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The Blogging Adventures Resume Once More

In my attempts to revive this blog, I’ve always been in a state of block. I think it’s because the Geek Who Landed is such an old identity for me but people still know it. People still oddly dig it, and the idea behind it still stands. The truth of the Geek Who Landed is feeling like an outsider. Feeling a bit like an alien, you don’t fit in anywhere. That’s a lot of how I’ve felt for most of my life. Even in my early 30’s I’ve always been this guy who while around has never really fit into any circle. At times I feel like I just came from another planet and here I am, I’m here, how’s it going? As comics came into my life, that’s when I felt less like an alien, I felt like a human being. Here’s a circle that I can be part of and that can be a big part of my life. If it wasn’t for comics, I would still feel like an outsider. No matter what else happened in my world, I always had comics and that’s how I met a good part of the circle of my friends. The people I’m closest to are all in the comics scene.

Now I’ve also been lucky to make a few close friends in the gaming, television, and other facets of the fan universe. Comics are my first love, comics are a big part of what makes me, me. When I settle down to read something, usually it trends towards comics. It’s why I still write about them, doing reviews for in the midst of the death of Comics Crux. If I had to be honest with myself, I was about to take a break from just everything for awhile. Just disappear for a bit because Comics Crux was a big part of me. I helped Jess out with a lot of that site so it was hard to resume just writing about comics normally. Then when Rhymes With Geek happened, I felt that comics coverage just wasn’t done with me yet. I do mainly reviews for Rhymes With Geek and that’s a lot of fun for me.

At this stage though, I need to have outlets to cover stuff that I just want to rant about with comics. Hence, the blog making a full comeback. Every day I will post something on here. Every single day, I fell dedicate myself to posting something on this blog. I’m not going anywhere, sometimes I felt as if comics internet was done with me but far from it. I used to say to myself that I am the man who will not die. That is not a statement meant as bad, I don’t give up. I don’t die that easily, I survived too much crap to go away without a fight. With the push of a good friend, honestly a couple good friends over time, the blog is returning with a vengeance.

Comics Internet, I never went anywhere but I feel like I’ve been gone for awhile. I’m better than ever, I’m stronger than ever, and now I’m ready to make the Comics Internet and beyond a bit more interesting. Don’t call it a comeback, call it a revival to a new level. Bring it on Universe, I’m ready.

The Beginning of my Coverage of Avengers vs. X-Men

This is a collection of my thoughts and reviews on the Avengers vs. X-Men event thus far. I’ll do more updates on this end as I do reviews for this adventure. This is probably one of the bigger events I’ve covered and it’s been an interesting experience so far. It’s an event that’s so far mostly setup and more setup. Oh the setup galore by this point in Avengers vs. X-Men. Check out my reviews and thoughts, so far this has been quite a ride.

and my look at the first tie-in for this event being New Avengers #24,

Let me know what you think on my coverage so far, because this will be my journey, my epic adventure into the great wide world of the Marvel Event. I say at this point if I could review the entirety of Avengers X-Sanction, Avengers vs. X-Men has been quite a bit better than that limited series was so far. Even with some of my mixed reactions to Avengers vs. X-Men. Till next time!


The Comic Adventures This Week! 3/28/12

In an effort to keep my blog more regularly updated I’m going to let you all know what I plan to get for the week, in turn let you know what I’ll more than likely be reviewing. That way you’ll know what I plan on reading and you’ll all know what to expect on within the week.

All Star Western #7: One I’m sad I haven’t gotten the chance to review yet but I plan on doing this sooner rather than later since I do like this comic. I’ve always like Jonah Hex and putting him more in play in the DC Universe has worked for me overall. The first arc I’m not going to lie was a little hit or miss for me but I do like the series. I loved the last issue especially.

New Deadwardians #1:  Vertigo’s relaunch has been a mixed affair so far. I liked Saucer Country and there’s enough there to really keep me interested to give it a fair shake. Voodoo Child was there, just kind of there. I liked parts of it but I just couldn’t get into it as much as I would’ve liked. I loved Denys Cowan’s art though but everything else left me cold. New Deadwardians is by Dan Abnett who I generally like so I will be giving this a look. The mix of zombie and vampire cultures is a curious one and I want to see how Abnett pulls this together. I say this should be worth a shot, also you can guarantee I’m reviewing this one.

Bloodstrike #26: I can only imagine how Bloodstrike is going to go for me. I got nothing, this is the ultimate wildcard out of the Extreme Studios relaunch. Loved Prophet and Glory and if Bloodstrike turns out well we will be three for three. From the preview pages I’ve seen there’s a good chance this is going to go over fairly well. This is a definite review since I always find I have a lot to say on the Extreme Studios books thus far, especially the first issues.

Morning Glories #17: Ah not much to say outside of I look forward to seeing how this one comes together, especially since this has been some heck of a story arc thus far. Especially realizing that there’s been so many twists and turns. I’m excited.

The Walking Dead #95: The story arc: A Larger World thus far has been one that’s really been on the level of really the Prison in game changing The Walking Dead to this point. Now this will eventually turn I have no idea but dang, am I ever interested in every single issue to come, I can’t believe it’s about to hit the 100th issue soon. Time flies.

Avengers vs. X-Men #0: The beginning of Marvel’s oh my sweet Christmas crossover event of 2012. I’m actually interested, my mixed feelings on Avengers X-Sanction aside this could be a cool story. I’m sort of shocked I’m as into this as I am but hey in life you have to keep an open mind right? Yes you all know I am reviewing this sucker and looking over it with a fine tooth comb, considering I’ve been telling you all on twitter about this for ages.

Crossed: Badlands #2: I didn’t expect to enjoy the last issue as much as I did but wow I really got into this one. Crossed is twisted fun and appeals to my darker sense of humor at times. Not for everyone but if you’re into it you will have fun and I think it should be cool.

Avenging Spider-Man #5:  I am going to give Avenging Spider-Man another chance because I saw the preview for the latest issue and it cracked me up. I was laughing just from the first few pages so I’m more than happy to check this one out again. Just Spider-Man and Captain America and dealing with Cap’s history as an comic artist is going to be hilarious.

One final one is Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures #1: I cannot wait to read this and I’ve been looking forward to this one for awhile. My friend managed to get it before me because of Comixology somehow having it up a couple weeks early. Bah! Oh well though, I get to read it this week so all is well.

There you go, that’s about what I’m getting this week. I do plan on making this an every either Monday or Tuesday depending on what’s happening. I will be updating my blog much more now that I have an idea of what I want to do with it. Till next time!

The Extreme Studios Relaunch: I’m just as surprised as anyone else

These reviews I just posted up here represent the beginning of my look into Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studio Relaunch. Collecting my shock into just how much I liked both of these books. It’s a clever idea with Liefeld to let a diverse group of creators and let them cut loose. Prophet under Brandon Graham and Simon Ray went for a Heavy Metal/European inspired book going in directions I couldn’t have ever imagined. While Glory had Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell taking the concept of Wonder Woman and taking it to new heights. It’s taking the concepts that Rob Liefeld had back in those days and taking them in brand new or just improved directions.

I’m amazed at both books instantly hitting my new favorites list. The new issues of both can’t arrive for me fast enough. Though Prophet #22 comes out next week, which is going to feel like forever. Glory #24 hits next month and I want time travel to be invented so I can have it now. They’re the sort of books that as a comic fan just make you happy. These are also the books that if you ever want to tell people why you like comics, show them these and it’ll explain it. For goodness sake, Glory has a scene where she punches out of a tank after decimating a lot of Nazi soldiers. How cool is that? I ask you, how cool is that?

While Prophet is awesome in just all the ideas that are within the issue. I honestly say as well for me that the Warren Ellis recommendation put it over the top. Then I saw Simon Ray’s artwork for the first time and it fascinated the life out of me. I had to have this book in my life. Which when I got it in my life, I then had to take Glory more seriously from there. Then Glory turned out to be great and now I want to try out Bloodstrike when it comes out next month.

Extreme Studios, a concept that I never imagined I would have wanted back. Now the comic book universe is all the better for having these characters back. Welcome back Extreme Studios and if you keep being this wonderful, may you never leave again.

My first meeting with the tv show Comic Book Men

This is my first article on the Backstage side of I mainly hang out in the section of the site but I felt Comic Book Men deserves a review, especially after I watched it. As you read the review, I want you to note a few things, I watched it twice. I did that for the fact that  if I didn’t I would have missed something. That’s how I found some small positives within the show itself. Is it great? No not by any means. Take a look over the review and tell me what you think, either in the comment section here or on the backstage site itself. Till next time!

Memories of Childhood: X-Men II: Fall of the Mutants

X-Men Fall of the Mutants Computer Video GameOne of my favorite childhood memories is playing  X-Men II: Fall of the Mutants. Showing a bit of my age here, I played the game on freaking 5.25 Floppy Disks, the true floppy disks. Those annoying things that if you weren’t careful you would destroy all the information on the disk with one fingernail. I kid you not, in my elementary school we had games literally nullified by a fingernail or something equally sharp hitting a disk. I remember seeing just X-Men on the shelf and I didn’t even hardly notice X-Men II: Fall of the Mutants, not even thinking it was the second game in the series. All I knew was, it had X-Men in it and I was in comic fan nirvana just seeing the cover.

Just see that cover and you can only imagine child me at the time. The game needless to say went home with me because my Dad thought it was cool as well. If you’ve ever wondered where the comic fan in me initially sparked, it was from my Dad, he was a huge Thor and Superman fan when he was a kid. We usually shared the experience of computer gaming together, so comics and gaming? Oh that was a perfect combination. I was so excited on the way back from Micro Center, I though to myself all the adventures I was going to have, all the hours of enjoyment, and just getting to play all my favorite X-Men characters in one game.

I remember reading over the instructions and seeing all the characters within the game, my gaming heart soared. Cyclops, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Phoenix, Beast, Psylocke, Wolverine, Colossus, Archangel, Longshot, Dazzler, Shadowcat, and that’s just to name a few. It was based off of the X-Men story Fall of the Mutants, with the X-Men fighting against the Adversary. With battles against the Freedom Force with members such as Stonewall, Crimson Commando, Pyro, and Mystique. Then I got home to start installing the game. My excitement turned into another emotion entirely.

X-Men II Fall of the Mutants Character Roster

I remember getting the game on my computer. loading in my disk, following all the instructions and the sound wouldn’t work. I could get the game itself to run yet the sound drove me batty. The game was a little weird in itself to try to get to run, computer specs were fine, everything else was good, yet this game was just giving me fits. Anyone who played computer games in this period remembers well that moment of just figuring out what was wrong. Back in the days before internet it was you and your friend, or family member, just trying to figure this out. My Dad and I tweaked around with it, then eventually I think I was messing around with the game and I got it to work fully, sound and all. Could I tell you what I did now? Heck no, but I got it working and that’s all that mattered by that point. Now I could start playing the game.

X-Men II: Fall of the Mutants was a dungeon crawler taking place in different worlds and time periods. I remember playing around with different combinations of X-Men and any team of mine usually had a combination of Wolverine or Cyclops and everyone else was optional. Within my time playing the game I tried out about every combination of X-Men team I could think of. Then you pick your team and you’re graced with an image of the Watcher sending you on your way. The game play was a mix of either RPG turn based or Side Scrolling adventure, depending on play style. I did side scrolling and I remember trying to figure out the controls. It took me a bit of time to get used to them, but eventually I did. While sometimes wiling away precious time as you had one week in game time to finish a certain world. Ah the memories of that time clock hitting me just as I was nearly done with a level.

I remember crawling through those seemingly endless dungeons, fighting random enemies of all sorts. Then eventually getting to my goal of fighting a certain team of the Freedom Force. It took me some time to finally beat the game, I remember spending hours playing through the game, getting so close and then boom, I’m dead and then I get to go through the whole experience again. The key to the game was finding that perfect combination of X-Men to get you through the game. The final battle against the Adversary was nuts. Not just with the quirky controls, but just that fight was a tense one. The game wasn’t exactly easy to begin with so you could imagine what a final boss fight would be like. Once I beat that game though I was so happy, I let out such a cheer. I think I did do another play through before I eventually stopped playing the game.  It doesn’t have much replay value sadly.

I do still have my original copy of the game somewhere around here, though I couldn’t play the original disks anymore. I think I would crack up at the adventure of installing each disk one after another. There was always that yelling sound, I pictured it as the Watcher yelling at me as I installed the game. No wonder the game gave me so many fits in actually getting it to work right in the beginning huh? In looking through information for the game again, I had never realized what the first game was about. X-Men: Madness in Murderworld. I wonder, should I take a chance and try out this game? X-Men II: The Fall of the Mutants I have nostalgia for, but how would it be if I played the first game now? Fire me a line if you’ve played the first game and if I should give it a shot.

Thoughts from your Humble Host: Grant Morrison

I just took a read of this column off of CBR and I have to say this is interesting to me. Cracks me up that I actually have a good chunk of this material in one way or another. This for the most part is a solid look at his work. There’s some great reading in each of these things mentioned. Especially the Invisibles which by the way if none of you out there have read the Invisibles, do yourself a favor and find the trades immediately.  I got mine in a random adventure at Half Price Books in which one day I went in with a buddy of mine and there they were. Every single volume of the Invisibles right before me. Which inspired one of the weeks in which my brain felt it got rewired. Within all the ideas represented here with the sheer inventiveness of the story comes a mind melting event of awesome that has to be experienced.

By the way I like that usage of words, mind melting event of awesome. That’s cool.

Morrison’s We3 is actually one of my favorite stories of his as I own the TPB of it as well as the deluxe hardcover edition. By the way I recommend grabbing the hardcover edition since that one is just chock full of great material. I’ve had people I know who don’t read a lot of comics read We3 and get to wanting to read more from there. Mixed in with the fact that there’s so much amazing material from him out there that we’re going to get into something that’s been much talked about and argued about at times, his current Action Comics run.

I’ve done two reviews of his Action Comics so far, which I’ll link below,

I’m kind of an oddball with my views on this series, I genuinely like it. What caught my eye so much with this is the fact that this series feels natural to what it would have been like for Superman to appear in our time. I think Morrison is building piece by piece the current version of Superman and there’s not as many mad ideas but we’re getting there. The next issues are going to be where Grant starts to cut loose which the Legion of Superheroes showing up. I didn’t get to do a review of issue 3 but I did like it quite a lot. Gene Ha’s view of Krypton was a thing a beauty and it’s Gene Ha doing this, you knew it was going to look great. Give Action Comics a shot if you’re curious about the series by the way. It is a good read especially if you think back to the early appearances of Superman.

The one goal of mine at some point is to grab all of his New X-Men Ultimate Collections and just read through them. Same with finishing up his Doom Patrol and Animal Man runs. All three have been on my hit list for quite a long time. I’m also going to finish up this post here as I can’t think of anything else at the moment. Till next time!




Keeping you updated! A selection of my recent reviews.

Here’s the links to my most recent reviews I’ve done. Representing some serious variety in all my reviews I’ve been doing as of late. From expressing my love for Atomic Robo, checking out a nice old school inspired superhero comic, cool covert ops story, and a X-Men series I haven’t checked out in awhile. The Mudman review is a special one for me as that one managed to pop on the Robot 6 Blog in the Chain Reactions story which I was insanely happy about. My poor twitter followers got to deal with a me bouncing off the walls that day. I’ll post the link below just to let you all check out my fun mention.

Really not too much else to report, would anyone like a detailed post on Our Love is Real? I feel it deserves that one considering that the Comic Anvil is being posted soon in which @EvilPilgrim and I go in further detail into the wonderful world of Our Love is Real.  Till next blog!





Spoiler Filled Thoughts! Secret Avengers #16

Just got done with my review of Secret Avengers #16 which you can find below,

Feel free and read the review before you get into the spoiler filled thoughts, since I plan to spoil the living crap out of this.

You have been warned.

You know it took me a couple reads to fully appreciate just what Warren Ellis has managed to pull off in just one issue of Secret Avengers. Warren Ellis is truly the mad genius of comics in just what he manages to do. Honestly with him using the Shadow Council concept, just twisting it to his own ways, makes it that much more amazing. Also living near Cincinnati that I wasn’t told there was a Secret City under there sooner and that there was a time machine, makes me disappointed. Just saying, if there is a cool time machine somewhere, let me know next time. I’ll find a way to use the machine without annihilating Cincinnati.

Moon Knight and Beast must be teamed up more in Warren’s run on this title, Best quotes being:

In reference to what weapons they have, and Moon Knight wondering why his isn’t the same as Steve Rogers,

Beast: “Commander Rogers is a Super-Soldier who can master any weapon in seconds. You are a borderline psychotic who wears a white bag over his head in public. I imagine everyone thought it’d be best to make things easy for you.

and when Moon Knight gets shot,

Moon Knight: Relax, I’m far too borderline psychotic to feel pain. Nearly there anyway.  Actually I might pass out.

Beast: I’m sorry I said you were insane.

Moon Knight: I still might pass out.

That’s the best thing about this is the character interactions. I mentioned it in the review, but couldn’t get into this as much without overwhelming my review. Ellis has a flair for character interaction that makes these people feel like a team. It’s covert operations and the feel does wonders for Secret Avengers. It actually has an identity all it’s own, which has been sorely needed for this series. The new motto, “Run the Mission, Don’t get seen, Save the World.” is perfection.

Jamie McKelvie is amazing in this issue. I always knew he was good, but this issue has me see him in a brand new light.  Also I wish his cover would have been the main cover for it fit the story so much more than the John Cassaday cover. I like Cassaday but McKelvie’s cover was just a stronger piece, fitting the issue in a way Cassaday’s didn’t.

The ending of Beast having to use the Atomic Cadillac as a neutron bomb was amazing. Just a great sequence leading to that sad ending which Kudos to Matthew Wilson’s color work, for that fit that last panel perfectly.

Those were just the main points I wanted to get into further that I felt would have sent the review into a spoiler fest from hell. So that ends another edition of Spoiler Filled Thoughts!

Spoiler filled thoughts! Justice League #1

Just posted up a review of Justice League #1 and couldn’t help but think of an idea for an interesting new idea for my blog. This is where you’ll get my more spoiler filled versions of thoughts I have on different comics I review throughout the week. Let’s get this started shall we?

Okay the alien in this issue fascinates me, I kind of wish at Fan Expo no one would have talked about the fact that Darkseid is going to be the main villain of this first story arc. I would have loved to have been surprised by that, but hey it was still cool to hear the alien spit that out before he burned to a crisp. That entire segment was a lot of fun to read, just seeing how Green Lantern of this universe interacted with Batman was absolutely priceless. The “You’re just a guy in a bat suit!?” made me laugh my head off. Yes I know it was kind of cheesy but really, you can’t deny that wasn’t a pretty good line. Though the counter to that was hilarious when Batman just grabs the ring. Perfectly paced piece and made me just keep smiling. The character interactions are what make this first issue shine.

I’ve heard comments on lackluster writing but I don’t see it, this is actually some of my favorite Geoff Johns writing in quite a long time. I feel like he’s having fun. There’s something liberating about having a blank canvas to play with, just making sure to keep the core of the characters alive. You still know all these characters, yet they’re in a brand new and dangerous world. Jim Lee is doing some of the best work I’ve seen of his recently, he’s giving his a-game for this book and it shows in every panel. I loved the Green Lantern constructs he created, and the giant flying bats at the Police helicopters was priceless.

The Vic Stone introduction has had many opinions across the net, and I liked it as you know from my review, but there’s this great segment I didn’t get to mention. I loved how he was looking at Green Lantern’s plane as it was flying over metropolis and his sadness over his Dad, yet this sort of wonderment across his face caught my attention. I can’t wait to see just what in the world happens to end up making him Cyborg in the relaunched DCU. This story strikes me as Vic Stone’s as much as the formation of the Justice League, for everyone else it seems is established except for him. Cyborg will more than likely be our point of view character when the team is up and running.

Now the last page with Superman is going to be interesting. I know there’s going to be a fight in the next issue, but I get the feeling it’s going to play differently than what we’d expect. I’m hoping as much since I’d rather it not be the typical Superhero misunderstanding fight. We’ll see though. If anything Jim Lee will be able to draw some amazing action sequences which will be awesome. So we win either way. I loved how Superman took out Green Lantern, just one fast red and blue blur of the over confident hero. That’ll teach you to underestimate Superman.

and that does it for the first installment of Spoiler filled thoughts. Every review I do for mycomicnetwork will get a treatment on here for the most part. Oh and really I can’t wait to find out what’s up with the  purple girl from Flashpoint #5 and how she relates to the relaunched DC Universe. Till next time!