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A Goodbye to one Strange Show: Falling Skies

I can’t believe that Falling Skies is over and I’m not sad over it either. Falling Skies is a series I’ve been following since the beginning. Heck for the first site I wrote comic reviews for I did a couple of recaps for Falling Skies, boy I can only imagine how those would have been into Season 3. Yet for at least the first two seasons I was a mega fan of the show. I excitedly talked about Falling Skies with fans online, I tweeted, I facebooked, you name it about Falling Skies and it was fun. I reconnected with a friend, I made a few new ones and it was a blast. Then by Season 3 the show went off the rails. You could tell that the show was losing focus adding weirder and stranger things into the mix. As time went on we had magical children, prisons, Tom being a weird vigilante, and we had more thrown at us to take away from the larger battle at hand. Even now as the series ends I feel as though it ended with a mild whimper rather than a big finish. Which disappoints me yet Falling Skies has put me on a loopy adventure that I’m glad at least had some kind of definitive ending.

As Falling Skies got through this final season I kept feeling as though it was never going to resolve anything. It didn’t feel like a final season to me, it felt like it was any other season and didn’t have that sense of finality to it. Now the last couple episodes of Falling Skies had a level of finality to it but that was the final episodes, it should have been the entire final season that built towards a big ending. Wandering into one plot thread after another that made little sense to me. It was a show that squandered potential from past seasons into the shell of its former self by the end. Now the ending I will say was better than I thought it would be. Falling Skies had a good ending and that makes me happy. It could have been bad and it would have probably been pleased because it was something.

Now one of my major Summer shows is over but that’s okay as The Librarians starts in November and there will always be another cool series on the horizon. Summer always has new shows and there’s always great things to come. Falling Skies, you were a mess but at least you ended on a good note. That’s awesome.