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The Dream of the 90’s is Alive in This Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/28/15

Yes as you can tell I’ve been watching Portlandia today. I was happy that I got one major project off the ground that I’ve been wanting to do for ages and I’m so happy about his. We’re getting there on getting cool stuff done. Tomorrow though it is flu shot day, yippie skippy! Though I did reserve Area X collecting a trilogy of Jeff Vandermeer books that caught my eye. I saw it at the library today and didn’t think of it, so I put it on hold and it is waiting for me. So tomorrow is flu shot and library, yeehaw! I am one exciting person though at least tomorrow I can now catch up on other things  on my backlog so hey tomorrow will be a reading day likely enough, oh heck yes! As most of my writing lately in one way or another involves reading catch up, yeah it’ll be a reading day tomorrow. Let’s make it happen!

Yeah this is such a lackluster chill bloggity thing tonight but overall it was a fairly low key day. Got some stuff done, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I saw Gotham tonight and I really am going to have to write something more solid on Gotham. I really am going to have to write something detailed on Gotham as the second season is off the charts crazy town. The first season of Gotham suffered from bouncing from plot to plot with no real focus and now this season has a deadly serious focus. I love what they’re doing and this season is making me happy and curious to see what they do next. Gotham is my show where I treat is as though it is an alternate universe and I enjoy the experience the show gives me. My rule is if I’m having fun then it can’t be all bad.

There will likely be a lot of TV talk on this blog this week, I can fully tell you that. Between reading catch up and general TV, yeah this blog is going to be heavily all over the place. TV talk will be fun though and I’m looking forward to diving into some good old fashioned TV chatting this week. Wow I also managed to get more out of this blog tonight than I thought I would. Yay for expanding upon my thoughts at the last second as this could have been on low content blog tonight.

Anyway, signing off for now, enjoy the rest of the evening! Laters!

The Flash Trailers Are Here, Time to Get Excited

Flash Fact: Following The Arrow Season Three finale, now the hype machine begins for The Flash Series premiere. The first trailer was shown last night during Arrow making it clear that the series is going to be a big part of Arrow’s universe. Just a sweet way to show that while Arrow and The Flash are two unique series, the connection will still be there and prominent. Even better showing the personalities of the two characters and how different but similar they are in their own way. Check out the fun trailer first, that I am going to show below. It’s a cool trailer that can give you a great idea as to how Barry Allen’s Flash is being trained.

The hashtag of Don’t Blink is perfect for this show, even the logo for The Flash screams fun for this show. The longer trailer shown today gives us more of an idea of the tone The Flash will have. You can see the full interconnected nature of The Flash and Arrow highlighted further and get an idea as to how the series will play out in the months to come. I love that they’re putting Weather Wizard in this as the first major Rogue, I am surprised they’re not using Captain Cold but that’s for the full Rogues later on. This is the trailer that made me excited for The Flash and made me realize that The Flash and Arrow are going to compliment in each other in a brilliant way. Check out the full trailer below and see what you think.

I’d love how Grant Gustin handled Barry Allen in the Arrow episodes he was in and he plays The Flash with that same energy. The suit in motion looks a lot better than what the still shots gave me. Now I am full speed ahead in being jazzed for The Flash. The CW putting this on at 8 pm on Tuesday bugs me a bit as I would love to have had the Arrow and The Flash power lineup. To speculate here, maybe the CW is going with splitting up the shows over two nights for crossovers and having more live eyes on the network. DVR views are huge but the live audience is huge and keeping viewers engaged for two nights of live programming would be huge.  Of course the other speculation is not having two superhero shows in one night that could just be too much of a good thing to have right now. Either way, The CW is going to be a happy network this year I think.

Between Constantine, Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, Gotham, and now The Flash hitting the airwaves this fall, this is an exciting time. Prepare your DVR’s, your snacks, and whatever other preparations you need to make, we are in for one amazing fall season. The Flash is just one part of a sequentially beautiful year in comic book television.


Comic Books Are All Over TV This Fall

I never thought I’d be in an age where this many comic books would be hitting television screens at the same time. To start this off we have Agents of SHIELD renewed and Agent Carter on the way, Now DC’s lineup for television is insanity in a good way, Constantine on NBC, Gotham on Fox, The Flash and iZombie on the CW, with Arrow renewed for another season too. Don’t forget The Walking Dead on AMC returning in the fall, which means eight comic book shows are going to be on TV at the same time. This is huge to say the least because right now this proves that comics on TV are big business, especially with that Preacher adaptation on the way from AMC. Which means if these shows all survive by that point, we’ll have nine comic book shows on TV. If I’m missing anything else please let me know, I’m just astonished as to how many comics are appearing on the screens and how many are going to be on TV at the same time.

Now I’m still unsure as to the survival of the new shows on the scene. Agent Carter has potential to be huge as my own shock of my Mom getting excited about the series. She heard about the premise of Agent Carter and she got intrigued, I can’t wait to see who else will be in this cast. The Flash should be an easy sell as it ties into Arrow with Grant Gustin’s take on Barry Allen going over well with everyone. iZombie could be a touchy sell as it exists in its own little world but it has a strong creative pedigree behind it. Constantine on NBC is one I’m unsure about though if paired with Grimm NBC could have something there. Gotham will be the next easiest one to get a second season next to The Flash because Fox paid huge money for that show. Gotham also has the bonus of having a strong cast to build the series. Gotham’s push of showing what puts Jim Gordon and Young Bruce Wayne into their respective roles while building Batman’s rogues gallery in the process should be a winner. Even more amazing is how I managed to shove in that many perspectives into one paragraph, that’s impressive.

Right now I really don’t have too much to say on a lot of the new shows, I’m in awe of the fact that we’re going to have that many comic shows on in the first place. I do consider this huge despite my cynicism on a few things, this is a big deal for me to see. Either of these shows could hit big, could get renewed, and have potential to last a few years. As I start to see trailers for more of this I’ll have more to say in the months to come but for right now, I remain hopeful. Please let these all be as solid as what I hope they could be, I want a vibrant future for comics on my TV screen as much as anyone else.