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Chill Bloggity Thing 11/16 to 17/15 Edition: Recharge Was Needed

Ever have those points where you’re writing and you’re not feeling anything? That was me the past few days. I couldn’t hardly feel anything I was writing and I just didn’t really want to focus much at all. So I took a couple recharge days and I think I needed it more than I realized. I got a lot of cleaning done and found a few things I’d even somehow forgotten I had. I finally found a missing issue of The Intimates series I thought I’d somehow lost but turns out it was in a random box in my closet. That was so cool to find today, thank you massive cleaning session for that! I even found a good chunk of the Steven Grant and Warren Ellis X-Man run from Counter X that I’d thought I’d lost but again, it was just hidden within boxes, so freaking happy!

I just happened to notice that WordPress made some upgrades to their system today. Whoa, this is weird to get used to. I didn’t know that wordpress had done any upgrades recently, that’s pretty cool though. I don’t mind the new system as the quick update here is similar to the more plain but detailed WordPress backend. I can work either way though and it is weird not to have the word count below but I can deal. ┬áIf anything I can just make a point to go to the backend version to update the blog here if anything else. Though I kind of like using the quick version here as it is pretty fun. Reminds me of my old school blogging days and I like it. It makes things that much more immediate.

Anyway, yeah I needed some recharge time. Now I’m back in action and ready to get some stuff done again! I’ve been plotting out even more things and looking forward to a lot of even better things along the way for 2016. I’m pretty excited right now and I’m even going to make a point to see if I’ll start talking more TV here. Some people are enjoying my little James Bond post so I’m pretty game to do more TV talk and so forth here again. Maybe not recap things but definitely little chats about shows and so forth in between the comic talk. Definitely can make that happen as I do have some stuff to say about certain shows lately. Especially since all of the shows are going bonkers, at least the ones that I watch and that is too much fun!

So yes welcome to the Chill Bloggity Thing as I really don’t have too much to dive into but I’m getting the ideas back. Bless me for coming up with this as it is the ultimate way to let me write without any major restrictions and just to write. I should remember that even in recharge mode to just write away with these Chill Bloggity Things. I swear I have to make reminders of that all the time. Relaxing is a good thing my friends, totally a good thing.

I’ll end this here as it is mega rambling and it’ll become more of a ramble as it goes on. Take care everyone and back in full action now. Bye for now!