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Hello 90’s Comics: Wolverine Dies With “Weapon Etched Holo Foil” Covers

Death of Wolverine Marvel CoverThe 90’s are all powerful and we are helpless to stop it, we embrace you 90’s overlords in all of your glory. Now you wonder why I make that statement. As I was reading Robot 6 today, I saw a story on Death of Wolverine and “Weapon Etched Holo Foil”, you read that right. As the 90’s gimmicks have been making a comeback, I will say that they’re being done with some level of heart to them. Like this “Weapon Etched Holo Foil” but Mike Marts, who is the Executive Editor, decides he really likes Steve McNiven’s cover and wants to give it the deluxe treatment. At least now it’s not just being done to be done, as I feel there’s some reasoning behind these covers making a comeback. I think it’s hilarious that these gimmick covers are returning the way they are.

Focus on this, if you don’t want the “Weapon Etched Holo Foil” you don’t have to get it. From what I can tell this is a pure variant cover so totally optional. Just another of the likely multitudes of variants that will be released with The Death of Wolverine. The creative team I was already behind, Charles Soule is a great writer who’s behind one of my current favorite series out of Marvel being She-Hulk, which you should all buy by the way. On the artist side Steve McNiven is an impressive artist who’s never been one to disappoint, now put these two together and you have an event weekly series in itself. This is the day and age we’re in though where variant covers are the lifeblood and the Death of Wolverine is going to be a huge weekly event in September.

I will be curious to see how McNiven’s cover is handled in this “Weapon Etched Holo Foil” format. I’m still going to check out the series because I admit I am curious. Yes we all know that Wolverine will be back from the dead after Death of Wolverine, if anyone thinks he’s actually dying then I don’t know what to tell you. At least Marvel is sealing the Death of Wolverine in “Weapon Etched Holo Foil” covers, because at least in this case it fits the situation. 1990’s you were a glorious decade in cover gimmicks, twenty plus years into the future your influence still remains strong.


The Magneto/Wolverine WWE Saga Continues

I’m sure all of you across the Internet Wrestling Community and Comic Internet Community have seen the wonderful footage from WWE Monday Night Raw on April 28. If not, I’m going to post the video below so you can watch for yourselves. The way Damien Sandow has fun with being in Magneto cosplay against Hugh Jackman and Dolph Ziggler is priceless. Watch below and see magic happen, then read on as you see that the magic is continuing after this.

Now that you’ve seen that bit of greatness because if you didn’t have at least a little fun with that, wow you have no sense of joy and wonder in your life. I watched the JBL and Cole show or Cody Rhodes and Bad News Barrett show, and first thing I see is Cody Rhodes in a Wolverine mask. They’re now on a search for Wolverine to help them in their show based story. It really doesn’t matter though because it is hilarious to see their hunt for Wolverine. Best being that Sandow in his Magneto cosplay appears again, if they actually got Hugh Jackman to pop up in one of these crazy things I will love this hard. Of course getting this continuation in the JBL and Cole/Rhodes and Barrett Show, amuses me to no end, check out the video below and continue to see the greatness.

It’s only a small touch of greatness in this but next week should be a ball, it’s under five minutes too so a perfect burst of fun video. The first part of this Magneto and Wolverine adventure on WWE Raw is under five minutes too and both videos need to be seen to be fully appreciated. My words can only do so much justice, I wanted to spotlight them as they made me smile and I love that the saga is going forward. WWE may not be perfect sometimes but wow are they ever fun to watch lately. It’s why Monday Night Raw has been a can’t miss show for me as of late. Once you see these videos you may want to start watching for yourself.