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The Reading Adventure Day One: Girl in Dior by Annie Goetzinger

Girl in Dior NBMAs I play catch up through my backlog of reading in my reading adventures I start with Girl in Dior by Annie Goetzinger. I happened to see this on display as I was about to leave the library and decided to pick it up. See @KatieScarlett94 was talking about it on twitter as she got it at SPX so I got curious. Today was a laundry day so I had some time to burn and decided to read it. Wow was that a good decision on my part as Girl in Dior is amazing, amazing I tell you! It’s about Clara who ends up getting into Christian Dior’s first fashion show to write about it in 1947. Then through events ends up becoming one of his models and what follows is one magical journey. It’s mesmerizing to read as Goetzinger uses the actual events surrounding Christian Dior and his company and talks about the history of it. Clara herself is fictional but she’s the guide to the amazing story. I saw Goetzinger’s art initially and fell in love as the art is drop dead gorgeous. Seriously if the art doesn’t at least get you curious, the story will end up hooking you. I’ve never followed fashion but with a story as good as this, you can’t help but get compelled.

What’s cool about this book is after you’re finished you have all the research Goetzinger did going into this. You can learn more about Christian Dior and his fashion after the fact. Not going to lie I am a little curious. Girl in Dior explores the personalities and process that goes into getting everything together. You see what 1947 was like in the fashion world and what a time of transition it was. That caught my eye as I wasn’t really familiar with that side of things. I like learning and that caught my attention. Clara herself as such a likable character gets you invested that much more in the world. Then you learn about Christian Dior and get an idea of what he was like, it’s really cool. I loved every moment of this comic and it is a read to get lost in. Between a lovely story and excellent art, you can’t help but feel time pass by as you read through Girl in Dior.

If you’re curious in getting it for yourself it is published by NBM Publishing and you can get it from Amazon, local comic store, Comixology, bookstores, and likely even your local library. Read it and see you what you think. I’m glad I got to read this and hope when you all out there read it you’ll enjoy it too.