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Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/17/15: The Late Night Nerdout

Let’s leave this link here a moment,

I know it is a rumor but if a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle movie happens I will be doing a happy dance. The nice comic relief fun movie will make me so happy. I adore the Justice League International, I own a Showcase Collection of Booster Gold, I have the entire first series of Ted Kord Blue Beetle, so Blue and Gold being a movie makes me so happy. I’m having a mega nerd out over it right now. Pretty much I was bouncing off the walls in excitement. After doing my first podcast in awhile and hearing this story at the end of it, I am so giddy right now. You all have no idea how giddy I am right now.

Though on a side note I did finally read all of The Autumnlands Vol. 1: Tooth and Claw tonight and I really dig it and I can’t wait to read more in the future of that series. I’m a huge Kurt Busiek fan anyway so that was awesome. Benjamin Dewey is amazing and Jordie Bellaire’s colors are phenomenal. Seriously if you haven’t read The Autumnlands yet, read it now it’s cool. You’ll dig it as it is one great read and compelling as all get out, I dig it a lot.

Yes this is the ultimate late night chill bloggity thing as I’m a little tired as I write this so bear with me. I’ve got my amazon shipment on the way so that’ll be awesome. So many great books to read and talk about. I’m excited! I’ve got a movie I’ve been looking forward to for awhile hopefully in the works and a lot of good comics to read. I am one happy kind of guy as this night winds down. Sorry for the late post and it reading like I am a little tired that’s because I am. I wanted to get that last little bit of fun writing here on the blog before the night was out.

Thanks for reading and thanks for putting up with a half asleep blog. Laters!