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The Wesley Comic Files: A Review of Axcend #1

Axcend #1 Cover

At one point I was heavily into MMORPG’s specifically World of Warcraft and City of Heroes, which is why Axcend #1 caught my attention. I also like Shane Davis as an artist via his work on Superman Earth One and Shadow Walk. This is Davis’s first time writing and drawing a comic book so I’m intrigued. One thing is for sure, I knew this book would look good visually from the preview art I’ve seen and story wise it sounded cool. Video games and comics are two things I dig and since I mentioned I used to be big into MMORPG’s, this was up my alley. Now after all the preview art and everything else, now Axcend is released upon the comic reading world. Could this be a new avatar or something to reroll? Time to begin the adventure into the virtual world of Axcend #1!

Now let’s get this rolling with the fact that Axcend is a gorgeous looking book. It’s drop dead gorgeous to look at and it is a great looking comic book without a doubt. All the characters in this comic are well designed and capture the MMORPG culture well. Michelle Delecki’s inks work well with Davis’s art and give it a nice extra polish to the piece. Add in some jaw dropping color work from Morry Hollowell, this is one great looking comic. In the writing of the story you get that feel of how the players interact with one another in the Axcend game. It also even reflects a Wii U style capability with a handheld device to play the game away from your console. Even in the scenes outside of the MMORPG, it has a nice grounded look to it and in either case work well off each other.

I think character wise is where things get a little mixed for me. Eric Morn is the lead of this comic and he’s dealing with a major personal event in his life. Eric himself is easy and hard to root for all at the same time. He’s a weird character to look at. You like him but you want to smack him out of everything he’s doing through, though his school life is a major pain. I really liked him in his school atmosphere as he could be rebellious as a student but he seems like an overall decent guy but someone who has gone through a lot. It’s interesting and I will be curious how he grows as the series goes on. The other characters he interacts with in the story Rayne and Ruin are so far only known as players in the game and that’s it. So far hard to judge them but from the events of the first issue, the reality and fantasy of this world is going to blur together quickly.

Axcend #1 was a decent read, not perfect but I enjoyed the comic and curious about where the story will go. It got the MMORPG aspect perfect but everything else is still in development. If you’re looking for something that appeals to the video game and comic reader in you, Axcend could be just what the comic book doctor ordered.

And now for something completely different! Storytelling thoughts

This is something that popped in my head as I was watching the new Jesse Stone movie tonight. The one before it was a slog like nothing I’d ever seen before. Something along those lines of I was falling asleep and I can only tell you just enough to remember the last movie was poorly paced. This movie however was a whole different story in which you actually got a bit more invested into the story itself and the pacing was so much stronger. You could appreciate further as to what the movie had to say and in turn you wanted to keep watching. Initially I was just going to watch a piece of it at a time but as I got to watching I found myself watching the whole movie in one go. Interestingly enough it does get me to thinking about other things that have pacing issues in itself.

Right now I’ve been working through the Thor collection of the series For Asgard and I find the art from Simone Bianchi beautiful but the writing on it is a slog like nothing I’ve ever seen. Every time I go to read it I can only read it in small chunks because it feels like a bit of a chore to read. I’m almost done with it so I will finish it but it’s not something along that line of I must finish this right now. Storytelling in general has been on my mind a good bit considering everything I’ve been seeing around me. I’ll give you another example of storytelling that didn’t work for me. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides was a movie that my expectations were low for to say the least. Honestly I am still glad I did keep them low considering the fact that the general flow of that movie was off by a long shot. The first half of it felt muddled. It felt as though like okay here’s our slapstick and fun and oh isn’t that wonderful. It just didn’t have that sort of uumph to make me get invested into the story. Now the second half I’m not going to lie I liked it mostly for Blackbeard because Ian McShane rocked that role and that’s when the movie actually started to work for me.

This post is probably going to feel a bit random since it literally is me talking about storytelling of different things that have been on my mind. For in every medium you have to think that there is storytelling. Going back into TV for a moment I’ll let you in on a little secret about me in the fact that I do watch a decent bit of it and try and keep up with a few different shows. I’ve watched it all from crime dramas to science fiction. I always tell people I’m a bit of a jack of all trades when it comes to my entertainment. Comic Books, TV, Video Games, Books, and Graphic Novels have always been an equal part of my life. Video Games for example I just recently bought the entire Sam and Max series since it was one of my favorite Adventure games when I was a kid and I’ve been wanting to get into the newer series of it. Probably my favorite time of Video Gaming was the adventure game age. I think it’s why a good story in a game will compel me as much as one action packed adventure. Of course my curse with say RPG’s is I’m a leveling up junkie so I can never complete them because I get so into doing everything else. True story on that last one.

I’m going to close this post out for now since these thoughts are a bit on the all over the place side but it’s literally a compilation of different things that have been on my mind with storytelling. Take care guys and as always you can find me on my twitter feed @iamcomicaddict and my reviews are on