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The Battle to Save Your Favorite Comic Books Continued

So I posted my thoughts on the books DC cancelled last night and now people are a little concerned. Now it was DC focused because of what was happening. After all DC took a lot of chances on books and things are looking a little up in the air on many of their titles that’s not a main Bat book or one of the major heroes in the DCU. Soon Marvel is about to start a major new book push during the latter bit of Secret Wars and beyond so it’s way too soon to tell how that’ll play out. Image is always trying out new series and some are meant to be mini series and others are cut short way before their time. Many people wonder the ways that they can help save their books and a lot of what I said in the DC column can be applied to any comic series. I also have some added ideas that I want to put into the universe from my DC post too.

I still want to say that word of mouth is a good one. Talk up any titles you’re into and see who may be curious. If they’re not into the book then at least you tried but you’d be surprised how often just recommending a book hooks a person. The art of “Hey this book is cool!” and speaking passionately about why you dig the book is always a plus. People can miss things and when you talk about a book it may be by their favorite writer or a subject they’re curious about and blown away they somehow missed it. I’ve had it happen to me a couple times and I’ve found many a cool series that way thanks to someone talking it up to me. Even more when someone talked about a series and I’d never heard anything about it or was reminded it existed then immediately buying it.

Now pre-order and pull lists to me go hand in hand. Pre-ordering is still the ultimate tool for a comic store to use for sales. Go to your Diamond Previews and fill out the order form or ask your store owner to specifically grab that book or books for you. That’s why I mentioned pull lists as well as once they know those are the books you want, they will grab those books for you. Now here’s one thing, I’d love to know how digital sales are applied to the overall sales totals of books now. I’d also like to know more as to how trade sales effect these books too. That’s something to think about down the road as to how books survive long term as there are readers who are digital and trade only readers.

I’m thinking out loud and also restating stuff that I’ve already said in my DC post. Yet I think discussing how to help all of the books out there is important too. Thanks for reading my continued thoughts on this.