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The Next Big Project: The Comic Book Reading Adventure of 2015/2016 (Also Book Reading)

As I’ve been falling extremely behind in my reading lately I am going to set myself a goal for the rest of the year, to read at least one TPB, Graphic Novel, or Three Comics a day. See sometimes when I get lost in a bunch of things and start projecting, I start getting distracted and falling behind on my reading and so forth. So in turn that makes me a cranky Wesley and I don’t like falling behind on my reading. Now this is becoming a concerted effort as I want to make this happen so this is going to happen come heck or high water. Besides it’ll give me something for sure to write about every day and make sure that I don’t fall off task off of anything else. I am going to make sure I do some novel reading too as I have on my Habitica to read 50-100 pages of a novel a day and I’ve been falling off track with that tremendously. I was doing good for a bit but I had a couple rough days and fell off track and now I am getting back on that track. I don’t give up, I may stumble but I never give up. That’s the plan from now on. I know there’s a chance I’ll have a couple days where it’ll stumble but I know I can do this and announcing it on the blog here will help in making sure I don’t stumble at least too much anyway.

Think of it as a Goodreads challenge just chronicled on my blog in an organized fashion. Then throughout 2016 I’ll be doing the same updating along with my Goodreads account once the new challenge hits. Some of this stuff is for other projects I want to do, others are just stuff I’ve been wanting to read and will probably end up writing about anyway. Heck I fully plan on writing about my entire 2016 reading challenge next year, that’s going to be a big one for me. Next year is going to be a major one for me and this is just part of what I’m up to for it. Besides I got a lot of cool comics and whatnot I want to read. Heck if I get lost in a good novel then heck I may even try my hand at a book review, hey you never know.

Yep that’s the plan for the foreseeable future. I’m allowing myself wiggle room as we have holidays coming up and so forth so I expect a little bit of stumbling here and there. I’ll do my best though and I know I can do it. Once I put something out there, I am more apt to do it as people can read it and hold me to task. Not too mean though, like I said I expect to have days where I get busy. Maybe I’ll even set up small update blogs day by day to let you all know what I’m reading. Yeah that’ll be fun. You all get to join me along for the day by day of it, the meat and potatoes of the Comic Book Reading Adventure.

This should be a lot of fun and I hope you all join me for the ride. Part one in a longer and more exciting journey ahead. Thanks for reading and take care everyone.

The Wednesday of the Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/2/15

Today I spent a lot of it reading the book, Shirley, I Jest! by Cindy Williams with Dave Smitherman. One thing you all should know about me is I do dig a good biography, memoir, anything of that nature. I was curious about this one and it was only 200 pages long so it took no time to read. It isn’t a scandalous book by any means as it mainly talked about Cindy’s life before Laverne and Shirley, the Laverne and Shirley show itself, and some fun Hollywood stories. Short, sweet, and overall a decent read, so I found myself enjoying the book overall. It was an easy read and good for the old reading batteries. Even better that I read two books in such a short period of time between this and The Martian. I’m pretty happy about that. It is always good to diversify your reading.

On the comic front, I ended up making cuts on the Secret Wars end of things because I think I am suffering from Secret Wars burnout. I really am suffering from Secret Wars burnout. Maybe this is my event burnout in general. Many good ideas happening but I think I am searching for more in my comic reading at this point. I did however get Miracleman, S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th with Mockingbird, Midnighter, Groot, and Silk. I’m good right now. Heck my Habitica is right now dedicated to my continuing adventure with catching up with my comic backlog. Between organizing my comics and more, that is my Habitica outside of general exercising because that’s how I roll. Habitica you are my best friend in comics and life right now.

Tomorrow will be Library and holy by golly manga day. Hey hey it’s a manga madness day. Whooooo baby, manga madness day as my Amazon order of My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, and Ultraman arrive. I am excited. It is going to be so much fun to read those. On the library front I am going to get Willow on Blu-ray and the gargantuan wonder that is the DC One Million Omnibus collecting that whole crazy story. I read bits of it but never the whole thing so this is going to be a fun ride. Yes I know I am already backlogged and I’m adding more books to the list. Call me one amazingly addicted reader of fun and wonder. I do love reading though and the backlog is but a part of life. All hail mighty book backlog.

This is the end of my Chill Bloggity Thing for this Wednesday. I haven’t gotten to get too much writing done today so workout the old cobwebs with the Chill Bloggity Thing. It looks nice and is well a nice way to chill. Hope everyone is well, laters!