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My History of The Halloweens of Limited Costumes

So here’s a funny thing about me and Halloween, I’ve never really dressed up for it at all. I’ve done it a couple times and strangely enough, there is no photographic evidence of it. I’ve done one actual costume but it wasn’t for Halloween, it was dressing up as Superman for the release of Superman Returns. Outside of that it was the only time really in my adult life I’d ever done a costume. There was one year I was thinking about going as Doctor Who but could never really find everything I wanted so it didn’t happen. There was another year where I’d actually gotten a solid Joker impression down from the Dark Knight so I was going to do that. I actually did get most of the gear for it but plans fell through and I hadn’t worn the costume yet or anything so I returned it all. Most of my actual costumes were from around childhood and into my early teens. It’s funny to think about that actually, but true, I’ve never been huge on doing that much for Halloween for most of my life.

Yes shocking enough to admit but true, I never really did trick or treat as a child. In the two times I did any kind of costume, I did go out but I lost interest and if I did go outside it was to actually hand out candy. My parents are big on getting candy so I never really had a reason to go out and do the whole trick or treat thing. Seriously I always had candy around. If I wanted candy and it didn’t interfere with dinner or whatever, my parents never minded me having candy at all. It wasn’t treated as a mega event so I never made a big thing about going out to trick or treat. I remember one year when I did hand out candy and I dressed up in all black with a purple mask and in all black sweatshirt and sweatpants. I was around 13 or 14 years old and it was actually fun. Not really a costume but the mask was cool and I kept it around for awhile as it was a sweet mask. I actually do wish I had a picture of that mask still, alas it is somewhere in a box probably in the attic. A shame really but it was a cool costume-ish kind of thing.

I did wear a mask one year but not a full costume when I was in art school years ago. Not really a costume again but I had a cool black long sleeve shirt with Kanji on it and a Psicosis mask. I swear I go for costume-ish more than anything else. I actually did pop in for the class picture with my Psicosis mask and costume-ish look, to the dismay of one annoyed student but hey I had a mask. Psicosis mask was cool by golly. Besides in art school I remember Halloween was kind of an unofficial holiday so I had to do a tiny something, so I had a cool mask and a shirt to match, costume-ish magic. I never did a costume again though, I let everyone else do their thing costume wise from then on. I enjoyed more observing the costumes more than actually wearing the costumes.

I do love seeing costumes though, I love the designs and considering I know quite a few cosplayers I can’t help but enjoy cool costumes. Just in my case I know that me and costumes are just not going to happen. I don’t do makeup well, I don’t do costumes well, at least ones without some kind of pockets in them and so forth and I can move in, so pretty much I just let everyone else do the Halloween fun. I live vicariously through my friends that do costumes and do stuff on Halloween. As for me, I’ve been pretty much spending it inside like I do most years. I do sometimes enjoy going out and handing out candy but even this year was quiet on the Halloween front. Also I’ve never been to a Halloween party, maybe one when I was a kid at a Library but that was it. No Halloween parties for this guy and you know that’s okay. I never was much of a party person anyway.

After awhile I decided to enjoy Halloween from afar and it is fun to see all the cool things people get up to on Halloween. As I said, I love seeing cool costumes but not as much wearing them. Don’t get me wrong if there is a year where I get an invite to a party and I can go, I may be tempted to try out a costume or at least a costume-ish kind of thing. Until then, I’ll observe and enjoy seeing what people are up to for Halloween. Luckily my friends take lots of pictures so I can easily live vicariously through them and see all the cool things people are up to. It’s kind of fun talking about my own oddball way of looking at Halloween and my own little adventures with it over the years.

I thank you all for reading my little Halloween story and my adventure or lack of adventure with the holiday. I really do appreciate you all reading this. It’s been fun actually writing it down for the first time ever outside of talking about my weird history with Halloween. The humble observer of the holiday. I have been enjoying with my own mild bit of candy here and there and some hot apple cider so I’m pretty good on this end. I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween and hey if you want to leave a comment and tell me what you were up to, feel free. I post this on twitter and so forth too so feel free and let me know what your adventure was over Halloween. Take care everyone and bye for now!