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Chill Bloggity Thing for 10/19/15 or Oh Yeah A Star Wars Trailer Appeared Today!

No I do not have tickets for Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet. The trailer was amazing but I didn’t know they were selling tickets until all of the websites had a glorious movie ticket meltdown. Never underestimate the excitement of fans and Star Wars Movie Ticket selling sites. On my end if I would have known I would have asked my Dad what day he wanted to see it on. See my plan is to see Star Wars with my Dad as I’ve seen the Star Wars films with my Dad so I’ll be continuing that. My Dad and I see a lot of movies together and this one is a big one for my Dad and I to see together. He also is a volunteer Santa Claus during Christmas so he gets a little hectic during the holidays. That’s why I didn’t go ahead and get tickets once I realized that they were for sale, I need to sort it out with my Dad to figure out when we can go. We’ll see it though, trust me my Dad and I will get to see this movie by golly come heck or high water.

As for today I’ve been prepping and plotting out things so that’s been my day. Tomorrow will be more of the same. I can pretty much say most of this week will be a lot of prepping and plotting and the weeks to come. Going to be a lot of fun and now I’m starting to get my focus for it back in gear. Tomorrow is a writing day and yes alas a cleaning day, yay for cleaning. I also just realized that I have Supernatural still on my DVR, yikes I need to get to that. Though I did get to see Gotham and I really do need to write a fun something for Gotham at some point as it may not be perfect but wow is that show ever getting fun. It would be a spoiler nightmare fuel though for those who haven’t caught up, be forewarned whenever I get to it.

Now it is time for me to get to sleep. Going to be a fun and awesome day tomorrow. Catch up to you all then. Laters Internet Universe! Goodnight.