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My Marvel NOW! Thoughts on Deadpool: Chimichangas!

Confirmed officially today by IGN, Deadpool is on the way by Brian Posehn, Garry Duggan, and drawn by Tony Moore. In the wake of this one, I wasn’t sure quite what to expect on this front. Deadpool is truthfully one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe. I’ve always been a fan but there’s been two takes that I’ve really liked, Joe Kelly and Gail Simone. They are two of my favorite creators for a reason, they also cut their chops on Deadpool. Their runs on the series define the character and the nature of him for me. Any creator taking on Deadpool I usually keep an especially careful eye on. For example, I really don’t like Daniel’s Way take on the character, I’ve never quite been able to get into it. ¬†Though from this first interview, I’m hopeful.

Duggan and Posehn seem to have a handle on a truly bizarre take on Deadpool from the beginning, their first story had me laughing out loud. Dead presidents coming back and wreaking havoc. Sounds like my idea of a good time! It’s so appropriate that this is going to hit in November, considering that by this point we’ll be wanting some stress relief from this election. Deadpool relating our thoughts on the electoral process, and endless TV ads, especially if you live in certain states, I digress though. Though while the story is gloriously weird yet sounds like so much fun, it’ll also be about the character and just how they handle Deadpool’s personality too. I think if they find that nice balance there, they can make any kind of story work. That was the key to both the Kelly and Simone runs for me.

I love that they got Tony Moore for Deadpool, he has such a great style and you can’t help but say they made a good choice. Mixed in with that wonderful Geof Darrow cover for the first issue, I find myself optimistic about this relaunch. There’s a good feeling about this and I can’t wait to see more as it gets closer to release. Because really, while this is a bizarre story, this could work. Considering that a lot of Way’s choices in my opinion just didn’t entirely work for the character and pushed way too much into one direction. I will say I’m at least in for a couple issues of the run just to see what they do. I just really want a book that truly makes me like Deadpool the way I once did a few years ago. This might be the closest Marvel has come to that point. We’ll see in November.

A look at the new Venom #1! It’s not a “Flash” in the pan.

(spoilers ahead)

Okay so today at the store a little comic called Venom #1 and I’d been curious about it for quite awhile. I mean quite awhile between the early preview pages and then the last couple issues of Amazing introducing him I was pretty excited actually over it. I’m glad that my excitement over this book wasn’t knocked out of me. For it didn’t disappoint me at all. Rick Remender is doing one heck of a job with this book from the get go. He’s great at showing the general struggle between the Venom Symbiote Weapon and Flash Thompson going back and forth with each other. I loved the nice tension building to the equivalent of say a TV show when a character is about to fly off the handle only if not then the symbiote takes over and all hell will break loose. For if that Symbiote breaks loose then kill switch active and well yeah it’s going to suck. You really don’t get the full showing of the cast in this issue but that’s okay you pretty much got the full setup either from Amazing Spider-Man 654 and 654.1 but even if you hadn’t read those you can still get the feel for the severity of the situation and what the Venom and Flash connection is all about. It’s great action in the book while explaining the plot and how it’ll work. I loved that balance and got a major kick out of seeing Jack O’Lantern in the book. That was awesome. I’m curious to see how that will be followed up for sure.

Tony Moore being the artist on this is just mind blowing. Holy lord between the initial Stark Armor slaughter fest in the beginning to the ending of the book he handles it all. This is probably one of my favorite art jobs of his to be honest with you. In just how the action flows together and how everything just clicks absolutely impressed me. The sequences in the book when well things go into s-word hitting the fan mode are absolutely amazing in the shock factor and how it works out. If the general written descriptions aren’t getting you going the art gives that extra punch that is absolutely energizing. This is probably one book that where the action hits big oh it hits big. The best way to put this is action done terrifically well. There’s so many sequences I just can’t pick one as my general favorite. Then at the end of the book when Flash goes back to his normal life and well to say the least it’s pretty ugly. I felt so sad for him. Between the written and artistic parts it works beautifully.

This book initially by all intents people weren’t really sure on and I was one of them for awhile. Now this Venom book is a welcome addition and it will be on my pull list immediately. If you’re not sure about it give it a shot. Take a quick look at it in the store and see what you think. Honestly it’s just one of those books I’d grab and be done with it. It’s that danged good. You won’t be disappointed.