how I feel about that one at the store tomorrow.

That’s really about it for now people! Till the next post!