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The All-New All-Different Marvel Adventure with a Secret War in the Middle

Next week my friends, next week All-New All-Different (ANAD) Marvel begins and yes Secret Wars is still happening. Everyone and that person in the corner has made a Secret Wars joke with ANAD Marvel at this point so insert your own joke here. I’m torn about how much of this I’m really planning on checking out. The first week alone for ANAD Marvel is a packed house. Many new issues for people try with multitudes of characters involved. You have Avengers #0, Contest of Champions #1, Invincible Iron Man #1, Doctor Strange #1, All-New All-Different Marvel Point One #1, and Amazing Spider-Man #1 all hitting next week. All of these books were meant to hit after Secret Wars was over but you know things happen and now Secret Wars is hanging out in ANAD land. Add in some Star Wars books and a dash of What if? Infinity and you’re in for a party. Yet how invested am I going to get into this ANAD Adventure? That’s what I’m still figuring out.

It is funny when you read about all these books being the aftermath of Secret Wars when the darned event is still going. Not a joke just a funny thought. Anyway, I do say the one book that I do want to get is Doctor Strange #1. That’s a definite because it’s Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo on Doctor Strange. I get Doctor Strange, I get magic, and I get the Sorcerer Supreme carrying a giant battle ax. Seriously who wouldn’t think that was cool? Magician carrying massive battle ax screams awesome to me. As I say I am a simple man with simple tastes, magic and a giant battle ax and I’m sold. ¬†Everything else is more on a case by case basis. Case by case basis being if someone tells me something is really cool I’ll probably check it out.

It’s weird to think about ANAD Marvel in the midst of the Secret Wars but here we are. So let me know if there is anything from the ANAD line you’re curious about. Marvel is on a strange journey and we’re watching it unfold before our very eyes.


The Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/8/14 or Wesley vs. The Missed Blogging Day

Curses! I missed a day of blogging yesterday. So annoyed about that but then again it was Labor Day so I guess I can excuse myself to a point. Still a little irritated about that. I shall make up for it though really not that much happened yesterday. Of course today on the other hand has been a little more interesting on this end. I got a good bit done this morning, cleaning and what not. Sadly not a lot of writing done yet until well, now. I’ve been mostly going through my comics as I’ve been on a major league culling of the herd so to speak of my collection. I’m still buying books but finding other books that I can bear to part with in my ridiculously large collection. That’s what I’ve been up to today and after this I plan on catching up on some reading. I need some Wesley reading time. Then I’ll play more writing adventure fun times after the reading time.

As I get the feeling there will be a refocusing in my pull list quickly. Suffering Secret Wars burnout, DC has been putting out cooler books lately, Image has been doing some cool work, and heck the indies in general have had awesome stuff coming out. Marvel has had some cool books in the midst of Secret Wars but now the event is feeling dragged out. Squeezing every single bit out of Secret Wars they can at this point and as I say, I just want to see the relaunch done and get to all the #1’s and see what happens. I may not be buying a ton of the #1’s though at this point as only so much of the new Marvel stuff caught my eye.

I am finding that between my library books and so forth, I’m pretty good. I still love going to the comic store week after week. I always still manage to find new stuff in the process and keep tabs on things too. The interaction, the conversations, and so forth are always a lot of fun when you hang out at a comic store too. It’s all about that energy for me. So that’s my rumination on comics right now. Looking for cool new experiences in my comic reading adventures right now. Onward to the rest of the day!