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Hello for Reading Cool Stuff and What Not in the Chill Bloggity Thing for 9/29/15

Today has been a cleaning day, whee for cleaning day. Even more special I got my flu shot so yay for flu shots! Yay for stuff and things and what not. That’s about been my day and so forth. I did finally read the Dark Knight Over Metropolis trade from DC Comics, that was a fun little story I have to say. I’d been wanting to read that for ages and I didn’t know that it started off with a neat little Art Adams drawn story, I liked that a lot. A lot of classic work was in there too, Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, and so forth were all in there and it was a lot of fun. It even held up pretty well for the most part as it explains everything that is happening and happened before it really well. That was back in the day when they made a point to make every issue one that you could pick up at any point in time. Even the three part Dark Knight story in there was made to make sure you knew what was going on even with part two and three, I was impressed. I’m always impressed when even in part three of a story you can still figure out what the heck is happening, I applaud that.

It shows how comics have played with the formula more and more. I remember when I was getting into comics again how people were talking about a graphic novel format similar to a European publishing model. The European model being a giant album comic every few months or so or even once a year. Then again the American market is a place wired more towards single issues and then a trade. There are many books now that read better in a trade than they do in a single issue nowadays though. I have seen a rise in companies doing graphic novels and stories specifically meant to be serialized as a series of graphic novels. I like single issue comics, trades, and heck any format that involves comics in one way or another. Yep here’s another idea for a larger blog and article in its own right. Add this to the file.

Now that I got my TV in for the night which was Grandfathered, The Grinder, and Agents of SHIELD, I’m pretty set. Grandfathered was cute, better than I was expecting it would be. The cast is overall likable but the premise is not half bad really. John Stamos suddenly becoming a grandfather with a son and the son having a kid and then life gets weird for him. It’s a cool idea and I like how he’s a restaurant owner who’s also trying desperately to stay cool but really, he’s 50 and he’s now in the stage where he’s considered old. The other hand The Grinder with Rob Lowe and Fred Savage, I really like this show. The idea of a guy who played an attorney going back home and deciding that maybe he could actually be a real attorney himself. It’s a clever concept and had many genuinely funny moments. Rob Lowe is great playing the actor coming back home and being this attorney working with his brother played by Fred Savage. Lowe and Savage work well off each other and I definitely see myself following this show on a long term basis.

Now Agents of SHIELD, oh man..that’s a post on its own. We’ll talk later on that one. This blog could go on all night at this point. I’ll catch up with you all later. Bye for now!