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A Thought Process on Citizen Jack #1 – A Presidential Candidate of Snow Blowers and Alcoholic Fury

Citizen Jack #1 Cover

Oh my goodness Citizen Jack is one comic I’ve been looking forward to for awhile. Considering the so far loopy madness that this election cycle has brought us, Citizen Jack #1 is perfectly timed. Between Prez from DC Comics and this, politics in comics is definitely taking a small uptick lately. Seeing that initially all I knew about this was the title and the fact that Sam Humphries was writing it and Tommy Patterson is the artist, yeah I was pretty blind going into Citizen Jack. So what kind of crazy electoral madness am I in for? This time around your Presidential Candidate is a man named Jack Northworthy who’s working with a Demon named Marlinspike to make his way to the White House. When you realize Humphries is writing this comic and he made a comic like Our Love is Real work, you learn to trust that you’re in for a good time. Even more so that Tommy Patterson is a great artist most notably on his work with the Game of Thrones comic. Amazing artist, amazing writer, and a concept unlike anything else, time to venture through my Thought Process on Citizen Jack #1.

Here’s the craziest bit about Citizen Jack #1, this comic starts off like a twisted dark comedy. I almost wish Marlinspike the Demon wouldn’t have been setup till midway through the comic to see how much more broken Jack is. Yet it works as is since Jack Northworthy is an absolute mess. He just doesn’t know how much of a mess he is because he’s stuck in an alcoholic haze and is kind of a jerk, okay not kind of, he really is a jerk. Yet it’s fun to see how Humphries explores this strange individual and hovering in the background is a laughing demon known as Marlinspike. I almost like the demon more than Jack and that takes some talent. Even knowing Jack’s backstory in the comic, he is still so unlikable and yet compelling to see how his journey is going. There are hints that there is a decent person somewhere in that mildly terrible soul. Really if Humphries can figure out a way to get us to like him or dislike him even more, this could be something. As it is at this point, I really oddly enjoy the demon but find Jack absolutely fascinating at his horribleness.

Which in the story that Humphries is crafting here, Tommy Patterson helps bring this madness to life. Jack himself is pretty much designed as a mess spending most of his time in a pink bathrobe, with this sort of grinning to almost borderline nuts look on his face. Patterson has a way with these emotions in the story to bring to us the life of Citizen Jack. At all times Jack’s reactions are always exaggerated in one way or another fitting Humphries characterization of him. I think it also helps that there’s enough realism to his artwork to give it some kind of grounding force, even with a demon and a dolphin political commentator in the story.  In the developing supporting cast outside of Marlinspike the way Patterson draws their reactions to Jack is priceless. The cast has these great looks on their faces from slight grins to absolute disgust and anger, it’s really cool to see as you note these touches in the artwork itself.

Citizen Jack #1 President

There’s also something to be had here in the coloring. Jon Alderink captures the snowy wonderland of Minnesota in a wonderful way. When there is the light amount of snow blowing in the wind on the opening page sets such a mood for the story ahead. It’s cold to look at and then you see a man in a bright pink bathrobe with a shotgun riding a snowblower. It’s all in the coloring of the darkness, the snow, and everything colliding to set that perfect mood of what you’re in for within the pages of Citizen Jack. Until you of course get to Marlinspike colored in shadows throughout the story and bringing to life the craziness that demon brings into Jack’s life. There’s one scene near the end where reality goes haywire and Patterson’s visuals are one thing bringing the writing to life but Alderink’s colors make the scene explode from the page. It’s pure manic energy from one exciting splash page and I love it.

One thing I’m starting to appreciate more is the art of a good letterer and Rachel Deering did a rocking job lettering this. I especially noticed the lettering on Marlinspike, that lettering gives as much personality to the demon as the actual writing and art does. I liked also how the lettering in the opening pages with the snow blower battle and one character had the letters trailing off, very cool effect. In lettering the comic you can see the simplest touches add that much to a story and what brings certain characters to life. This is my first time really paying attention to that and in a story like this that has so many different elements in play, it’s good to appreciate the lettering adding so much life to a story.

I’m enjoying my time in the world of Citizen Jack so far. It’s endlessly engaging and has a lot going on that has my attention already. I liked that you pretty much got a good base feel for Jack right off the bat and you at least have a basic understanding of him. Now the reader has an opportunity to really appreciate learning more about Jack in the issues to come as he starts his journey to the White House. Even getting a feel for his connection with Marlinspike, this is going to take many a twist and I’m happy to see it. You can see that there is going to be a darker element brewing here but it is going to be delicious to see how brutal this thing will end up being.

I’m hoping that a lot of people will give Citizen Jack a shot, it’s got an amazing team and so much going for it. Don’t miss out on this comic, I beg of you do not miss out on this comic. Citizen Jack has so much happening already and this is going the beginning. Even better that this is an ongoing series that I want to see go as far as it can possibly go, read this comic.

Hi, I’m a Comic Book Optimist and You’re All Cool With Me

Hi I'm Ambush Bug

Hi, my name is Wesley and how are you doing?

I’m a guy who writes about comics on the internet, I’ve written for a few sites, and still love talking about it on social media all the same. I’m usually optimistic and I have my cranky moments but overall I’m a positive person. Lately, I’ve felt that we need more love in the comics internet scene. I’ve interacted with writers from many different sites over the years comics wise. I’ve interacted with many writers, artists, and so forth over the years comic book wise. When I first started I really had no idea what I was doing, all I knew was I liked comics and liked talking about them. Then writing about them happened and then it ballooned from there into a decent sized writing adventure. The one thing is even at points where I’ve not been exactly positive about certain aspects of a comic or what’s going on with them, I’ve still always really enjoyed comics. It was all about to me the conversations and the energy behind them. Nowadays at points it seems that there’s a level of cynicism that appears within the comics community like no other and it makes me sad. Yet at my core I am a generally positive person which makes me the rare breed of a Comic Book Optimist.

I’ve had my moments of negativity over the years like anyone else yet I like keeping things on a positive level, an active energy of love in everything I write about. It’s why I’ve been writing the way I have and how I look at books now. Sometimes I think I may started to mellow as I’ve gotten older but it is more along the lines of if I dislike a book now, I really have to find something major that sparks my ire so to speak. Say with ANAD Marvel right now, there’s been a lot of solid books and only a couple that left me kind of lukewarm but that’s really it. DC Comics wise, I’ve found a lot of cool books but still part of the line is kind of okay and that’s about it. Yet I know that there’s a lot of things that need to be fixed but I feel that in time they will be. It’ll take awhile but we’re getting there slowly but surely. Every time I see something that could potentially turn out to be awful, it somehow ends up being better in the end. Hence why I never quite lose my internal optimism for comics.

Hence why the Ambush Bug, as Ambush Bug is one of my ultimate in fun characters that I always find myself relating to. Fourth wall breaking madness but filled with everlasting comic book goodness, Ambush Bug in a nutshell. I remember I used to use a fourth wall breaking end line for my columns at Comics Crux at one point. Some goofy thing but really I am a guy who looks at fun in comics and tries to find it in everything. It’s tough to be a comic book optimist and find the good in anything and yet somehow I usually can find something. It was lost to me for a short time but I’ve got it back now and I don’t plan on losing it. It’s also why I put in that you’re all cool with me because you’re all cool with me. My chats on twitter about how I am is pretty much this post, you are all awesome and you’re all why I am such a comic book optimist, the fan base of comics encourages me more than discourages me at this point.

Seeing all the awesome creator owned projects out there and what people are doing on the independent scene of comics, that’s exciting and amazing to behold. I still haven’t discovered all of it yet but what I have seen blows my mind and makes me look forward to seeing what will be happening next in comics. Heck when Marvel and DC are trying out a lot of things lately even with stumbling blocks, that’s interesting to me and that has my eyes curious as to what will be coming. It’s pretty awesome on the comic scene right now, not even going to kid you, it’s a pretty wild and fun period of time. I see the comic book TV scene and I’m blown away from what I’ve seen on it, then the comics do that much more and it makes me an even more engaged writer than ever before, I look forward to talking comics more and more lately.

Welcome to the most unique period of time to ever be a comic book fan. Ridiculous amounts of new material like nothing we’ve ever seen before, new ideas, new worlds, and more new things being tried than ever before. The fanbase is more engaged, the conversations overall more productive, and we are starting to get somewhere. Hence why I have fully embraced being a Comic Book Optimist. It’d be hard to break me of it at this point. Like I said things aren’t perfect right now on the comic book scene but my goodness it is ten times better than it used to be that’s for darned sure.

Yeah we live in amazing times and I’m pretty curious to see where we end up in comics in the coming years. New genre explorations from new and old creators, the bigger companies trying out stuff and seeing what happens, and so many other interesting things happening. It is why I still love wandering about on twitter, facebook, and more and seeing what else is out there and what will be created next. Even the digital platforms have opened up new and exciting possibilities for creators to get their name out there. This is one amazing and unique time to be a comic fan.

I want to know how you feel about comic books nowadays, optimistic, pessimistic, bring it on as I want to know what you all think out there about comics and more lately. Whatever the case may be, your opinion either optimistic or not, isn’t wrong by any means. This is definitely one of my favorite periods to be a comic fan that’s for sure. I still can’t believe what I’ve seen so far in the industry that is more good than bad. Oh yes there is still bad but there is so much more good out there.

That my friends is the life of a Comic Book Optimist, I know everything bad and good that is happening. I just know it’ll be better and with time everything will be better than ever before.

The Wesley Comic Files: A Review of Axcend #1

Axcend #1 Cover

At one point I was heavily into MMORPG’s specifically World of Warcraft and City of Heroes, which is why Axcend #1 caught my attention. I also like Shane Davis as an artist via his work on Superman Earth One and Shadow Walk. This is Davis’s first time writing and drawing a comic book so I’m intrigued. One thing is for sure, I knew this book would look good visually from the preview art I’ve seen and story wise it sounded cool. Video games and comics are two things I dig and since I mentioned I used to be big into MMORPG’s, this was up my alley. Now after all the preview art and everything else, now Axcend is released upon the comic reading world. Could this be a new avatar or something to reroll? Time to begin the adventure into the virtual world of Axcend #1!

Now let’s get this rolling with the fact that Axcend is a gorgeous looking book. It’s drop dead gorgeous to look at and it is a great looking comic book without a doubt. All the characters in this comic are well designed and capture the MMORPG culture well. Michelle Delecki’s inks work well with Davis’s art and give it a nice extra polish to the piece. Add in some jaw dropping color work from Morry Hollowell, this is one great looking comic. In the writing of the story you get that feel of how the players interact with one another in the Axcend game. It also even reflects a Wii U style capability with a handheld device to play the game away from your console. Even in the scenes outside of the MMORPG, it has a nice grounded look to it and in either case work well off each other.

I think character wise is where things get a little mixed for me. Eric Morn is the lead of this comic and he’s dealing with a major personal event in his life. Eric himself is easy and hard to root for all at the same time. He’s a weird character to look at. You like him but you want to smack him out of everything he’s doing through, though his school life is a major pain. I really liked him in his school atmosphere as he could be rebellious as a student but he seems like an overall decent guy but someone who has gone through a lot. It’s interesting and I will be curious how he grows as the series goes on. The other characters he interacts with in the story Rayne and Ruin are so far only known as players in the game and that’s it. So far hard to judge them but from the events of the first issue, the reality and fantasy of this world is going to blur together quickly.

Axcend #1 was a decent read, not perfect but I enjoyed the comic and curious about where the story will go. It got the MMORPG aspect perfect but everything else is still in development. If you’re looking for something that appeals to the video game and comic reader in you, Axcend could be just what the comic book doctor ordered.

The Night of the Comic Book Catch-Up: Finally Read The Island No. 1-3 Part One

Good freaking lord it took me long enough to read The Island huh? I’ve had issues 1-3 chilling in my pile for awhile and today I finally got to reading them all. I’ll say this for it that the concept is so fun and I can easily say I was never bored at any point in the issue. When Brandon Graham and Emma Rios are the ones heading this with other talents doing work in the issue, yeah you’re going to get a good time. Out of the first two issues I would say Brandon Graham, Emma Rios, and Simon Roy had my favorite stories. I really liked Kelly Sue DeConnick’s text piece in #1, so sweet and powerful. They were all so crazy different but interesting and captivated me the entire time. There really wasn’t a bad story in the lot though so I like that about The Island that overall it has a lot of variety. I say Issue 3 had my favorite mix of stories, so many cool creators I got introduced to here, I loved it to death!

While LUDROE’s piece wasn’t my favorite of the three issues, there is so much energy that I can’t hate it. Like I said there is nothing in the three issues of The Island. Though #3 as I said in the last paragraph fired on all cylinders story wise. I’m going to end up having to detail further my thoughts on The Island later as I think I’m finding I have more to say on it than even I imagined even for the Comic Book Catch-Up pieces here. Keep an eye out as there could be a more detailed look at more of this series to come. As I really am digging this series, likely it’ll end up on my pull list at my comic store officially when I get there this week. I want to support a series like this so by golly that’s what I aim to do with The Island from here on out.

Pretty much expect a much more detailed thought process on The Island later as I really do want to talk this up more. So hey consider this part one of a larger adventure into The Island. It is my blog and I make the rules! I am a wild and crazy kind of guy like that. Look forward to more about The Island to come, probably in the next blog. Till then! Thanks for reading.

Venturing with Danger Club: The World is Broken, Is it Possible to Fix it?

Danger Club Volume One Cover


Yeah that’s a good word for my two volume journey with Danger Club from Image Comics. That’s possibly the best way to describe Danger Club, Wow personified. Writer Landry Q. Walker, artist Eric Jones, and colorist Rusty Drake created a story that shocked and surprised me many times along the way. I remember reading the first issue of this way back when and digging it but then losing track of it along the way. Then there was delays and so forth and now it doesn’t matter, the two trades are out and now it can start to blow the minds of many readers. Yes this is as superhero comic but a mind bender of a superhero comic that doesn’t play nice and you’re all the better for it. The short version is the adult heroes and villains have left Earth and are nowhere to be found and the sidekicks are left to their own devices. That’s the simple version as this story evolves, grows, changes, and then ceases to throw the kitchen sink at you for one last mind blowing moment. That is Danger Club for me, a surprise of a comic that I want to write about here because I really want more of you out there to discover this for yourselves.

Your main cast is made up of a nice mix of superhero analogues yet that’s a point of reference to give you some kind of grounding point into the story. Kid Vigilante is the Batman style sidekick, Jack is a spoiler alert for the story, Ivan is the Zatanna and Mandrake the Magician style character, and Yoshimi is a robot pilot. There are more characters that get added as Danger Club goes on. You think you the story from the first issue then the rug is pulled out from under you and you’re only at the start of journey. You get a hint towards the big bad but it’s much bigger as time goes on. The neat thing that each issue gives you a hint towards what is going to happen initially as a classic comic book intro. It’s retro cool with a few wonderful surprises along the way as the intros give you only the slightest idea of what is about to happen. It’s exciting when you’re reading this the first time and by the time it is over you’re wanting to go back and read it again.

The characters aren’t sacrificed at all for the story at hand. It’s why you get so hooked into Danger Club’s world. Landry Q. Walker gives each character involved so many layers and you can’t help but get invested in all of them. Eric Jones as a way of bringing to life these layers through brutal emotion. There are times here where I’m not going to kid you, you may get a little shocked as to what you’re seeing on your page. It’s not played for shock value as Walker and Jones do all this in service to the story. There is brutality but it’s not done for the sake of a violent moment, it all means something. There is so much heartbreak and power in each moment of this book. You then have Rusty Drake doing some phenomenal color work that enhances the Jones’s art and becomes a beast in of itself adding yet another dimension to this story. It’s got such depth to it, it has a suitably dark hue yet there’s enough light in the shadows to show that somewhere that there is hope somewhere for the Danger Club.

I’m keeping general as all get out because in Danger Club the best part about it is how it surprises you along the way. There’s two volumes out and that completes the story. One complete adventure in two books and it will leave you satisfied. Danger Club has left an impression on me and I could easily see myself reading this again soon. Two amazing books that I hope you all out there read. Welcome to Danger Club, an adventure well worth taking.

Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/17/15: The Late Night Nerdout

Let’s leave this link here a moment,

I know it is a rumor but if a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle movie happens I will be doing a happy dance. The nice comic relief fun movie will make me so happy. I adore the Justice League International, I own a Showcase Collection of Booster Gold, I have the entire first series of Ted Kord Blue Beetle, so Blue and Gold being a movie makes me so happy. I’m having a mega nerd out over it right now. Pretty much I was bouncing off the walls in excitement. After doing my first podcast in awhile and hearing this story at the end of it, I am so giddy right now. You all have no idea how giddy I am right now.

Though on a side note I did finally read all of The Autumnlands Vol. 1: Tooth and Claw tonight and I really dig it and I can’t wait to read more in the future of that series. I’m a huge Kurt Busiek fan anyway so that was awesome. Benjamin Dewey is amazing and Jordie Bellaire’s colors are phenomenal. Seriously if you haven’t read The Autumnlands yet, read it now it’s cool. You’ll dig it as it is one great read and compelling as all get out, I dig it a lot.

Yes this is the ultimate late night chill bloggity thing as I’m a little tired as I write this so bear with me. I’ve got my amazon shipment on the way so that’ll be awesome. So many great books to read and talk about. I’m excited! I’ve got a movie I’ve been looking forward to for awhile hopefully in the works and a lot of good comics to read. I am one happy kind of guy as this night winds down. Sorry for the late post and it reading like I am a little tired that’s because I am. I wanted to get that last little bit of fun writing here on the blog before the night was out.

Thanks for reading and thanks for putting up with a half asleep blog. Laters!

The Battle to Save Your Favorite Comic Books Continued

So I posted my thoughts on the books DC cancelled last night and now people are a little concerned. Now it was DC focused because of what was happening. After all DC took a lot of chances on books and things are looking a little up in the air on many of their titles that’s not a main Bat book or one of the major heroes in the DCU. Soon Marvel is about to start a major new book push during the latter bit of Secret Wars and beyond so it’s way too soon to tell how that’ll play out. Image is always trying out new series and some are meant to be mini series and others are cut short way before their time. Many people wonder the ways that they can help save their books and a lot of what I said in the DC column can be applied to any comic series. I also have some added ideas that I want to put into the universe from my DC post too.

I still want to say that word of mouth is a good one. Talk up any titles you’re into and see who may be curious. If they’re not into the book then at least you tried but you’d be surprised how often just recommending a book hooks a person. The art of “Hey this book is cool!” and speaking passionately about why you dig the book is always a plus. People can miss things and when you talk about a book it may be by their favorite writer or a subject they’re curious about and blown away they somehow missed it. I’ve had it happen to me a couple times and I’ve found many a cool series that way thanks to someone talking it up to me. Even more when someone talked about a series and I’d never heard anything about it or was reminded it existed then immediately buying it.

Now pre-order and pull lists to me go hand in hand. Pre-ordering is still the ultimate tool for a comic store to use for sales. Go to your Diamond Previews and fill out the order form or ask your store owner to specifically grab that book or books for you. That’s why I mentioned pull lists as well as once they know those are the books you want, they will grab those books for you. Now here’s one thing, I’d love to know how digital sales are applied to the overall sales totals of books now. I’d also like to know more as to how trade sales effect these books too. That’s something to think about down the road as to how books survive long term as there are readers who are digital and trade only readers.

I’m thinking out loud and also restating stuff that I’ve already said in my DC post. Yet I think discussing how to help all of the books out there is important too. Thanks for reading my continued thoughts on this.

The Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/8/14 or Wesley vs. The Missed Blogging Day

Curses! I missed a day of blogging yesterday. So annoyed about that but then again it was Labor Day so I guess I can excuse myself to a point. Still a little irritated about that. I shall make up for it though really not that much happened yesterday. Of course today on the other hand has been a little more interesting on this end. I got a good bit done this morning, cleaning and what not. Sadly not a lot of writing done yet until well, now. I’ve been mostly going through my comics as I’ve been on a major league culling of the herd so to speak of my collection. I’m still buying books but finding other books that I can bear to part with in my ridiculously large collection. That’s what I’ve been up to today and after this I plan on catching up on some reading. I need some Wesley reading time. Then I’ll play more writing adventure fun times after the reading time.

As I get the feeling there will be a refocusing in my pull list quickly. Suffering Secret Wars burnout, DC has been putting out cooler books lately, Image has been doing some cool work, and heck the indies in general have had awesome stuff coming out. Marvel has had some cool books in the midst of Secret Wars but now the event is feeling dragged out. Squeezing every single bit out of Secret Wars they can at this point and as I say, I just want to see the relaunch done and get to all the #1’s and see what happens. I may not be buying a ton of the #1’s though at this point as only so much of the new Marvel stuff caught my eye.

I am finding that between my library books and so forth, I’m pretty good. I still love going to the comic store week after week. I always still manage to find new stuff in the process and keep tabs on things too. The interaction, the conversations, and so forth are always a lot of fun when you hang out at a comic store too. It’s all about that energy for me. So that’s my rumination on comics right now. Looking for cool new experiences in my comic reading adventures right now. Onward to the rest of the day!

The GWL Comic Book Pull List: 9/2/15

Right now I am in the midst of massive reevaluation of my pull list at this point. I’m getting fried on Secret Wars as #5 of the comic left me pretty cold. I still like some of the tie-ins but the main story is leaving me pretty worn out. As the series keeps expanding and going onward I’m finding myself less and less into it. A shame really as I adored the first two issues of it but I’ll give it another issue and see as we are nearing the end so let us see how it plays out you know? I am getting Squadron Sinister and Thors this round for tie-ins. Then for the rest of the Marvel end, Silk is still on my list I’m still behind on it but still I’ll catch up and it’ll be awesome. I’m getting the S.H.I.E.L.D. book this week and you know I’m torn on getting Miracleman this week. I want to trade wait Miracleman but the Gaiman and Buckingham run on Miracleman has me wanting to get it immediately rather than wait awhile. Call it the impatient side of me but I really enjoy Miracleman and I’ve never read any of Gaiman’s Miracleman so I’m excited for it. Then of course I’m getting Groot because I am Groot. Groot is fun.

Now with DC Comics, it has been fun to have DC Comics back in my life again reading wise. Yes I have written about the DC You rumors but I want to see how this plays out. If it keeps going I will be pleased but if it ends then DC Comics at least tried. This week though is pretty light DC wise as it is Midnighter and that’s it. I would get Bombshells but I subscribe to it digitally. I’ll end up getting the trade to Bombshells down the road though as that comic is too cool. I might try out a DC You book I haven’t been reading yet though, I think this might be my Omega Men week. I can see this easily being my week to do that. My light DC Comics haul on this end though Detective Comics has that cool looking Mecha-Joker and man alive is that neat looking.

For the rest of the comics this week, it is pretty light. I did do a review of Adam.3 #1 and #2 hits this week. I will end up getting We Stand on Guard #3 but man there isn’t a ton for me this week. Aliens vs. Vampirella looks strange as all get out though and I am curious in seeing how that plays out. I realize I need to play some heavy catch up on some titles though right now. Between Dark Horse and Veil, Nailbiter, The Autumnlands, and so forth, I got a good bit of catch up on the indie front either way. Heck I have catch up to do on the comic book reading front anyway so I’m behind on comics on many fronts. I shall catch up though by golly!

Anyway that’s my comic book pull or at least possible pulls for this week. My list is always subject to change at any given time. Enjoy your reading this Wednesday or whenever you get your books. Take care everyone!

Nailbiter #1 is Genuine Comic Horror At Its Finest

As Rhymes With Geek’s Kyle Overkill had a review of Nailbiter #1 up this week, I’ll link you to that for his views on it here. Now after I read it I’m not going to do as much of a review of the piece as more of my own perspective of writer Josh Williamson and artist Mike Henderson’s new comic from Image Comics. The lowdown of Nailbiter is simple, Nailbiter is in reference to Edward “Nailbiter” Warren who’s a serial killer from the town of Buckaroo, Oregon, which has been home to 15 other serial killers over the years. Now NSA Agent Finch is entering the town after his friend Carroll calls him about something he’s discovered, and Finch is drawn into an even bigger mystery. That’s the story summed up without spoiling anything,  As for what I personally think about Nailbiter’s debut issue, I loved it so much it is unreal.

Oddly enough as someone who doesn’t watch a ton of horror movies, I read a lot of horror comics. That makes me laugh as my reading tastes are in a billion directions, horror is just one genre that I find myself checking out. The fact that Josh Williamson is a writer I dig reading anyway is a bonus on Nailbiter. I love Williamson’s sense of building the story and the town of Buckaroo, Oregon bringing this all to feeling like I’m part of this place. Mike Henderson’s art helps in creating this setting, the first introduction to Edward “Nailbiter” Warren is unforgettable and will haunt me in the best way possible. The way the characters are drawn fit the personalities that Williamson breathes into them. Finch looks like a legit tough son of a gun but you can tell he’s been through a lot of crap just in how he’s drawn. It’s that level of detail that I appreciate in reading a comic and helps to immerse me into the world.

I like how Williamson in one issue manages to set the hook of Nailbiter fast. By the time you get to that last page you at least have an early understanding of where each of these characters come from. I would say the way Williamson paces this with Henderson is a horror/crime drama. There’s even these moments of humor that can’t help but make me laugh. In such an unusual situation that Finch is entering into and meeting the townspeople, you get that Buckaroo is a strange place and they’re all adapted to it. Williamson gives the writing to the characters and the world and Henderson gives the life and building blocks to the rest of Williamson’s vision. Though that’s far from all that amazed me from Nailbiter, far from it.

Another factor into my immersion into Nailbiter is Adam Guzowski’s coloring, oh my goodness this is great. The beginning segment came to life in an array of orange hues and then muted darkness with the slightest touches of light, oh man intense and creepy all at once. As Nailbiter settles down, you see Guzman’s color sensibilities even more at work especially as you see Carroll and him standing in a graveyard, capturing the somber and worn atmosphere of where he’s at. As Finch enters the town you see the rain coming down with the neon lights being the only major illumination, it’s gorgeous. The Murder Store is one of my favorite sequences in capturing the mood. Finch wandering around this place with little flecks of light as he explores this twisted store, building up until you meet the jovial Raleigh for the first time. It’s all gravy from there and sets up the atmosphere for the rest of Nailbiter.

Henderson and Guzowski work well together in bringing Williamson’s Nailbiter vision to fruition. Williamson is so good with his storytelling in general on this, I’ve been a fan of the guy since Xenoholics and Nailbiter I feel is a big evolution for his writing, it is unlike anything I have read of his before. The next issue will be mine and I await seeing just what twists and turns are in store for me on this series. This is the kind of book where everyone works together seamlessly that you can’t help but be enthralled. That’s how I feel about Nailbiter right now, it’s got genuine scares and a great story in the making. If there’s any copies left at your local comic store or get it at whatever fine digital comic site you buy from, either way buy Nailbiter.  I implore you not to miss this comic, I imagine it’s only going to get better from here.