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My comics I plan to buy from the DC Relaunch! Part One

You know this list has been awhile in the making in my mind just solidifying just what I want to get. My comic guy is joking that I’m probably going to just grab all the titles and be done with it. Though I do plan on being a bit more selective to be honest since I can’t afford all these titles! There’s also some in there that just scream to me to stay far away from them. Let’s get this party started shall we?

Justice League #1: Now this was a given. Geoff Johns and Jim Lee that’s the epitome of enough said. This is going to be a fun one in just seeing how they rework the origin. I like the team they have actually and I’m curious who the other members will be outside of the initial seven since as Geoff said there’s going to be 14 of them by the end of it all. The thing I am also looking forward to is the team can tell a good story and I know the action is going to be a lot of fun. For Jim Lee is going to cut loose on this book and it’s going to be a blast. Yes it’s not an official big seven but I know they’re really wanting to push Cyborg and honestly I have no problem with that at all. Considering the other book on my list coming up later has Martian Manhunter in it.

Stormwatch #1: I’ve always liked Stormwatch mainly when Warren Ellis was writing it. Though embarassing 90’s comic collecting me moment here is I read it bad 90’s art and all when it first started out too. This one is written by Paul Cornell and it sounds great. You have Jack Hawksmoor with him being part of a group to grab Apollo and Midnighter. While you have Adam One who I’m not as familiar with but want to learn more about. I’m curious as to how it follows up from Superman#1 and seeing how this plays into this book. I’m hoping this works in a nice cohesive manner and at the same time for people that might not pick up Superman makes it easy for them to read just this title.

Superman #1: It’s George Perez writing which I’m not as sure about but I have read some stuff of his and liked it. Jesus Merino has a good art style and I am curious that George is doing the layouts how that’s going to influence the look of the series. Story wise and hearing the new status quo that’s coming about and the mentions of Lois and Clark breaking up I’m going to be interested to see how this goes. This is one that I can’t help but be curious about since it seems like Superman is going through some overhauls and I just wonder what in the world they’re going to do. ¬†Alas I can’t help but be interested.

Action Comics #1: It’s Grant Morrison and Rags Morales on Superman. From what I’ve read it’s the template for this Superman and how he develops as a Superhero. It’s Grant Morrison on Superman. Honestly that’s all I really need. His take is going to be good just from the initial reports and Rags Morales being on the book is going to make the book absolutely great to read. If the writing wasn’t enough when you have an artist like Rags on there that just ups the ante on that title ten fold.

Aquaman #1: Another Geoff Johns title on the list but with Ivan Reis on the artwork side of things how could it not be? I’ve not really collected an Aquaman book regularly in quite a long time but this is going to break it. The Kurt Busiek one was the last one I read and probably one of the weaker bits of Busiek writing sadly. Wasn’t really bad but definitely not up to par. I’m hoping this Aquaman book launching out of Flashpoint could be a strong series and gets a good story start behind it. This could be the sort of book that I could like initially but trail off of quickly. Since my connection to Aquaman is minimal.

Justice League International #1: Anyone that even remotely knows me knows a big JLI nerd. I have the issues. I’ve read the series. If it’s JLI it’s going to be in my hands. Period. Though I am saddened that Judd Winick isn’t the one writing the title I’m hopeful that Dan Jurgens can do a solid job with it. The cast looks interesting and also seriously what in the world was up with the disappearing lady on the cover? She was there and now whoopsie she’s not there anymore. She has ceased to be. I swear to you that screams it was supposed to be a surprise or even the possibility of a last minute removal. I guess we’ll find out when the issue hits. On the art end the book is going to look good no matter what with Aaron Lopresti and yes I’m going to say it that the team lacks a Blue Beetle. The lament of the Blue Beetle fan. Why can’t Ted Kord be alive!? ¬†Still can’t wait to read this book.

Wonder Woman #1: This book could be one of the more interesting on my list since this could go either way for me. I know I’m going to buy it since this series looks right up Azzarello’s alley and with Cliff Chiang on art you know it’s going to look amazing. The other thing is this book could be one that though it sounds great I could drift away from it. Unless it blows my mind in the first few issues it would be a book that though I am going to be picking up I could just as quickly drop. Though I’m steering towards it’s going to be awesome and we’ll keep with that.

The Fury of Firestorm #1: Gail Simone and Ethan van Sciver on a book that screams absolute fun? This book sounds nuts and I love it. It’s going to be parts fun, a bit trippy, and a crazy awesome time. I’m not kidding I’m really looking forward to this since it has everything involved to make this great. No joke I have the entire Ostrander run of Firestorm and even before. I cannot help but be interested. That and on the art end Yildiray Cinar is such a good artist and I’ll be curious to see this. Yes by golly I am a tiny winy bit of a Firestorm nerd.

Batgirl #1: Hi kids it’s Gail Simone on Batgirl. Outside of how they’re going to have Barbara Gordon be Batgirl again this book is going to be awesome by default. Gail has wanted this book for awhile and this should be straight on target in being a good read. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing her take on things. Really don’t care who you are it’s Gail Simone on Batgirl. There is really not that much more to be said for me. I hear Batgirl and then if wouldn’t have to know anything more than Gail Simone and I’m sold. Though I wonder what’s going to happen with Stephanie Brown and her place in the midst of this but right now I mainly think Gail Simone on Batgirl. That will be awesome.

Resurrection Man #1: One I love this comic for any issue I have read of Resurrection Man I’ve loved. That and this character had one of the most fun stories with Hitman involved. Story saved for another day but the point is I love that Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are getting to work on this character again. When I saw this announced I was in shock. I couldn’t believe DC was bringing this back and it was one of the niftier surprises of the DC Relaunch for me. For no one has done anything with this character since DC One Million so for them to finally bring him back into play for this relaunch is a happy day for me. One of the top concepts I’d always hoped DC would bring back and it is finally happening.

Demon Knights #1: Paul Cornell writing the Demon Etrigan in the Dark Ages. There is no way in the almighty seven hells that this will not be cool. Including in the fact you’re going to have Madame Xanadu and different characters involved that they haven’t even mentioned yet. No joking I did have a nice happy moment over this one since really I restate again Paul Cornell writing the Demon Etrigan. This screams levels of awesome that I cannot describe to you at this moment.

Men of War #1: There are reasons why I am happy for this title and I wasn’t sure at first how I’d be with it initially. Until it clicked in my head that the writer of it is Ivan Brandon who wrote Viking and that book is awesome. It’s hard hitting, brutal, and great storytelling. If this book even has an inkling of the levels of amazing Viking does then this book will be cool. This could be a book that could go either way with me but honestly I’m steering towards I’m going to be the guy in the corner yelling, “This is awesome, This is awesome, GO READ IT, THIS IS AWESOME!” I add the capitalized letters for emphasis.

This has also evolved further than I was expecting so this is getting a part two. Catch you all in the next part!

And we have the DC Comics Official Word..It’s time for Reboot.

Remember in my last post when I said don’t panic? Today the official word got dropped via USA Today that we have 50 Titles being rebooted in September with the first one being released August 31st with Flashpoint #5.

First off everyone grab your towels. For this is definitely going to be interesting to see how this one goes. I’m curious about it in the fact that your first title is the long hinted about Geoff Johns and Jim Lee JLA with a big seven line up. By the way for anyone who’s reading this and not sure what I mean by big seven JLA it’s Aquaman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash,I really can’t help but be excited about that. Now we have to see how the rest of the books are going to play out from here. For Jim Lee has redesigned 50 heroes for this relaunch. For good or for bad I say it’ll definitely be attention grabbing. I wish I had more information to use outside of just knowing about the new JLA title. This could actually be a good thing. I just get this picture of a thousand fans just wanting to hurt me for saying this could be a good thing. Honestly the fact that this is a simultaneous comic store and digital release is one interesting little quirk that might not be such a bad thing if it gets the comics into as many peoples hands as possible. For this sort of reboot if it’s going the way it’s going could turn out to be daring and cool. Jim Lee has hit or miss records with costume designs but I’m keeping an open mind right now on that front.

I’m in the excited yet cautiously optimistic stage with this one. I’ll be doing larger posts on this subject as I get more information. Just remember keep the towels handy in case of panic.