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ANAD Marvel Adventures: A Thought Process on Sam Wilson: Captain America

Here’s the thing about Sam Wilson: Captain America, this is a good comic. I bought this in all honesty because I saw D-Man and Misty Knight and was sold and it caught my eye. Daniel Acuna’s art looked the best it has ever looked and even more sold. There is so much good here and then a speech happened in the issue that pretty much set people off. Sam Wilson is going to be a different Captain America than what we’ve had before. He does a speech that divided the Marvel Universe against him and now he’s on a new path. It’s going to be a more political Captain America book and that’s not a bad thing at all. It’s also a new way of showing how Sam Wilson and his team are going to be a bit more low budget. In the vibe of Uncanny Avengers actually, though without the Deadpool Merchandise funding the team angle. Not sure how this team is going to get funding but it is a more daring take on the character. It’s Captain America with a new take on the Marvel Universe and the state of the world.

It’s great timing to have Sam Wilson: Captain America hit the way it did, right at the time where we’re on the eve of a crowded and strange Presidential adventure right now with all the candidates we have. Spencer really does a nice job of showing Wilson’s reasoning for going in the direction he does too. It really does fit the times that we are in. Captain America has always had a level of politics to it over the years, Nomad and other stories but this is the most political the character has been in awhile. I really found myself getting into this as between the defined direction of the comic and the fact that this team doesn’t have limitless funds, that’s interesting to me. As a reader I like that this team has a risk to whatever they’re doing and they are taking chances and taking stands. This is a good thing for the book and keeps me personally more engaged with the series long term. Even more cool, Redwing, no matter what Redwing is always great.

If you’ve never been quite sold on Sam Wilson as Captain America, read this book. Nick Spencer is going to be doing some great stuff with this character and even better taking Misty Knight, D-Man, and his trusty falcon Redwing along for the ride. Try this and before you look at all the headlines and stuff, read it and it’ll make sense as to why this book is going where it is going. Give it a chance and I think you’ll enjoy it. Right now at this point, I think Sam Wilson is a rocking Captain America and Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuna are a great team to bring his adventures to life.

In Reading Ant-Man Vol. 1: Second-Chance Man: Say Hello to Humor and Heartbreak

Ant-Man Vol. 1 Second-Chance Man Cover

So today I somehow forgot it was National Comic Book Day, wow I’m shocked honestly. Yet I had some time so I decided to kick back and relax with Ant-Man Vol. 1: Second-Chance Man by writer Nick Spencer, artist Ramon Rosanas, and colorist Jordan Boyd. Here’s the best part about reading this in trade, it really does gel together as a full story collected. Scott Lang as Ant-Man has a tale that warms your heart and by the end breaks your heart. I’m trying to be careful as to not spoil much for you but it is a sweet story that has so much heart behind it. Nick Spencer does an amazing job of making Scott Lang a fully fleshed out character, this is one of the best spotlights for him. It goes through every bit of Ant-Man history in one way or another too, especially as it comes to Lang starting his own business venture. You even get to know more about his ex-wife and his genuinely cool friendship with his daughter Cassie. It’s got family drama, superhero adventure, and really Ant-Man Vol.1: Second-Chance had it all and left me really caring for Scott Lang for the first time in a long time.

I liked Scott Lang in his FF time with Matt Fraction and Mike Allred, yet Nick Spencer got Scott Lang clicking for me. His take on him got me. In fact so much so that I’m now going to be making a point to finish up Superior Foes of Spider-Man as soon as possible, Spencer’s Ant-Man is just that good. It’s a rare comic that makes me get a genuine laugh out of situations as much as it gets me to feel for the character. Even more is that this is such a fluid take on Ant-Man as to how the character moves about in the world. Ramon Rosanas is so good with fluid movement and capturing the action on the page. Just as much as he captures the emotions flowing from Spencer’s script at points. I loved Jordan Boyd’s coloring on this too, it sets such a mood. The final page of issue 5 especially has such a sense of gut punching you with the color choices, art, and the Scott’s mood by the end, heartbreaking and powerful work. Stay for the humor, enjoy the characterization, and it makes all the emotions that much more powerful.

Now that we got the aspects of the comic out of the way that broke and also lightened my heart, let’s get into some of the small stuff in the comic that caught my eye. One I love Scott Lang’s Ant-Man costume. It’s got a great look to it keeping the classic Ant-Man design while tweaking with it enough to make Scott Lang’s Ant-Man truly unique. I really liked that and kept with the motif that since this guy was once a thief and does security work, he would want a costume that he could function in. I also like as he gets his business started the characters he works with. Grizzly and Machinesmith are a riot and become great characters in their own right as the issues go on. I can’t wait to see what the new Ant-Man series holds when it releases and now I’m sold on it thanks to this new trade. Now I need to read the Annual and the Last Days of Ant-Man story as I’m hooked and want more before the new series hits.

Ant-Man Vol. 1: Second-Chance Man is great and you can get it via your local comic store, bookstore, Comixology, Amazon, and you don’t want to miss it. This is some good comic reading and a book that genuinely moves you while making you laugh all at the same time.

Morning Glories 1-3 or Wow this book is amazing.

Yes you can pretty much get the idea from the title what I’m going to say about this book. I re-read number 1 to refresh myself on the story a bit and read 2 and 3 this morning and this is probably one of the more fascinating books in quite a long time.  Nick Spencer is definitely getting a major push as of late in comics and it’s no secret as to why for he’s just a good writer. Morning Glories in a word if you haven’t heard much about the plot of it is about these students all turning sixteen on the same day  and all being put into this special school. It’s the most twisted prep academy represented in a comic. One of the more twisted ones. I remember when I was first hearing about this series and knew little to nothing about it and saw the first issue and gave it a shot. My mind was blown. These kids just pop out at you as characters as you read through this. From what I almost call the early leader of the group Casey to Jade they all come to life. In what makes a good comic or anything if you like the characters or at least find them interesting you’ll read on. The academy in itself is a character with the faculty and just trying to see what their ultimate goal in in the midst of this series. Just telling you about the sixteen year old aspect is a minor spoiler in itself. The book is filled with stuff happening every issue almost organically.

You just go through the book and the staggering amount of development that you get in each issue is fascinating.  Literally if you just see the cover of the first issue you just see these prep school kids and you’re not exactly sure what you’re getting into but it’s oddly fascinating. I have and note I’m not bragging but a first printing of the book and all you see is these kids just looking cool and Casey (blond girl in the front) handing an apple and you just go, “ she’s handing me an apple to read the book oh why not I’ll just take the apple and see where it leads.” The thing is this book is genuinely freaking creepy.  As you keep reading you just don’t want to put it down as you keep getting into these characters. Of course make note the adults in this book are nightmares. Outside of the first issue you don’t get a single sympathetic adult. They’re fascinating to behold but not sympathetic by any means. Just the third issue alone is a fest of messed up but absolutely fascinating storytelling.

Now before I forget to mention and I’d be remiss to not say anything but the artwork on this book is great.  Joe Eisma is the artist and he’s impressing the hell out of me. He’s one of those artists that can give you amazing character work in just telling the story and giving you the emotions yet can do nicely placed action sequences at the same time. It keeps the book moving brilliantly. The other thing I want to make a point to mention are the covers? Rodin Esquejo  does a great job with the covers of this book. I know even if I didn’t know anything about the series I’d want to pick it up and like I mentioned about the first issue I saw that first cover and just had to take that bite of the apple and see where it takes me.

The best way to put it to you all that read this is literally get this book. It’s amazing. You’ll not regret it and they’re also on the fourth printing of the first issue and the second printing of the second is on the way and the third just came out this week. Honestly if you can find them all do it. You won’t even want to attempt to wait for the trade for this book is a hot book and for good reason. Just go. Find it. Enjoy. You won’t regret a single minute reading this series. It’s got it all.