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Thought Process on The New James Bond 007 Film, Spectre: A Disjointed Wonderland of a Movie

I finally got to see Spectre and I was excited for it, extremely excited for the film. Skyfall was an amazing movie and the ultimate high point in Daniel Craig’s run as James Bond. Every single moment of that film from top to bottom was excellent and Skyfall was such an impressive movie. Now as for Spectre, that’s another story. It isn’t a bad movie at all. Yet the one thing you say about Spectre is the fact that it is a disjointed movie. Leaping about from story to story, sometimes being boring at small points, and ending with such a rocking finale that helps to balance out the weaknesses of the film. This is strange movie for me to talk about and I don’t often talk movies outside of yes I liked this, no I didn’t tweets and so forth but hey, let’s dive into some movie talk for a minute. It is my blog and I do what I want with it so let’s do a fun thing here talking about Spectre for a little bit, heck yeah.

At first the movie has such a cool vibe to it, it has an amazing opening set in Mexico City during the Day of the Dead. It’s amazing, it’s mind blowing, and it is one of the coolest things I have seen in awhile. It’s an excellent sequence filled with chases, adventure, tons of background, endless atmosphere, and it glued me to the screen the entire time. It is one of three amazing pieces of the film that can’t help but leave you at least smiling as you leave the theater. If only the middle of the film was as engaging. One the opening credits are, let’s be blunt the opening song isn’t that great and the opening credits are filled with cool visuals but the song is not good, not good at all. I was watching the film with my parents my Mom says, “Wow this is awful.” and there we go. The opinion I’d been hearing for the past week was set as my Mom, Dad, and I were in agreement that the opening song was pretty bad. I’m trying not to be mean but that song was not a good fit. Of course when you’re following “Skyfall” it is hard to top that amazing piece of music.

Really the story itself about the world not needing the Double OO program and going away from spies and so forth in favor of drones and whatnot, it’s not executed that well honestly. I mean really James Bond is sent all over the world to cool locations and you get some fun moments but they don’t add up to that much. Oh sure it is fun to see Daniel Craig having fights with Dave Bautista at random points of the movie but that’s really it, I mean it’s fun but there’s only so much there. There’s not a lot of real substance happening and that’s kind of frustrating. There’s stakes in the film yet it also doesn’t feel like there’s any major stakes, it feels like that there was enough there to say that this is a movie. I hate to compare this to Skyfall but after Skyfall, the stakes for the film series got heightened for me. What can I say outside of I was spoiled by Skyfall.

Daniel Craig is still a solid James Bond and actually he gets to have some fun in this film which I do really enjoy. I don’t agree with people who say this is as bad as Quantum of Solace, that film was just a mess of a thing. Yes this film is a little messy but this film still has a story and it still comes together in the end. I’m also trying to avoid spoilers at this stage, I may talk about them later but it does help in getting the movie to come together a little better. Christoph Waltz is so much fun as the villain of the piece and his part in the film is so ridiculously fun I wished he was in that much more of the movie. I did like Lea Seydoux and Monica Bellucci in the film and Ben Whishaw, Ralph Fiennes, and Naomie Harris did well in the film too. Seriously loved seeing the interactions of Q (Ben Whishaw) and Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) hanging with Bond like buddies at certain points, that was a lot of fun.

Yet a lot of the film seemed to meander outside of those small conversational bright spots here and there. Lea Seydoux and Daniel Craig played off each other well so that worked out decently for the most part. Heck Seydoux was pretty fun from the start and I enjoyed that. It’s a strange thing with this film honestly, lots of fun moments drowned out by a plodding plot. As only so much was focused around Spectre and really it only got any kind of traction in about the last 45 minutes which was kind of awesome. I swear this movie left me with so many mixed feelings.

So to put Spectre in perspective, it has an amazing beginning, slow middle with fun spots here and there, and an excellent ending. It’s not as crazy as Skyfall as to all that goes down but it would be hard to match all that Skyfall ended up doing. Skyfall straight up broke a lot of things and then repaired them again to make them better. Spectre didn’t quite have those stakes. High expectations are a heck of a thing with a film and Spectre had those kind of expectations for me. I think it is why I am still glad I saw it but I have issues with it.

Now if you read this and think I hated the movie, far from it. It is still worth seeing overall. It’s not perfect but it is actually pretty fun in parts and I am glad I got to see it. Seriously the entire Mexico City sequence alone with worth the price of admission. I’m glad I saw it though and I don’t consider it a waste of time. At least it wasn’t as hit or miss as Quantum of Solace and that my friends is a good thing.

Oh Good Golly, The Power Rangers Return to Theaters

I never in a million years thought I’d see Power Rangers getting a theatrical reboot. Lionsgate is now rebooting the original concept of Power Rangers and making them into a full franchise. Oh my goodness me, 90’s Nostalgia is in overdrive here. I love how Lionsgate announced this over their twitter talking about this reboot. That doesn’t mean the series is ending on TV, it’s just the original concept of the series. The teenagers with attitude and all that great stuff for a new generation of viewers. You know in a way I would think that by nature I would hate an idea but the original Power Rangers is cheesy to the max, why not reboot the concept? Haim Saban is involved so as long as it keeps to a PG rating to stay family friendly this could be a lucrative concept for Lionsgate to work with.

The goal here will be to keep the new Power Ranger films away from the cheesiness. Still have fun with the idea but make kids feel cool while watching it and teens have just as much fun with the concept too. Another goal in this is to keep the parents happy in the process, the 90’s Nostalgia here will be powerful. As long as Lionsgate and Saban keep what made Power Rangers fun in the movies, we’ll be fine. Bonus points for doing better in the new movies than you did actually bringing the Power Rangers to film last time. Now in my own case, I’m not sure if I’d rush out to theaters to see it myself, this would be a Netflix kind of situation for sure.

This all put into perspective, I’m mind blown I’m even talking about this. Never could have imagined seeing the Power Rangers reboot or otherwise on a theater screen again. I’m going to be watching this one for myself. Right now I wait for word for casting, plans, and that eventual trailer. Till then, now we know Power Rangers in the original 90’s form is making a comeback. Just remember cast members, avoid World Peace conferences and you will be fine.

(if anyone catches that reference, cool points for you.)